🚨 URGENT: LVDSA is looking for testimonials from working families 🗣

September 25, 2020 | Call to Action

Las Vegas DSA has obtained a meeting with Councilwoman Michelle Fiore on Tuesday to discuss how to support working families during this time. We are asking that the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority support Clark County’s workforce by facilitating or implementing the following:

  • Flexible schedules for workers with children of school age
  • Enhanced and expanded on-site childcare options for workers
  • Funding for community-based childcare and recreation centers
  • Subsidies for providing students with technology and internet access

We are looking for testimonials from working families who are struggling and would benefit from the LVCVA taking action.

Submit your testimonial → http://bit.ly/LVCVAworkingfamilies

This meeting comes as a result of LVDSA’s petition demanding LVCVA support working families.

Sign the petition → https://bit.ly/stepupLVCVA

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March 3, 2021 | Press Release

Las Vegas DSA Condemns CCSD’s Rush to Reopen Schools / DSA de Las Vegas condena la prisa de CCSD por reabrir escuelas

LVDSA and members from CCEA Democratic Left Caucus condemn the reopening procedures in Clark County schools.
January 25, 2021 | Events

“No Shortcuts” Reading Group

Las Vegas DSA’s Labor Committee has started a reading group to discuss Jane McAlevey’s book ​”No Shortcuts: Organizing for Power in the New Gilded Age.”​ The book goes over how and why unions need to focus on building “actual power” through organizing rather than “pretend power” through advocacy and mobilizing.
November 30, 2020 | Events

Socialist Night School: Socialists & the Fight for Sex Worker Rights

December 10th @ 7pm PT: LVDSA's Socialist Feminist committee is taking over this month's Socialist Night School with a look at sex worker's rights and a discussion of how socialists should get involved in the fight.