2024 Primary Election Statement

We do not have a comprehensive voter guide for the primary election this year. Our priorities are democratically decided by the members of our chapter with consideration to our limited capacity and our strategy for building a mass working class movement. For the last few months, our members have been dedicated to electing Valerie Thomason in Assembly District 10 to become the first open socialist in the state legislature.

Nonetheless, we have some recommendations and guidance for those who are looking for help with their ballot.

  1. Look at the candidates’ financial records by visiting this Nevada Secretary of State page. Seeing who is financing a candidate’s campaign can help you understand who that candidate is going to be fighting for when they are in the legislature.
  2. Visit the candidate’s website to see their top issues. Look for flowery language that shows that the candidate will prioritize police and corporate interests over working people’s, like “protect those who protect us” and “invest in businesses to create a flourishing economy”. Beware of candidates that don’t have any issues listed on their website at all (except judicial candidates, who generally cannot run issue-based campaigns).
  3. See who has endorsed these candidates, which you can usually find on the candidate’s website or social media accounts. Endorsements can signal who this person will be aligning with in the upcoming legislative session. For example, expect those endorsed by police associations to increase police funding, and expect those endorsed by the Assembly Democratic Caucus to fall in line with party leadership rather than push forward meaningful policies.

Finally, we encourage you to join us and tens of thousands of others who are working to grow a socialist movement across the country. Together, we can bring about real change and build a better world for all working-class people.