Regular Meeting

December 17, 2020
  • Call to Order (6:35 PM)
  • Community Guidelines, Membership & Voting
    • Kara H. – Went over community guidelines, membership, and voting procedures.
  • Adoption of the Agenda & Approval of Previous (November 19th, 2020) Minutes
    • Ashley M. – Motions passed.
  • Agenda
    • Welcome to DSA & Member SurveyKara H.
      • Kara H. – Want to introduce new member orientations. Allow people to step up and be more active. We are not a political party. Largest socialist organization out there right now. Make our decisions democratically. Vote and discuss.
      • Shaun N. – We welcome everyone here! A lot of great committees.
      • Kara H. – DM Ashley or Tiffany for an invite to our Slack if you are a member.
    • Winter Solidarity event – Kara H.
      • Kara H. – A lot of you have probably seen our advertisements for this event. We did a Holiday Solidarity event on November 21st. Goal of 100 meal kits. Ended up doing 350 families, plus 30 with mutual aid. We thought it’d be great to do it again 2 weeks later. 300 families, then 500 families. Open form for anyone in this meeting who would like a meal. Form will be open until 9 PM today. We did a great job fundraising, great coalition partners. Tough year. Raised over $20,000, $2,000 away from our final goal. Any group appropriate questions?
    • LVDSA Telethon – Lourdes E./James P.
      • James P. – We have a huge event coming up on Sunday December 27th @ 6 PM. Big Las Vegas DSA fundraising telethon! If you’re interested in being in the telethon, please fill out this form and you will be featured in it:
      • Link will show you how to watch! Please share with people you know!
    • Ecosocialism Committee dissolution vote – Ashley M.
      • Vote did not pass.
    • Bylaws reform
      • Voted to appoint Alex onto the Bylaws committee. If you are interested in writing bylaws, please reach out!
  • Chapter Reports (Written Officer & Committee Reports here)
    • Officer Reports
      • Co-chair Report [Shaun N.] – Bringing people hope. Everyone was touched by the warm vibe. If you haven’t signed up to donate or volunteer, please do! Big need for pre-packaged desserts. Text the number below to help out.
        2. (702) 324-0972
      • Treasurer Report
      • Secretary Report
    • Committee Reports
      • Communications Report
      • Education Report
      • Electoral Report
      • Labor Report
      • Medicare for All Report
      • Mutual Aid Report
      • Racial Justice Report
      • Socalist Feminist Report
      • UNLV YDSA Report
  • Educational Segment: Mutual Aid
  • Misc./Open Comment Period
    • Thomas T. – Will be here on Saturday.
    • Tiffany S. – Grievance revamp will be wrapped into bylaws reform
    • Erika B. – A lot of overlap between NLG and DSA work. Please join us! Legal observers trainings are open to everyone. January 12th – Next date for legal observer training.
  • Adjourn