Weekly Roundup, Vol. 3

May 15, 2020 | Weekly Roundup

Happy Friday, comrades! It’s that time again. Get the weekend started with LVDSA’s Weekly Roundup. Let’s catch up with what we’re reading, thinking, and planning this week:

Food For Thought

The day police bombed a city street: can scars of 1985 Move atrocity be healed? [10 min]

These Moms Fought for a Home—And Started a Movement [18 min]

Cancel the Rent [20 min]

Reality Check: We Need Class-Struggle Elections  [8 min]

Thousands of Americans Have Become Socialists Since March [7 min]

Racism and COVID-19: Black Lives Don’t Matter to the Capitalists [9 min]

The Coronavirus Was an Emergency Until Trump Found Out Who Was Dying [15 min]

Adventures in Digital Organizing With Mariame Kaba [Audio, 73 min]

Local Issues

Local restaurant chain Nacho Daddy rescinds employee ‘COVID-19 waiver’ after backlash

Unemployment program for independent contractors to begin taking applications Saturday

Upcoming Events

Socialism Night: Nabka Day Presentation

May 15th @ 7pm → register

LVSA Labor Committee Meeting

May 17th @ 4pm → register

LVDSA Fireside Chat

May 18th @ 6:30pm → register

Mass Liberation Monday: A Conversation with Judicial Candidates
hosted by Mass Liberation Project NV

May 18th @ 7pm → register

LVDSA Annual General Meeting & Elections

May 21st @ 6:30pm → register

LVDSA Debates “What Is To Be Done?”: Electoralism

May 23rd @ 7pm → register

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