Steering Committee Meeting

October 18, 2021

Steering Committee Meeting


Times are approximate and subject to change at the Chair’s discretion.

7:00 Call to Order

Confirm notetaker

Sign in link distributed

Review Steering Committee meeting rules

Adoption of agenda

Adoption of last meeting’s minutes

Review of last week’s action items
Treasurer’s Report

Aimee to present

Coalition Corner

Shaun to present

Federal Candidate Endorsement Process

Anthony to present

National/Regional Update

Minnie to present

Member Engagement Update & Feedback

Jackie to present

Merch Drip Working Group Update

Paul John to present

Executive Session
Choose chair for next meeting
Other Actions & Proposals
Open floor
9:00 Adjourn

Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Tiffany S., Mike Y., Minnie W., Jackie S., Lorenzita S., Alvin C., Shaun N., Anthony L., Jesser S., Paul John C., Aimee H.
Chair: Tiffany S.
Notetaker: Aimee H., Minnie W.


Call to order: 7:05 PM

Motion to adopt Agenda: Alvin, 2nd Paul John, none opposed to adopt, Agenda adopted

Motion to adopt 10/4 Meeting Minutes: Alvin, motion to amend – Anthony, motion dropped, then seconded adoption, none opposed to adopt, motion adopted


Action Items: HGO follow up (yes, Aimee spoke with Tamara), Building Leaders (all SC members, still ongoing)

Treasurer’s Report: Will be given later as notetaker is also Treasurer and she is not quite prepared yet

Coalition Corner (Shaun):  Listening session with Treasurer Conine, JET, went really well

Partner talk with PJC, Jackie, Christian at Sierra Cub, about Lands’ Bill, will continue to organize and work together

Jackie – they were very exited to work with LVDSA and potential new folks within our membership

Housing Session with Make The Road – very positive , ongoing

Events  (Lisa) coming up

Paul John – All Friends Animal Sanctuary update: possible LVDSA tabling at their upcoming Halloween event on 10/30 – full family fun , adult event 5-9 PM. There are ongoing volunteer opportunities for comrades that are interested (helping with the animal care etc).

Paul John – motions to table at the event – none opposed, motion passes

Shaun – CCEA/School board update; working with Kris D. to further engage CCSD teachers & staff


Anthony – Endorsement Process, will walk  through this doc:Federal Independent Expenditure vs Coordinated Campaign*

We can discuss anything that would be public campaign without going into exec session. Will discuss options: are we ready for a vote or not?

Anthony: sharing all resources from Nat’l DSA documents/communiucation w/Brandon (DSA compliance). He has summarized for our benefit (*see linked google doc).

Only considering federal positions (state will be different).

Coordinated Campaign – very limited, restricted access to nat’l support/input, must exist on it’s own (no attached slate can be included)

Independent Expenditure – less limited, but must follow explicit steps with Nat’l to proceed with type of campaign, must avoid appearance of coordination, additional requirements may be involved (*see linked google doc for more comprehensive info)

Jackie – can we show up to a canvassing event for a candidate or campaign in LVDSA gear, post, share photos as reps of LVDSA? – Anthony: No, not as representatives of DSA on IE, but independently on a Coordinated is maybe ok (will continue to look into that)

DSA Nat’l DOES NOT recommend or encourage chapters doing a Coordinated Campaign (we can only provide our “literal bodies” – volunteers, listen in on campaign meetings)


Anthony motions to move into executive session (8:00 PM), seconded by Mike Y.

Anthony motions to move out of executive session, Shaun seconds at 8:49pm


National Updates/Minnie – regional training postponed until 2022, Garrick plans to revisit chapters in southwest region before the training, would like to meet with LVDSA, next southwest regional meeting is 10/19 @ 7PM


Member Engagement Update/Jackie – Member engagement is pretty low, hard to get new people to get involved, convention attendees especially, mostly the same members turning up and staying connected/engaged, one-on-ones are going great,  they are fun and really encouraging! The phonebanks are great, about 30 per, it’s fun and a great opportunity to chat it up with members. It’s going good but it is a slow process. Thanks to all that have taken a turf list thus far, there are 8 left of 30, so please consider taking a list if you have an hour or two on Friday or this weekend – please let Jackie S. know to help support you in that endeavor. That would be really awesome! A reminder: Organizing is blah blah blah i am recording this lol sorry. Rahima is organizing socials, which is awesome, and we have to remember to connect via these events to keep our momentum and engagement going. NMO WG meeting this week, please show up & help make some calls – it would be really great.

Alvin – POI – if you get a phonebank list, is it yours until you pass it off, or…? Tiffany – yes, ideally it’s yours until let us know you can’t complete it.

Shaun – had a great 1:1, it’s fun, it’s all of our jobs to engage our membership!

Aimee – Reminder to all that communication amongst event leads and priority stewards  should be recognized and ongoing

Anthony L – Has ideas about steward agency, chapter structures, will discuss further in Slack


Mech DRIIIIIP Update/Paul John – designs will be rolled out one at a time. First one will be a run of 50 and then divide up into a run of 10 of each size. Then this will inform how much for each shirt. No More Slumlords sweatshirt (sweater?). We’ll have volunteer shirts for events like Holidarity. Will have the LVDSA logo and “Volunteer” on the back: red/pink/black. Jackie – mentions that we have to rep our brand and include logo on all. Lorenzita loves the designs. Anthony too. Minnie too. Shaun proposes  a hat with the logo. Jackie suggests some changes to accommodate crop tops. Alvin suggests a long sleeve pink t-shirt. Aimee says this is just a first drop. We’re just going to get something going.


Executive session entered at 9:23


Chair for next meeting  which will be November 1st in prep for the general body meeting. Minnie agrees to Chair.  Tiffany may need to defer note taking to someone else. She’ll let us know. Mike is open to taking notes.


Shaun motions to adjourn, Paul John seconds. Meeting is adjourned at 9:53pm.