Regular Meeting

January 21, 2021

January Regular Meeting Minutes

Date: January 21st, 2021

Facilitator: Kara H.

Secretary: Ash M.

Location: Zoom

  1. Call to Order (6:35 PM)
  2. Community guidelines, Robert’s Rules overview, Zoom etiquette, membership & voting
    1. Kara H. – Encourage people to read rules for writing resolutions on our websites. Please reach out if you want to write a resolution and aren’t sure how. Better to let us know in advance for voting purposes.
  3. Adoption of the agenda & approval of previous (December 17th, 2020) minutes
    1. Motions passed.
  4. Agenda
    1. Welcome to DSA & Member Survey – Kara H.
      1. Kara H. – Gave an overview of our organizations. We are democratic. IF there’s something you think we should do, you can democratically organize to make that happen. Only do the survey once. Want everyone to eventually fill it out. Local chapter gets 20% of dues if you sign up monthly. Soon you will be able to sign up for a recurring donation to our chapter. If you’re interested in donating to your local chapter, this is the way to go!
    2. Labor Chair elections → Co-chair nomination form
      1. Kara H. – Nominations are coming up! It will be anonymous to everyone except us. We will reach out to anyone who is nominated. Nominations close on the 28th.
    3. No Shortcuts reading group
      1. Kara H. – Starting Feb 7th @ 2pm the Labor committee will start a reading group on No Shortcuts by Jane McAlevey, a DSA member. She helped us create this schedule. Beneficial for anyone in a DSA space. First chapter is available for free if you want to check it out.
      2. Shaun N. – Recommends. Come check it out. Good for relational organizing as well.
  5. Chapter Reports (Written Officer & Committee Reports here)
    1. Officer Reports
      1. Co-chair Report
        1. Shaun N. – We don’t have an official job. A lot of facilitating. How we make DSA work better as a structure. New member orientations coming up. Better about onboarding. We have a lot of new members. Might want to know how to get involved. Working on streamlining Slack. Building coalitions. Taking over Clark County Democratic Party.
      2. Treasurer Report
        1. Lourdes E. – Gave report.
      3. Secretary Report
        1. Ash M. – Gave report.
      4. Communications Report
        1. Tiffany S. – Gave report.
      5. Education Report
        1. Tiffany S. – Gave report.
    2. Committee Reports
      1. Ecosocialism Report
        1. Alex K. – Gave report.
      2. Electoral Report
        1. Margot C. – Gave report.
      3. Labor Report
        1. Kristofer D. – Gave report.
      4. Medicare for All Report
        1. Written report only.
      5. Mutual Aid Report
        1. James B. – Gave report.
        2. Ash M. – Stepping back from some mutual aid work. Please read the message I sent in Slack if you’re interested in being more involved in the network. Thanks!
      6. Racial Justice Report
        1. Aimee H. – Gave report.
        2. Shaun N. – Also getting involved in housing work.
      7. Socalist Feminist Report
        1. Jaylynn M. – Gave report.
      8. UNLV YDSA Report
        1. Jesser S. – Gave report.
  6. Educational Segment: Death Penalty Abolition
    1. Segment presented by Alex S. and Mark B. with the Nevada Coalition Against the Death Penalty.
    2. Mark B. – No execution in 14 years. Some people don’t know our state has the death penalty. Death penalty is build out of history of racial terrorism. Used as a tool of oppression. Lynching switched to mass spectacles around executions. More public education. Clark County is 4th highest amount of death penalty cases. 2nd highest per-capita rate of people on death row. States that have death penalty have a higher rate of murder. Most crime sociologist studies show it doesn’t prevent crime. Bill Draft Request to repeal death penalty and retroactively reduce the sentences of the people currently on our death row.
      1. Elevating the Issue of Death Penalty Abolition
      2. Links
  7. Open comment
    1. Alex W. – Interested in talking to members about a People’s movement.
    2. Aimee H. – How can we help during this legislative session?
    3. Mark B. – Follow any legislation that you care about.
    4. Paul C. – Sign up to track bills here.
  8. Adjourn (7:51 PM)