PETITION: Tell Nevada Lawmakers to Divest from LVMPD

July 16, 2020 | Call to Action

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is immensely overfunded. Their budget of over $655 million is astronomical for a city of our size. Their massive budget contributes to police being militarized against the communities that they are meant to protect. Portland’s police department serves a population only slightly larger than ours but has a budget of about 1/3 that of LVMPD. Over-policed neighborhoods are affected disproportionately by budget cuts to community programs. Our tax dollars should be used for community enrichment, rather than militarizing against citizens. For years, we have continued to increase the department’s funding for technology to keep police accountable, as well as reform programs. Still, our police department remains one of the most opaque in the nation, with per capita police killings at odds with cities like LA and Chicago. Metro continues to militarize against citizens who are denied access to due process. To compare our city’s police violence with others: Mapping Police Violence

At a time where we see massive budget cuts to public programs, including education, we cannot afford to sustain astronomical funding to the police.

View the full list of demands and sign the petition here!

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April 17, 2021 | Press Release

Las Vegas DSA Condemns Police Violence and Reaffirms the Need to Abolish the Police / Las Vegas DSA condena la violencia policial y reafirma la necesidad de abolir a la policía

Las Vegas DSA stands in solidarity with Adam Toledo’s family and people all over the country as we grieve the senseless killing of a 13-year-old child. Police have taken it upon themselves to become judge, jury, and executioner, this time resulting in the murder of a child who can clearly be seen complying with instructions […]
April 7, 2021 | Local Issues

Yes, Tax the Mines:
Nevadan Lives Depend on It

Since the founding of Nevada, the mines have capitalized, giving back little in reparations to the people of the state they exploit. They prey on the land with little regard to the impact on Indigenous communities and the environment, stuffing their pockets while public services go underfunded
April 5, 2021 | Article

We Defeat Fascism with Black and Indigenous Liberation

This country is a settler-colonial state — an ongoing, over 400-year project focused on subjugating Black and Indigenous people as a means to extract profit. The only way forward is to dismantle the racist, imperialist police state.