Steering Committee Meeting

November 29, 2021

Steering Committee Meeting


Times are approximate and subject to change at the Chair’s discretion.

7:00 Call to Order

Confirm notetaker

Sign in link distributed

Review Steering Committee meeting rules

Adoption of agenda

Adoption of last meeting’s minutes

Review of last week’s action items
Treasurer’s Report

Aimee to present

Coalition Corner

Shaun to present

Hosting the SW Regional Leadership Conference

Minnie to present

Merch for December 

Paul John to present

Nomination of Roy Zuniga as an electoral steward

Anthony to present

Executive Session
Family Talk with HGOs
Choose chair for next meeting
Prep for General Body Meeting
Other Actions & Proposals

Open floor

9:00 Adjourn

Meeting Minutes

Attendance: All
Chair: Paul John
Notetaker: Lorenzita

7:04 start of the meeting with Anthony until Paul John goes home safety

Tiffany asks to add steward reports on the agenda, Anthony seconds. None opposed. Agenda Amended

Tiffany motions to adopt the agenda. Minnie Seconds. None opposed.

Last Meeting’s minutes:

Anthony motions to remove that he suggested bylaws to that the agenda states. Anthony put in the previous agenda the motion. Tiffany seconds.

Tiffany motions to adopt previous meeting minutes. Anthony Seconds. None opposed.

Action Items update:

Ask Brendan for contact at East Bay for direct action training: Aimee.

Did ask Brendan but there was some confusion on who to reach out to.

Reach out to MAWG about resources re Sunday Solidarity incident: Aimee

Asked no response

Draft an accessibility checklist for all events: Minnie

Yes, drafting right now.

Email to the membership about Amy V endorsement vote: Mike


Other action items not completed.


7:14 Treasurer’s Report – Aimee

SC Meeting Weekly Financial SofA


7:16 Coalition Corner – Shaun

Shaun will submit it in writing. This is an Action Item.

7:17 Hosting the SW Regional Leadership Conference – Minnie

National asked if we would like to host a training in person.

Minnie says this would be a good opportunity to do regional organization and get to know them better.

Anthony asked when this needed to be known.

Minnie said that Garrick would like a response probably within 2 weeks.

Anthony wonders if we should hold off on this until we discuss what we should do in the next few months. Possibly a retreat or a debrief such as what Jackie has put in the Slack. He does not feel confident until we have that discussion. Also, there is the consideration of the new COVID strain.

Tiffany – Is there a time when this is happening?

Minnie – January – March possibly.

Tiffany – Unsure if we should hold a large event indoors with people coming out of town because of safety.

Minnie – I will post it in Slack so we may look it over more.


7:23: Paul John takes over as Chair


7:25: Mutual Aid Priority Report – Justin

We had our first successful Mutual Aid Review Board meeting. 2 people were able to receive transportation aid. The next Mutual Aid and Review Board Meeting will be

Lorenzita – How are you getting folks to apply for aid?

Justin – Possibly bump in the Slack weekly. Possibly call individuals who are not on Slack.

Mike – Planned to send out an email and will connect with Justin.

Aimee – We are actively searching for a Steward for the Mutual Aid priority.


7:29 Merch for December – Paul John

Tiffany – I think we already tapped out a budget for organizer shirts.

Anthony – We could sell buttons.

Lorenzita – Brendan already made buttons.

Anthony – It is possible that we now owe money to Brendan because the buttons were $3 and we were giving them away. Do we owe money?

Aimee – Brendan has not filed for reimbursement. Aimee will ask Brendan about what he intended on the box that said $3. Action Item.

Aimee – We can ask the general body for the budget for merch. We might want to do limited runs per month. Potentially hats and shirts. I want to know how many shirts we have left of what sizes. We want to offer the new folks t-shirts.

Tiffany – Will make a spreadsheet of the shirts.

Paul John – Are we going to motion?

Tiffany – Members need notice before anything so we would need to do an emergency meeting.

Anthony – We can make smaller purchases up to $600 per the purchasing resolution.

Aimee – Thank you, Anthony.

Tiffany – We do still need that ratified if we opt for that

Anthony – Suggest that we table it and put this in Slack so we know exactly what we can get with $600.


7:44 Nomination of Roy Zuniga as an electoral steward – Anthony

Tiffany Seconds (also thirds and forth to emphasize how much she wants Roy to be a steward)

Anthony – Cody, and Valerie have a great eye for local politics. Roy, also being in the National Electoral Committee, has a good eye for electoral politics. Roy would be able to fill in spots where two other stewards cannot.

Paul John – Motions for Roy for steward; motion passes; Alvin abstains


7:50 Executive Session


10:48: General Body Meeting Agenda

Chair – Jesser

Notetaker – Anthony

Link dropper – Paul John

Community Agreements – Mike

Minnie – We do have some items to do with the Agenda.

Aimee would like to ask Victoria to do land acknowledgments. Action Item.

Aimee and Lorenzita will not be in attendance

Accessibility Working Group – Sarah L.

Brendan will give a written by Friday for Community Aid.

Mutual Aid Reading Group

Mike – I’ll send out the GBM agenda first thing Thursday morning via email


Open Floor 

Anthony – Can we get the portfolio reports

Tiffany – There is a Google Drive

Paul John motions to leave, Anthony seconds.