Weekly Roundup, Vol. 9

June 26, 2020 | Weekly Roundup

We’ve made it to Friday yet again!  Take a peek at what we’re reading, and don’t forget to check out our upcoming events.


What is Owed [42 min]

James Baldwin Insisted We Tell the Truth About This Country. The Truth Is, We’ve Been Here Before [9 min]

Why racism is an essential tool for maintaining the capitalist order [7 min]


Sex Workers Have Never Counted on Cops. Let’s Learn From Their Safety Tactics. [13 min]

Why Socialists Should Fight to Defund the Police [6 min]

The Secret Lives of Police Wives — And the Abuse They Suffer in Silence [27 min]


Rebellions Get Results: A List So Far [10 min]

We Need a Jobs Guarantee Now More Than Ever [9 min]

The West has a role in reimagining the U.S. [9 min]


Contemporary White Antiracism

Revolutionary Study Guide

Prison Abolition FAQ

Upcoming Events

LVDSA Labor Committee Meeting

June 28 @ 2pm → register

LVDSA Socialist Feminist Committee Meeting

June 28 @ 4pm → register

LVDSA Medicare for All Committee Meeting

June 28 @ 6pm → register

LVDSA Pride Poolside Chat

June 29 @ 6:30pm → register

LVDSA Ecosocialism Committee Meeting

June 30 @ 6pm → register

Socialism 2020 Virtual Conference

July 4 @ 11am → register

Palestine Solidarity Subcommittee Meeting

July 5 @ 6:30pm → register

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