Working Groups

Working groups are formations within the chapter that organize around specific issues.

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Electoral Working Group

As socialists, we understand that there are multiple paths to working class power. While the bourgeoisie have organized into a democratic state, electoral politics remains one of the avenues that socialists can achieve state power. Nationally, DSA’s political presence is one of our best recruitment tools and has led to gains in both membership and political power.

Palestine Solidarity Working Group

The Palestine Solidarity Working Group focuses on demonstrating our solidarity with the Palestinian resistance movement by providing resources for the education of the local working class to put pressure on their political, economic and cultural leaders to end the support for Israeli occupation and oppression of Palestine and its people respectively.

Mutual Aid Working Group

The Mutual Aid Working Group believes that mutual aid is a key component in building community power. We work on forging connections within the Las Vegas community through a variety of mutual aid projects. Join us on the last Sunday of every month. LVDSA distributes food, hygiene products and other needed items to the unhoused […]

Housing Justice Working Group

The housing working group is a group of neighbors in the Las Vegas valley that aims to empower tenants to organize themselves to improve the conditions of the places they live.