Housing Justice Priority Campaign

Housing Justice Priority Campaign

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During Las Vegas DSA’s local convention on July 10th. 2021, the chapter voted to make Housing Justice one of our priorities for 2021-2022.

The Housing Justice Priority Campaign fights for equitable housing and tenant rights in the Las Vegas area by building tenant power through the following tactics:

  • Reaching out to tenants facing eviction through monthly canvassing and courtroom outreach
  • Building a foundation for tenant organizing by conducting research on landlords/developers in Las Vegas and identifying large landlords who own multiple properties
  • Targeting specific apartment complexes to concentrate efforts and to build power and capacity
  • Conduct research on how to create and fundraise for a Social Housing Acquisition fund in preparation for the 2022 Local Convention
  • Help organize formal complaints, petitions, and direct action to pressure management to address concerns of habitability and housing equity

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