Steering Committee

Las Vegas Democratic Socialists of America Steering Committee is the highest elected body of LVDSA and is the political leadership of the chapter when the general body is not assembled. The Steering Committee is subordinate to the bylaws, as well as resolutions passed by members at general body meetings and local conventions.

The Steering Committee consists of 9 members who are elected by delegates at the local convention each year. The current Steering Committee term is from July 2022-June 2023. All Steering Committee members are elected at-large. The Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary officer positions of LVDSA are selected from and by the members of the Steering Committee after they are seated.

Members of the Steering Committee may also be removed from the committee for reasons other than nonfeasance, including but not limited to malfeasance, gross incompetence, or violations of the code of conduct, by a two-thirds vote of the members of the Steering Committee. The general body may remove any officer or member of the Steering Committee by resolution, passing with a majority vote at any general body meeting or emergency meeting.

Steering Committee Portfolios: A portfolio is a division of responsibility that may be assigned to one or more members of the Steering Committee but is accountable to the policies and decisions of the committee as a whole.


Steering Committee Members & Portfolios

Kara Z.
Internal Chair

  • Chairing LVDSA General Body Meetings
  • Chairing LVDSA Steering Committee Meetings


  • Oversee the Comms Working Group
    • Social media (Twitter, Facebook, IG) and blog
    • Make sure graphics are up-to-date for events/socials
  • Managing Slack

Digital Management 

  • Managing our various calendars and event registration
    • Zoom
    • Google
    • ActionNetwork
    • Action Builder
    • Facebook
  • Update changes to the website as necessary
Shaun N. External Chair

  • Be the public-facing voice/face of the chapter
  • Coordinate asking people to join DSA at external events


  • Identify opportunities to engage with community partner orgs
  • Maintain a record of contacts of coalition partners and community orgs
Sarah L. Secretary

  • Responsible for maintaining the member list
  • Responsible for taking notes & managing meeting minutes.
  • Responsible for recording & tracking vote results for both the Steering Committee and the General Body in such a way that they may be made accessible to the Steering Committee and rank-and-file members upon request.
Aimee H. Treasurer

  • Ensuring an accurate statement of financials.
  • Maintaining the chapter budget, updated monthly
  • Managing all financial accounts.
  • Responsible for filing annual tax paperwork for the chapter. 
Roy Z. Member Engagement

  • Advisor to the Member Engagement Working Group
  • Oversees Recruitment and Retention Ideas
  • Coordination of New Member Orientation
  • Coordination of member social events 
  • Oversee online LVDSA shop & merch ideas
Sean Y. Political Education

  • Plan at least one political education event every month
  • Keep records of resources and prior Political Education material
  • Coordinate chapter-wide book clubs
Anthony L. Organizer Training & Member Support

  • Coordinate organizer skills trainings on a monthly basis 
  • Help members to understand how to democratically engage with the chapter, including writing resolutions, creating sections/caucuses, etc.
  • Ensure stewards understand how to access resources needed for successful campaigns

Comms Support

  • Manage email including mass distribution via Action Network
  • Social Media Posting & drafting chapter and SC statements


  • Acting as parliamentarian during the General Meetings, should a question of order or process arise
Natasha S. National Coordination

  • Maintain communication with DSA’s Regional Organizer
  • Attend monthly meetings of the SW region
  • Keep calendar of national events updated
  • Inform membership of national organizing opportunities
  • Provide LVDSA information about the upcoming 2023 national convention
  • Help organize delegate election for the upcoming 2023 national convention
Skyler  Member Engagement Support

  • Directly message members/non-members about our meetings and events as reminders using member lists, previous Zoom registrations, sign-in sheets, etc. 
  • Coordinate 1:1s between members and themselves or other members of the member engagement WG or SC to help them to get plugged into the chapter
  • Help plan and execute social events for the chapter

Steering Committee Meetings

Meetings of the Steering Committee will be open to all members of the general body in an observation-only capacity. However, the Steering Committee may go into executive session during any Steering Committee meeting for reasons they deem necessary, such as privacy and confidentiality reasons, in order to conduct specific business. Executive sessions will be closed to any non-Steering Committee members.

Any LVDSA member may request in writing by emailing to add an item to an upcoming Steering Committee meeting agenda. The Steering Committee may use their discretion to decide whether to add the item and/or allow the member to speak.