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Category: Press Release

March 9, 2024 | Press Release

Las Vegas Democratic Socialists Endorse Valerie Thomason for Assembly District 10

Las Vegas DSA endorses of Valerie Thomason for Assembly District 10. Thomason’s endorsement is the chapter’s first of its kind since its members adopted a more stringent endorsement process in the summer of 2021. LVDSA says it commits to turning out volunteers for Thomason’s campaign as it looks to lead a significant ground game for the Assembly District 10 seat.
February 13, 2023 | Press Release

LVDSA Statement on Nevada State Democratic Party Election

As the election for a new Nevada State Democratic Party Chair approaches, the Las Vegas chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America feels compelled to state publicly that the chapter has not endorsed any candidate. We also want to shed light on what the admittedly disappointing relationship between LVDSA and the NSDP has been like […]
July 21, 2022 | Press Release

LVDSA Steering Committee Condemns the Attacks Against Judge Erika Ballou

Earlier this week, a video showed Clark County District Court Judge Erika Ballou presiding over a case and speaking with a defendant. In the video, Judge Ballou told the defendant: “You’re a Black man in America. You know you don’t want to be nowhere where cops are… cause I know I don’t, and I’m a […]
January 19, 2022 | Press Release

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Murdered Isaiah Tyree Williams

Las Vegas DSA condemns, in the strongest terms, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for the cold-blooded murder and subsequent dehumanization of Isaiah Tyree Williams.
January 5, 2022 | Press Release

Statement on the US Military Poisoning Hawai‘i’s Drinking Water

Las Vegas DSA condemns the United States Navy’s poisoning of the O‘ahu drinking water aquifer amidst the ongoing military occupation of the Hawai‘i Islands.
December 9, 2021 | Press Release

Statement on Mi Familia Vota’s Mistreatment of Workers

We are appalled to learn the details of Mi Familia Vota CEO Hector Sanchez Barba’s decision to fire two members of the Nevada staff.
September 8, 2021 | Press Release

Las Vegas DSA Condemns Clark County School Reopening Procedures And CCSD Leadership

Las Vegas Democratic Socialists of America stands with the Clark County Staff Organization (CCSO), the organizing and representation staff union of the Clark County Education Association (CCEA), in condemning this school year’s reopening and CCSD leadership’s inability to keep teachers and students safe.