Weekly Roundup, Vol. 14

July 31, 2020 | Weekly Roundup

Happy Friday, comrades! Get comfortable and dig in to our Weekly Roundup.

Call to Action

Tell the Legislature: Repeal SB242 to Hold Police Accountable

Clark County Questionnaire: Vision and Values

Fight for an Ecosocialist Green New Deal

Donate Today to our Menstrual Product Drive

Prison & Policing

Freedom Square Activists Imagine Public Safety Without Police Near Homan Square ‘Black Site’ [3 min]

The Right to Vote Shouldn’t Be Taken From People With Felonies [4 min]

Corrections officials pressed to act as Covid cases surge [2 min]


Why Did Labor Leaders Vote Against Medicare for All in the Middle of a Pandemic? [3 min]

What Socialism Has to Do With the U.S. Labor Movement [5 min]

Culinary Union releases staggering COVID-19 numbers, calls on Sisolak, lawmakers, and casinos to protect workers [3 min]

Radical Organizing

How Black anarchists are keeping the protest movement alive [8 min]

Learning from Multiracial Radical Organizing in 1930s Chicago [17 min]

From Stonewall to Black Lives Matter [5 min]

Politics & Government

The Unemployment Crisis Is a True National Emergency [5 min]

Why Liberalism Can’t Solve the Crisis of Democracy [16 min]

Face masks are breaking facial recognition algorithms, says new government study [3 min]

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