Steering Committee Meeting

October 4, 2021

Steering Committee Meeting


Times are approximate and subject to change at the Chair’s discretion.

7:00 Call to Order

Confirm notetaker

Sign in link distributed

Review Steering Committee meeting rules

Adoption of agenda

Adoption of last meeting’s minutes

Review of last week’s action items
Treasurer’s Report
Electoral Research & Recruitment Priority Report

Valerie T. to present

Educator Forum Report

Shaun to present

Coalition Corner: Coalition Updates

Shaun to present

November Calendar

Tiffany to start discussion

October General Body Meeting Roles/Script

Aimee to start discussion

Executive Session
Other Actions & Proposals
Open floor
9:00 Adjourn

Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Tiffany S., Anthony L., Mike Y., Minnie W., Shaun N., Jesser S., Alvin C., Jackie S., Aimee H., Paul John C.
Chair: Aimee H.
Notetaker: Jesser S.

  • 7:05 PM: Meeting called to order.
    • Minnie moves to adopt the agenda. Shaun seconds.
    • Tiffany motions to amend agenda. Minnie seconds.
    • Jackie motions to amend the agenda. Seconded.
    • Newly amended agenda is adopted at 7:11 PM.
    • Tiffany motions to adopt last meeting’s minutes. Anthony seconds.
    • Last meeting’s minutes adopted at 7:12 PM.
  • 7:12 PM: Last meeting’s action items.
    • Tiffany is done with uploading the progress residential list.
    • Minnie reached out to Jesse from IATSE.
    • General body meeting agenda is completed.
    • Mike has sent resolutions and monthly meeting agenda to the general body.
  • 7:16 PM: Educator Forum Report
    • Shaun presents.
    • Shaun says that the forum went well.
    • Forum attendees recommended that we use back-to-school solidarity money for mutual aid.
    • Shaun suggests we keep putting pressure on school board meetings.
  • 7:22 PM: Coalition Corner: Coalition Updates
    • Shaun presents.
    • Reproductive justice march was a great success.
    • Next Monday we will have an event with the Nevada Housing Justice Alliance.
    • NEJC hires a new organizer. Meeting will be set with them.
    • Paul John says they will touch base with animal sanctuary.
    • Jackie suggests coalition corner should be done at the general body meeting. Shaun agrees.
  • 7:28 PM: Treasurer Report
    • Aimee presents the treasurer report.
  • 7:29 PM: Electoral Research & Recruitment Priority Report
    • Valerie presents.
    • Candidates will be found, then races will be investigated.
    • Fundraising will be separate from a candidate’s campaigns.
    • Research on candidates will be done in future committee meetings.
    • Town hall with Amy Vilela will be preferably set close to the meeting when the vote will be taken. December is the reasonable month for an endorsement vote.
    • Tiffany is preparing an endorsement application. Endorsement application should be made available to our general membership by our Thursday meeting.
    • Minnie suggests we have education on electoral politics happening in the chapter. Valerie agrees there should be training.
    • Anthony explains the endorsement process.
  • 7:42 PM:  November Calendar
    • Tiffany presents.
    • The October calendar is settled.
    • Tiffany suggests steering committee meeting dates for the month of November.
    • Jackie suggests a date for November’s New Member Orientation.
    • Aimee suggests Holiday Solidarity should take place the weekend before Thanksgiving.
  • 7:47 PM: October General Body Meeting Roles/Script
    • Roles are assigned and the script document is made.
  • 8:01 PM: Steering committee enters executive session.
  • 9:33 PM: Steering committee exits executive session.
  • 9:34 PM: Alvin brings up setting up a Spoke for the upcoming monthly meeting.
    • Jackie, Tiffany, and Minnie volunteer to help with texting through Spoke.
  • 9:35 PM: Anthony brings up a legal form that we need to fill out related to impacting elections.
    • Anthony ideally wants the form to be submitted the week of this SC meeting.
  • 9:39 PM: Tiffany motions to adjourn. Motion is seconded. Meeting is adjourned.