Regular Meeting

September 17, 2020

Call to Order (6:35 PM) – The September Regular Meeting was called to order at 6:35 PM by Kara H.

Community Guidelines, Membership & Voting – Shaun H. went over community guidelines. Kara H. expanded on guidelines.

Adoption of the Agenda & Approval of Previous (August 20th,  2020) Minutes – Ashley M. motioned to adopt agenda. Passed. Ashley M. motioned to adopt previous minutes. Passed.

New Business

Member Survey – Kara H. spoke about the member survey and member mapping. This is for both new and old members. Please fill out the member survey.

100k Recruitment Drive – Kara H. spoke about the 100K recruitment drive coming up next month. Each comrade is being encouraged to sign up at least 3 other members.

Officer Reports (Officer & Committee Reports here)

Shaun N. & Kara H. (Co-chairs) — Chapter report – Shaun H. – New post cards. DSA for USPS. Educational event Oct. 4th.

Ashley M. (Secretary) — Secretary report – Went over secretary report.

Tiffany S. (Comms Chair) — Communications Report – Went over Communications report.

Jesse F. (Education Chair) — Education Committee Report – Went over Education committee report.

Committee Reports 

Ecosocialism Committee (Brittany F. & Jake F., Co-chairs) – Went over Ecosoc Committee report.

Electoral Committee (Keenan K. & David C., Co-Chairs) – Went over Electoral committee report.

Labor Committee (Kristofer D., Chair) – Went over Labor committee report.

Medicare for All Committee (James P., Chair) – Went over M4A committee report.

Mutual Aid Committee (James B., Chair) – Went over Mutual Aid committee report.

Socalist Feminist Committee (Jaylynn M., Chair) – Went over SocFem committee report.

UNLV YDSA (Jesser S., Chair) – Went over YDSA report.

AgitProp Subcommittee (Alice B., Chair) – Went over AgitProp Subcommittee report.

Palestine Solidarity Subcommittee (Michael A. & Ziad D., Co-chairs) – Went over Palestine Solidarity Subcommittee report.

Educational Segment

How Should the Left Movement Flex its Power? w/ Breakout Groups – Interview that happened in April of this year. In response to the current election. Talk with Jane McAlevey, big union organizer. We watched a video for 10 min and went into breakout rooms with discussion questions. Breakouts were skipped due to time.

Misc./Open Comment Period 

Jonathan V. – Project with Jess S. Movement for a People’s Party. New 3rd party. 100,000 members nation-wide. Las Vegas hub is starting here. Founding convention March of next year. Form link if interested.

Chris R. – Hosting Ozzie Fumo tomorrow. Link to meeting here.

Kristofer D. – Sign the petition.

Adjourn – Ashley M. motioned to adjourn at 7:50 PM. Motion passed.