Las Vegas DSA

Las Vegas DSA

Welcome to the Las Vegas Democratic Socialists of America website! 🌹

LVDSA is a community of Vegas comrades committed to uplifting our city through advocacy of and organizing for a nation-wide, world-wide working-class movement that puts people and planet over profit.

On this page, you can find upcoming events on our community calendar, information of our various committees and subcommittees, contact information for our officers and committee chairs, and sign up to the be a DSA dues paying member (make sure to sign up for monthly dues, as 20% goes to your local DSA chapter!).

When we come together, we can transform Las Vegas (and the world) into a just, fair, and democratic socialist society.

Donate to Las Vegas DSA

The Las Vegas Democratic Socialists of America are a self-funded, working class organization that focuses on full liberation from the catastrophe that is American capitalism. Our obstacles are immense and we cannot win this fight alone. Please contribute what you can and help us guarantee socialism’s victory. This world is our world – let’s win it together!

Mutual Aid Network

In response to COVID-19, LVDSA is organizing a mutual aid network. Our goal is to connect people in need with the resources they need, as well as help to connect them with volunteers who can help them out. Since March, we’ve helped over 250 people and given out over $10k in direct cash assistance. Visit our mutual aid page to find out how you can request assistance, volunteer, or donate to our Mutual Aid Network.

Latest from the Blog

June 11, 2021 | Press Release

Left Caucus and Las Vegas DSA unreservedly condemn the subversion of our democratic process by elected officials and supporters of the losing slate.

On June 8th, the Washoe County Dems announced that they would coordinate the state’s Democratic election campaigns, receiving statements of support from Governor Sisolak, Sen. Cortez Masto, State Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson, and State Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro. This decision to run these campaigns outside of the state party is, in reality, an attempt […]
May 26, 2021 | Article

The United States Needs More Than Just Higher Refugee Caps; It Needs To Overhaul Refugee Resettlement Itself

Making the resettlement process actually humanitarian requires not only massively expanding the support infrastructure for refugees, but also abolition of the anti-Black caste system in America.