Las Vegas DSA - 2020 Primary Voter Guide

Las Vegas DSA 2020 Primary Voter Guide

May 29, 2020 | Chapter News

Looking for our General Election Voter Guide? You can find it here.

The Las Vegas DSA Electoral Committee was actively engaged in the 2020 election cycle via our work with the Bernie 2020 Nevada Team. We are proud of that work and are confident in the impact our organizing — rooted in community building and solidarity — had on the outcome of the 2020 Nevada Democratic Caucus.

Since that time, the focus of our Chapter’s organizing has been around mutual and the impact of COVID-19. We are, however, committed to engaging with the electoral process, given the profound impact the outcomes of elections have on working peoples’ lives. With that comes a commitment to being informed voters, and the Electoral Committee has convened a working group to research candidates and provide recommendations for our members — and the community at large — to consider when they are casting their ballots. THESE RECOMMENDATIONS ARE NOT ENDORSEMENTS, and we have not formally engaged in an endorsement process for this primary election cycle. We are only making recommendations in contested primary races.


State Senate

Richard Carrillo
Ellen Spiegel
Elizabeth Becker

State Assembly

Shondra Summers-Armstrong
Rochelle Nguyen
Howard Watts
Cecilia Gonzalez
Venicia Considine

Clark County Commission

District C
Hunter Cain
District D
Isaac Barron
Tanya Flanagan
William McCurdy

Board of Education

District 4
Vincent Richardson

CCSD Board of Trustees

District C
Tameka Henry
District E
Lola Brooks

Supreme Court

Seat B
Kristina Pickering
Seat D
Ozzie Fumo

Court of Appeals

Dept. 3
Bonnie Bulla

District Court

Dept. 2
Dustin Marcello
Dept. 4
Nadia Krall
Dept. 5
Terry Coffing
Dept. 15
Tegan Christine MacHinich
Dept. 19
Fikisha Miller
Dept. 23
Jasmin Lilly-Spells
Dept. 24
Erika D. Ballou
Daniel Gilliam
Dept. 28
James Early Cavanugh
Alexandra Beth McLeod
Family Div., Dept. A
Gayle Nathan
Family Div., Dept. P
Sara Dayani
Family Div., Dept. S
Lisa M. Szyc
Family Div., Dept. T
Nadin Cutter
Family Div., Dept. U
Dawn Throne
Family Div., Dept. V
Margaret Pickard
Family Div., Dept. Y
Stephanie Charter

Don’t forget to return your ballot by Tuesday, June 9th 2020.