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LVDSA is a community of Vegas comrades committed to uplifting our city through advocacy of and organizing for a nation-wide, world-wide working-class movement that puts people and planet over profit.

When we come together, we can transform Las Vegas (and the world) into a just, fair, and democratic socialist society.

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The Las Vegas Democratic Socialists of America are a self-funded, working class organization that focuses on full liberation from the catastrophe that is American capitalism. Our obstacles are immense and we cannot win this fight alone. Please contribute what you can and help us guarantee socialism’s victory. This world is our world – let’s win it together!

Latest from the Blog

March 9, 2024 | Press Release

Las Vegas Democratic Socialists Endorse Valerie Thomason for Assembly District 10

Las Vegas DSA endorses of Valerie Thomason for Assembly District 10. Thomason’s endorsement is the chapter’s first of its kind since its members adopted a more stringent endorsement process in the summer of 2021. LVDSA says it commits to turning out volunteers for Thomason’s campaign as it looks to lead a significant ground game for the Assembly District 10 seat.
September 6, 2023 | Local Issues

Tenant Testimony: Cindy, 65 years old, Siegel Suites

Cindy is 65 years old, disabled, and lives on the third floor of a Siegel Suites apartment complex with a broken elevator. Due to her disability, the broken elevator makes it impossible for her to bring groceries up to her apartment or do laundry without help. Her rent of $1800+ per month makes it difficult for her to save up and find a new place to live. Siegel Suites preys on their tenants, trapping them with high rents while ignoring basic repairs and maintenance.
August 18, 2023 | Article

Nevada Legislature gives in to corporate lobbyists and abandons the working class

With cash flowing in from all sectors of private business, including landlord associations, working class needs were de-prioritized and often completely rejected during the 2023 Nevada Legislative Session.