Regular Meeting

November 19, 2020
November Regular Meeting Minutes

Call to Order (6:35 PM)

Community Guidelines, Membership & Voting

Adoption of the Agenda & Approval of Previous (October 15th, 2020) Minutes – Both motions passed.


Welcome to DSA!

Member Survey

Holiday Solidarity event – Kara H.

Details about Holiday solidarity event.

LVDSA Telethon – James B.

Ton of entertainment. Like a telethon on TV. Music video. Acapella version of 9-5.

DSA 100k Recruitment Drive Recap – Kara H. 

Keenan 1st, Kara 2nd, Eshaan 3rd. Only 10 people participate in our chapter.

Chapter Reports (Written Officer & Committee Reports here)

Officer Reports

Co-chair Report

Treasurer Report

Haven’t received quarter dues report, will next month.  Raised over $3000 so far.

Secretary Report

Gained 43 members last month, 22 this month.

Committee Reports

Communications Report

Worked w/ electoral to distribute the voter guide.  Spreading info on the holiday solidarity event.

Education Report

Monthly night school on an issue about socialism. Dec 10 – Sex work and Socialism.

AgitProp Report

Nothing to report.

Electoral Report

Published voted guide, presented during October monthly meeting.  Mobilized members to phone bank.

Labor Report

Medicare for All Report

Working on coalition building with groups focused on the healthcare crisis. Planning a panel discussion. Next meeting will be power mapping.

Mutual Aid Report

In need of delivery drivers and dispatchers.

Racial Justice Report

Elected new co-chairs.

Socalist Feminist Report

Night school in December in collaboration with electoral. Partnering with SWANN and NLG.


Nothing to report.

Education segment on housing

CDC rent moratorium ends Dec 31st.

Misc./Open Comment Period 

Adjourn (7:42 pm)