Weekly Roundup, Vol. 4

May 22, 2020 | Weekly Roundup

Did you hear it’s Friday? That means it’s time for LVDSA’s Weekly Roundup! Take a peek at we’re reading, thinking, and planning this week:

Food For Thought

DSA Was Only Getting Started [10 min]

Ahmaud Arbery Holds Us Accountable [28 min]

Ahmaud Arbery’s Murder Shows Lynching Remains a Reality for Black America [6 min]

Whistleblower: Wall Street Has Engaged in Widespread Manipulation of Mortgage Funds [16 min]

In the Shadows of America’s Smokestacks, Virus Is One More Deadly Risk [15 min]

California Police Used Military Surveillance Tech at Grad Student Strike [5 min]

Now would be a good time to talk about the Green New Deal [4 min]

The COVID-19 pandemic cut carbon emissions down to 2006 levels [3 min]

Every City Should Have a Toy Library [10 min]

Local Issues

Trump alleges Nevada’s mostly mail primary election is ‘illegal,’ says Nevada could lose funding should it proceed [14 min]

First Nevada prison inmate tests positive for COVID-19; results pending for prisoners in his housing unit [3 min]

Public defenders run for judge seats to bring ‘a more balanced bench’ [6 min]

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