Steering Committee Meeting

December 13, 2021

Steering Committee Meeting


Times are approximate and subject to change at the Chair’s discretion.

7:00 Call to Order

Confirm notetaker

Sign in link distributed

Review Steering Committee meeting rules

Adoption of agenda

Adoption of last meeting’s minutes

Review of last week’s action items
Treasurer’s Report

Aimee to present

Brake Light Clinic Update

Aimee to present

Solidarity Fridge Update
Aimee to present
Mutual Aid Reading Group Update
Minnie to present
National Update

Minnie to present

Red Rabbits Update

Anthony to present

Vote Tracking

Tiffany to present

Housing Justice Steward Appointments

Jackie to present

Executive Session
Regarding member conduct incident
General Meeting Planning
Other Actions & Proposals

Open floor

9:00 Adjourn

Meeting Minutes

Chair: Anthony L
Notetaker: Mike Y

Attendance: Anthony L, Mike Y, Minnie W, Aimee H, Lorenzita S, Shaun N, Tiffany S, PJC, Jackie S, Jesser S, Nathaniel P

Aimee moves to rescind her items and opts to update in slack or discuss if there’s time at the end

Motion to adopt agenda by Aimee, seconded by Minnie at 7:07

Motion to adopt last meeting minutes by  Anthony, seconded by Tiffany at 7:09

Review of action items: no update on back to school funds or Brake Light Clinic, Aimee has reached out to MAWG to no response yet

Aimee: we need a location for Brake Light Clinic, want to start outreach for coalition partners.  Things will fall into place once we have a location. Shaun: Masjid al Tawheed or  Masjid As-Sabur? Aimee: those are available,  but we want to search for better location (maybe closer to parts shop)

Anthony: In terms of sharing solidarity info, need more meal kit requests and push donations. Already started thread Tiffany: Tick Segerblom donation? Shaun: Will reach out, Tiffany: PLAN check? Aimee: still nothing from them, checking regularly

Following up on action item for Aimee: Draft an accessibility checklist for all events, Minnie: We have an Accessibility Working Group now led by comrade Sarah L. Met at 5 on 12/13, new slack channel

Anthony reads SC rules for Nathaniel P at  7:16

Aimee provides treasurer’s report  at 7:16 – should have additional $3,200 soon from Holiday Solidarity donations.

Minnie provides Mutual Aid Reading Group update 7:19, reached out  to Jaylynn about hosting. Minnie cannot attend this week – wondering if anyone from SC can help  steward Jaylynn along … Anthony asks if anyone is available to help from SC… Tiffany and Anthony plan on being there

Minnie update on national at 7:21; addendum to Bowman letter posted in member forums which are only open to members… Minnie wants to email NPC about sharing statement in a more public manner rather than a member forum, especially since it’s an official statement. Aimee: did they explain why they only shared in that forum, Minnie: didn’t want to spread on social, meant it to be purely internal discussion, included tally of their vote. Feels like a half-measure, Tiffany: they want people to use forums and trying to drive members there; how are people supposed to know if a statement is posted to the forums if they don’t inform people. Personally emailed to ask if they could distribute. Mike, Minnie, Jackie, Jesser, PJ, Lorenzita agree with idea to send email about this statement. Motion: we should draft  from chapter email asking NPC for more transparency about these statements,

Anthony asked about red rabbit training for member safety – know your rights training, how to avoid interactions with the police, how to talk to police if we have to interact. Chapter should appoint someone to be a red rabbit ambassador to represent LVDSA, sit on their committee, and then that person should bring that knowledge back to the chapter in order to initiate training. Anthony  asks if anyone is interested in being nominated for this, or if we should take time to find out who has capacity. Minnie: is this a big commitment being a part of this committee, how many responsibilities will this person have? Anthony: Easier for them to have one person per chapter from a security standpoint, and they’re not obligated to contribute Aimee Holdredge to Everyone (7:31 PM): Don’t we have a portfolio with security? Tiffany: That is Alvin’s responsibility, Anthony: will take an action item to bring this up again in Slack unless we find someone in the meantime. Jackie: I would consider Seabas as they already have this knowledge and would probably be interested. Will ask Seabas about capacity

Tiffany (7:33): Vote tracking …  want to do a better job tracking votes and since we are political leaders it’s best if people (members) understand our positions. Tiffany shares airtable (SC is shocked by this development), and has created a sample vote tracking spreadsheet on our Slack votes… Our bylaws say we  need to record votes but does not explain what kind of detail we should go into. Anthony: what does it look like as an end user?  Tiffany: as secretary, i would create a motion in a form via back end of airtable, public view breaks down every vote. Anthony: feel confident in capaciity to maintain?  Tiffany: only thing i ask for is yes/no votes in SC meetings, Anthony: suggest tracking y/n votes, as well as abstain! Get in that habit, for member transparency.  That includes in the Slack – how can we do best practices for getting people votes via Slack, Aimee: agreed, it’s tough to track who is voting on what even as SC members, Minnie: I think it will clarify the motion too. Anthony: This could also ensure that we don’t necessarily reveal what our votes were, each vote anonymously in essence, Tiifany: you can see vote results in public view but i suggest Anthony: honorary vote trying  out this method on this motion.  Minnie: Would force us to have a closing time too for Slack but we should standardize that. Anthony: how would we handle executive session votes? We need a non public facing view, Tiffany: I can handle that,  Anthony: suggest to call the vote in Slack, people who have not yet voted get tagged for record keeping if it passes (@ channel, let people do it at their pace, and then send reminders after a reasonable amount of time has passed), Minnie: would we see results on back end? Tiffany: we will be able to see that, and the public view can show results as well. Should update automatically if we’re following proper procedure with the forms. Anthony: will we use reacts on slack post? Are they unofficial? Do we do both? Tiffany: fine either way imo – depends on whether or not people  want to see how someone else has voted before we cast vote. Jackie: link to airtable when calling for motion rather than doing Slack reax? Anthony: Still  do check mark so we can know when tasks are completed. Tiffany and Mike agree. Tiffany: I could create an airtable form so that we could create a motion. Anthony: is it possible to vote twice or change vote? Tiffany: you can go into back end and change vote but there’s a time stamp so it’s recorded. Can also vote twice but that is also recorded. Anthony: Tiffany is  definitely capable of  managing any regularities. Jackie: I think this is a good method going forward. Thank you for making it, Tiffany! Tiffany:  motion to use airtable motion tracking system to track our  votes moving forward. Aimee seconds it. Mike: how are we communicating this to members? Tiffany: grand plan is to create a member portal and people can see the airtable. Anthony: for now it will live in the meeting mins. Shaun: (7:51 PM) Could we have a fun color scheme, like green for yes, red for no votes, Tiffany: already on it. Link to public airtable. Anthony: could we have an option for “absent” not necessarily “abstain.” e.g. some votes in the past people were not available for and did not technically vote “abstain” despite not voting. Tiffany: We should set a Slack cutoff time so we can delineate who abstained and who simply was absent. Minnie: seconds this,  Anthony: 10 in favor, motion passes (single absence). Tiffany: added absent vote to form and absent vote for Alvin C. Shaun: (7:56) (apologizes  profusely again) This goes into effect when? Tiffany:  immediately!

Jackie to nominate housing justice stewards officially… nominated: Phil M, Klaire V to rejoin, and Sarah L. Jackie calls to question. Anthony seconds. Tiffany preparing vote. SC members vote on new housing justice stewards at 7:59. Link to public vote airtable. Motion passes with 10 in favor and one absent. Phil M, Klaire V, and Sarah L are officially Housing Justice Priority Stewards!

Anthony motions to executive session at 8:01. Nathaniel P placed in waiting room

Shaun motions to exit executive session 9:13

Notes for Jan GBM  – Aimee: brake light by Jan GBM, “proper” treasurer’s report – additional notes here for Jan GBM meeting here:

And  here (so we don’t lose these while we’re typing out script):

Aimee: offered to chaiir secure brake light clinic location by then, “proper” treasurer report – what numbers to include; what numbers not to

Jackie: 2021 debrief,  nominations for new SC member

Shaun: Victoria F to do land acknowledgement again if possible?  also promote the Solidarity Fridge (library now open)

Aimee: every time we ask her to do small things it will build her confidence, and agreed we need to find ways to regularly prop up Solidarity fridge ; she could recommend another Indigenous person to read land acknowledgement, continue to build camaraderie with our indigenous comrades  – widen our circle bring them into our org

Shaun: wants to recommend Tick promote the Fridge

Tiffany: Lisa Ortega has a date for event, no flyer – her, PLAN, great basin resource watch protest NV Energy to support more solar projects

Shaun: protest on Jan 13, asking for marshals – she needs a lot of guidance and we can help guide her

Minnie: marshalling training? Anthony: red rabbit responsibility, Tiffany: NLG legal observer training

Minnie: Sarah to talk about accessibility working group

Aimee: We should let Justin speak on Mutual Aid request/offer form to help push that out?

Mike: social media best practices working group (both for members and for LVDSA  account)

Open comment period: 

Aimee: need more engagement from SC in terms of helping Mutual Aid priority

Shaun: toy drive for IATSE? Just in beginning discussions no promises made yet (so sorry) ; expecting check from PLAN needs to follow up with Laura.

Anthony: connect IATSE with Native Caucus!

Jackie: maybe we could do a toy drive component during sunday solidarity?

Anthony: suggest we cancel Dec 27 meeting;

Tiffany: We have already agreed to not have a meeting on the 27th

Anthony: social event for SC! Rather than “business meeting” around this time;  will work it out in Slack

Adjourned at 9:47 p.m.