Regular Meeting

October 15, 2020

Call to Order (6:35 PM): Meeting was called to order by Kara H.

Community Guidelines, Membership & Voting: Kara H. went over community guidelines, membership, and voting procedures.

Adoption of the Agenda & Approval of Previous (September 17th, 2020) Minutes: Motions passed.


Member Survey: DSA 100k Recruitment Drive (Kara H.): Kara spoke about the recruitment drive and encouraged members to join and participate. Current leader is Eshaan.

I am an Immigrant Voter Celebration w/ PLAN (Shaun N.): We are partnering with PLAN for an I am an Immigrant Voter Celebration.

Las Vegas DSA Voter’s Guide (Keenan K. & Alex S.): Research and reasoning for each endorsement was given. Suggestions were taken into account. Recommendations, not endorsements without a vote. Keenan discussed endorsement process, close relationship with CCEA. Alex S. encouraged people to vote down ballot, especially for judicial races. Keenan suggests we mobilize 5-6 people behind each candidate we endorse.

New Business

2020 Election: Las Vegas DSA Endorsements

NV State Assembly, District 2: Radhika “RPK” Kunnel: Shaun spoke on her behalf. Met through Muslims for Bernie. She was a big part of his success here. Donated to mutual aid. Doctor out of Boyd Law. Good candidate. Eshaan V. spoke in support. We voted to formally endorse Radhika Kunnel. Motion passed.

CCSD Board of Trustees, District E: Lola Brooks: Kara spoke on her behalf. Defended LGBTIA+ students. Defended bullied students. Ensured substitute teachers got similar pay to teachers. Opponent is not in the teacher’s union and actively tries to get teachers to drop out of the union. Nichole B. spoke in support. Lourdes E. spoke in support. We voted to formally endorse Lola Brooks. Motion passed, 32 in favor, 17 opposed.

Clark County District Court Judge, Dept. 17: Anna Albertson: Anna spoke on her own behalf. Owner of Legal Angel law firm. Anna Albertson has defended people of color. Opponent has an unacceptable legal record that works against black people, specifically one of Albertson’s clients. Suggests that all kinds of help for her campaign is wanted if we endorse, i.e. dropping off literature, phone banking, text banking to family members, knocking on doors. Was a DSA member. Tiffany S. spoke in support. Opponent was a career prosecutor. Endorsed by the Black Caucus and Nevada Independent Black Voters. Alex S. spoke in support. We voted to formally endorse Anna Albertson. Motion passed.

Clark County District Court Judge, Dept. 24: Erika Ballou: Alex S. spoke on her behalf. A socialist, public defender. Went into Judge Herndon’s court room with a Black Lives Matter pin and refused when told to take it off. Endorsed by Las Vegas Sun. In charge of the Nevada Legal Observer Program. In the National Lawyers Guild. Opponent is a private defense attorney. We voted to endorse Erika Ballou. Motion passed.

NV Statewide Ballot Question 3: Alex S. moved for endorsement for yes on Ballot Question 3. This ballot measure will allow the Pardons Board to have more power and meet more often. The Pardons Board currently does not meet often and does not give very many pardons. Can also commute sentences. Does not require the Governor to accept pardons. We voted to endorse yes on Ballot Question 3. Motion passed.

NV Statewide Ballot Question 4: David moved for endorsement for yes on Ballot Question 4. Expands voting rights of Nevadans, allows people to have questions about voting answered. Protects people from voter intimidation at polls, allows people to vote during any early-voting period or on election day if they’re in line at the time polls close, along with other rights. We voted to endorse yes on Ballot Question 4. Motion passed.

A motion has been made to endorse NV Statewide Ballot Question 2: Michael W. moved to endorse for yes on Ballot Question 2. Seconded by Gordon B. Discussion: Would protect same sex marriage. Michael M. argued to not endorse yes as it will give protections to religious organizations and clergy members, whose members have abused their positions of power. Alex S. also argued to not endorse yes. David mentioned that the law would involve a removal of previous ban of same-sex marriage. Judith W. mentioned that there will be assault on same sex marriages by the supreme court soon. We voted to endorse yes on Ballot Question 2. Motion passed.

Racial Justice Committee proposal (full proposal/bylaws here): Kara H. introduced the proposal. Please reach out to leadership if you are interested in chairing the committee. Alex H. motion for the adoption of bylaws for a Racial Justice Committee.

Chapter Reports (Written Officer & Committee Reports here)

Ashley M. (Secretary): Secretary report: Gave secretary report.

Medicare for All Committee (James P., Chair): Next M4A meeting will be based on planning a new event.

Housing Working Group (Shaun N.): Housing Working Group with Jackie Spicer is coming up. Tenant unions, supporting local groups. Tuesday at 7pm.

Misc./Open Comment Period: 

Brittany: Ecosocialism has a chair/co-chair vacancies for anyone who wants to run for the position.

Aimee: Please share the voter guide.

Ailis: Restaurant organizing project meets every Tuesday at 4 pm Pacific time.

Michael W.: Next Red Rock Dems meeting. Featured Guest, Ross Miller:

Adjourn: Kara H. adjourned at 8:55 pm.