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Statement on Mi Familia Vota’s Mistreatment of Workers

December 9, 2021 | Press Release
Las Vegas DSA Steering Committee

We are appalled to learn the details of Mi Familia Vota CEO Hector Sanchez Barba’s decision to fire two members of the Nevada staff. Interim, out-of-state superiors yelled at the Nevada staff and told them they had ten minutes to leave the facility, which included threats to call the police on an undocumented person. In a show of solidarity with their peers, the rest of the organizing staff submitted notice that they would end their employment with Mi Familia Vota at the end of the month. Their superiors denied them the opportunity to work through the holidays, and demanded their resignation immediately.

Sanchez Barba’s organization claims to be “advocating for workers’ rights” and “empowering the immigrant community.” However, these abhorrent actions show that he is another fake progressive leader who is more concerned with maintaining the status quo than with standing in solidarity with marginalized people.

We have removed Mi Familia Vota as a partner from our upcoming Holiday Solidarity event, which serves our community by providing meals to families in need. We refuse to work with an organization that treats its workers in this way, or threatens our undocumented community members. The volunteers and community members who have previously engaged with Mi Familia Vota are welcome to still participate in Holiday Solidarity, in a show of solidarity with the community.

We stand with workers, and especially with the undocumented members of our community who are repeatedly victimized by those in positions of power. Las Vegas DSA will amplify any demands or calls for repair from the workers affected while we consider our own future relationship with Mi Familia Vota.


Aimee H.
Alvin C.
Anthony L.
Jackie S.
Lorenzita S.
Mike Y.
Minnie W.
Paul John C.
Shaun N.
Tiffany S.