Palestine Solidarity Actions & Resources

Over 2 million Palestinian people trapped in Gaza are living through genocide in real time, as Israel bombs and starves them. It is our duty as socialists to stand in solidarity and call for an end to genocide and ethnic cleansing.

Below you will find actions to take, upcoming events to attend, and educational resources.

Letter Writing Campaign

Politicians won’t stand up for Palestinians and are turning a blind eye to genocide.

Soon, Congress will vote to send Netanyahu’s far right Government even more funding for a potential ground invasion of Gaza that will brutalize its two million inhabitants, at least half of whom are children. We can and must fight back in every way we can. Right now, the capitalist war machine is working overtime manufacturing consent for ethnic cleansing and military escalation, bolstered by a media effort to spread lies about our position of freedom and dignity for all. But the truth is, more Americans stand with Palestine than ever. Let’s make it undeniable, from the streets, all the way up through Congress.

Contact your members of Congress to let them know we stand in solidarity with the fight for Palestinian survival and liberation. Let’s demand that they stand on the right side of history by voting against money for massacres. Two million lives are on the line. We say: not on our dime! No money for massacres! Ceasefire now!

Solidarity Phonebanks

DSA is sponsoring phonebanks into states with Congresspeople who are most likely to stand up in this moment, as well as Congressional leaders who may be able to pressure the administration. Right now, there are three phonebanks planned, with more to come:

Upcoming Events

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