Steering Committee Meeting

July 11, 2022

Steering Committee Meeting


Times are approximate and subject to change at the Chair’s discretion.


Call to Order

Sign in link distributed

Review Steering Committee meeting rules

Adoption of agenda

Adoption of 6/27/2022 Meeting Minutes

Link to make a motion

Portfolio Discussion

Determine portfolio contents, scope, and process for re-evaluating and shifting portfolios

Officer Elections
Elections for Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer
HGO Election Process
Next Steps

Determine plan for accomplishing remaining tasks, and scheduling a regular SC meeting

9:00 Adjourn

Meeting Minutes

Chair: Anthony L.

Notetaker: Roy

Call to order at 7:11

  • Reminder to sign in, Anthony reviews SC mtg rules for newcomers
  • Minnie volunteers, posts to general slack channel that an SC meeting is occurring;
  • Anthony asks for agenda adoption
  • Nathaniel motions after POI to amend agenda to table Officer Elections until next meeting; no second, motion dies/fails
  • Anthony has a clarification re: 24 voting rule; it does not apply to in-person vote
  • Sean motions to amend agenda to discuss events
  • Shaun seconds, is adopted
  • Sean motions to adopt; no second necessary; no opposition
  • 7:23 Approval of previous Meeting Minutes 
  • Minnie motions to adopt , no opposition

Portfolio discussion

  • Sean re-shares his desire to take PoliEd; 
  • Minnie supports the current descriptions; Security could include event marshalling, would not want to do comms, merch; could do sec/digital mgmt, but open
  • Natasha likes the paired-down suggestions as shared in slack chat; would be open to continue member engagement, but could defer to shaun, could pick up comms support
  • Roy. Q, Member Engagement can have 2 people, Secretary is member list, meetings, etc, digital mgmt, calendar, zoom website, actionnetwork access, plus some FB; pwd access and slack
  • Aimee Does inventory tracking  enough for one job? 
  • Natasha member engagement is a lot of work, might ask that other SC members help facilitate 2 NMOs
  • Anthony reiterates that these portfolios are not final
  • Aimee. Maybe a merch committee tasked with mgmt, etc  
  • Sean 
  • Qs to natasha; each have a portfolio, with tasks delegated to SC members?
  • More a list of items that need doing, Not exactly a schedule, just a reminder that we’re all going to be asked to help out
  • Q re: events,  
  • Minnie comments on chair to say the SC chair need not be the only meeting facilitator
  • Nathaniel would like to see SC and GBM be more diversely facilitated
  • Aimee agrees, however, facilitating is v difficult; perhaps we could try it out at a GBM first as SC was more difficult in the past
  • <interruptions> 
  • Anthony clarifies that the chair duties already include the suggestions
  • Nathaniel, yes let’s enact some of those duties
  • Minnie for clarification (for sec?) is google drive in Secretary? Tough to say as Tiffany did both last term; Tiffany states it does not live specifically in one or the other
  • Minnie suggests nat’l coordination is not enough to warrant its own
  • Natasha might not be necessary at all; Aimee agrees in the chat
  • Minnie not wise to have 1 person be charged with text banking, etc
  • Shaun no separate events portfolio? Correct, but there can be
  • Aimee Aimee wonders what events are outside of protests, NMOs, socials, red rabbits on its own is not an entire portfolio
  • Shaun events under member engagement?, some Poli Ed, etc events, 
  • Sean Model might be: Socials, PoliEd, 
  • Anthony Events should be reduced down to a TODO checklist; Events should have a security person for digital and in-person to ensure member-organized events are secure to members from infiltration, doxxing, etc
  • General consensus in the chat is that Events (the success and security of, ) would be a general responsibility 
  • Red Rabbits to be a single-point-of-contact liaison relationship with chapters, digital security
  • Aimee to natasha, Member Engagements to lead on NMOs, PoliEd to lead on poli ed,  some portfolios are isolated, but we should absolutely engaging SC members to help, possible development of committees or WGs to support and enact these actions/events
  • Anthony suggests combining Merch Design/Orderging w/ Inventory tracking
  • Nathaniel SocFem raised concern of members’ differing abilities to expose themselves to risk
  • Sarah open
  • Anthony roll call to gauge interest from members
  • Sean would very much prefer to do PoliEd, already in that role, suits time constraints very well already, was his primary focus on 
  • Anthony asks if Nathaniel would be interested in Security given comments made earlier re: members’ diff risk acceptance and community connections
  • Nathaniel never heard back from PoliEd interest form re ~3 months ago
  • Natasha if people have multiple expertieses, like Nathaniel , slot into the most appropriate places given their skillsets, Nathaniel is still able to work with PoliEd
  • Roy motions to choose Sean as PoliEd lead. Sean seconds. 
  • 8 in favor, 1 opposed. Motion carries. 
  • Motion and seconded to strike Events from agenda
  • No opposition
  • Portfolio assignments motioned for vote, seconded, approved unanimously

Officer Elections

  • Nathaniel to motion to delay the vote to think on everything
  • Aimee agrees/ may second; we have a GBM to plan, and some more pressing items to deal with
  • Anthony clarifies we’ve already voted for Sec and Treasurer; takes nominations for chair
  • Minnie noms Anthony, no other nominations
  • Nathaniel motions to not begin the vote to elect chair (with one single nominee) until 8PM tomorrow. Aimee seconds. 
  • 2 in favor, 7 opposed. Motion fails. 
  • Minnie takes over as chair 
  • Minnie motions to approve Anthony as chair. 
  • 8 in favor , 1 opposed, motion passes. 

HGO Elections

  • Aimee SEIU could give us free IRL meeting space (but not thursdays) if we are interested, would need bylaw amendment
  • Minnie has a draft form prepared based on last year’s HGO interest form through open through Monday 25 to hold elections on Aug 4
  • Aimee would like some actual engagement from nominees; maybe Q&A at the GBM if number of nominees allows
  • Anthony agrees with ^^
  • Nathaniel  asks about term appointments & their HGO reports
  • Anthony, not explicit; the new SC appoints new HGOs (per bylaws);
  • Natasha, yes, there’s a report needed once per calendar year, HGOs are currently preparing the report, fully confidential, mostly stats, with what did/didn’t work with asks/suggestions for future HGO support;  continuity in these roles is preferred
  • Anthony motions, Minnie seconds to add 10 minutes,. No opposition
  • … Mondays collectively decided as SC meeting time