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agosto 18, 2023 | Artículo

Legislatura de Nevada cede ante cabilderos corporativos y abandona a la clase trabajadora

Con el flujo de efectivo proveniente de todos los sectores de la empresa privada, incluidas las asociaciones de propietarios, las necesidades de la clase trabajadora perdieron prioridad y, a menudo, se rechazaron por completo durante la Sesión legislativa de Nevada de 2023.
abril 7, 2021 | Local Issues

Yes, Tax the Mines: Nevadan Lives Depend on It

Since the founding of Nevada, the mines have capitalized, giving back little in reparations to the people of the state they exploit. They prey on the land with little regard to the impact on Indigenous communities and the environment, stuffing their pockets while public services go underfunded
julio 30, 2020 | Call to Action

Tell the Legislature: Repeal SB242 to Hold Police Accountable

The global pandemic and rise of the Black Lives Matter movement has created a watershed moment for change. Thousands of Nevadans have taken to the streets to demand an end to racist policing and police violence. Legislators must rise to the occasion during the second special session and act to hold police accountable.