Palestine Solidarity Actions & Resources

Over 2 million Palestinian people trapped in Gaza are living through genocide in real time, as Israel bombs and starves them. It is our duty as socialists to stand in solidarity and call for an end to genocide and ethnic cleansing.

Below you will find actions to take, upcoming events to attend, and educational resources.

Justice for Palestine: UNLV Community Demands Divestment from Israeli Apartheid

UNLV students and community members stand in unwavering solidarity with the students across Columbia, Yale, NYU, Vanderbilt, Cal Poly, University of Michigan, and the dozens of rapidly developing encampments at campuses across the country.

We call on the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) administration to take immediate action to divest funds from companies profiting from or supporting Israeli apartheid, in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Demand for Divestment: We demand that UNLV immediately divest funds from any companies involved in Israeli apartheid and terminate all academic ties with Israel.

Board of Trustees: We demand the removal of any UNLV Board of Trustees members with personal investments, financial commitments, employment, or other business involvements supporting Israeli apartheid. Additionally, we call for the annual release of a comprehensive list of Board of Trustees’ conflicts of interest with UNLV’s investments, particularly those with Israeli ties.

Financial Transparency: We demand the immediate disclosure of financial information and data related to UNLV’s investments over the past 10 years, with specific attention to any investments with ties to Israel.

By signing onto this letter campaign, you are adding your voice to the call for justice and solidarity. Your signature will automatically email members of the UNLV Office of the President, urging them to take immediate action to divest funds from the Israeli apartheid, in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

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