Steering Committee Meeting

April 4, 2022

Steering Committee Meeting


Times are approximate and subject to change at the Chair’s discretion.

7:05 Call to Order

Confirm notetaker

Sign in link distributed

Review Steering Committee meeting rules

Adoption of agenda

Adoption of 3/14/2022 Meeting Minutes

7:10 Treasurer’s Report

Aimee to present

7:15 Merch Update

Tiffany to present

7:25 Recommitment Drive Update

Natasha to present

7:35 Executive Session

Natasha to present

7:45 Portfolio Updates
All SC Members
7:55 Springtime Socialism Event

Anthony to present

8:05 Review and Approve April General Meeting Script

Anthony to present

8:30 Nevada Plants Partner Listing
Anthony to present
8:40 SC Meeting Times

Anthony to present

8:50 Open Comment
9:00 Adjourn

Meeting Minutes

Chair: Anthony L

Notetaker: Tiffany S.

Attendance: Minnie W., Anthony L., Tiffany S., Angel L., Natasha S., Jesser S., Mike Y., Paul John C., Aimee H., Lorenzita S.

  • Called to order at 7:05
    • Minnie motions to adopt the agenda, Angel seconds, no objections. Agenda adopted at 7:07
    • Angel motions to adopt last meeting’s minutes, Minnie seconds, no objections. Last meeting’s minutes are adopted at 7:08
    • Review Action Items
      • Regional Organizing Retreat has been canceled
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Merch purchases are the biggest new expense
    • Aimee shares written treasurer’s report in chat
  • Merch Update
    • Orders for shirts and stickers are complete and will be available to be picked up this week
    • We will be ready to sell the merch online by the end of the week
    • Need to determine price point for shirts
      • Proposal for $27 and offer an opportunity for people to donate for those who need assistance purchasing
    • Funds in Venmo for sweatshirts can be transferred to bank account
  • Recommitment Drive
    • Natasha: Attended the Recommitment Drive chapter leader kickoff last week. Some links were dropped in the Slack channel. Natasha will be the point of contact. There will be additional trainings leading into the drive. Chapter leaders as well as members who might be good to involve in the drive can attend.
    • Two groups of people to target for recommitment, lapsed and expired. Want to recommit 50% of lapsed people and 25% of expired people.
    • Drive launches on the 24th. Ends on June 5th
    • Natasha will be having a 1:1 with someone from the Growth & Development committee re the drive
    • Minnie: Volunteers to help
  • Executive Session
    • Moving to executive session
  • Portfolio Updates
    • Anthony: Prepared a script for the general meeting, has been closing votes and calling on folks to record votes. Has been fielding questions about process/bylaws.
    • Angel: Has been updating the calendar. Almost done with the April calendar. Did a slack cleanup midmonth. Housing is trying to regroup and get more people involved, having more in person events. Talking about doing a roundtable with Tick about housing.
      • Paul John: Regarding the sit-down with Tick, what is the goal with it?
        • Expressing the desire for rent control, as well as connecting folks with resources while we try to build capacity
    • Jesser: Trying to get members’ opinions about what they would like to see in future night schools. Next night school will be on direct actions! Does anyone have suggestions?
      • Tiffany: suggests having some open discussion events, maybe with 1-2 suggested short readings to prep people for the discussion
        • Aimee: Similar to red talks that other chapters hold
        • Anthony: Suggests using it as a dual purpose to have a discussion on the purpose of electoralism since it seems enthusiasm for electoral in our chapter has waned right now, good to talk it out.
    • Mike: Comms is running smoothly. Mike is also doing weekly checks on new members, no red flags so far.
      • Anthony: Is the vetting information being tracked somehow? Maybe in Action Network?
      • Natasha: If we recruit members and know they are joining, we can provide additional context for Mike
    • Lorenzita: Has been at capacity with work and hasn’t had a chance to to dive in to their portfolio, appreciates everyone who has helped with those duties in the meantime. There is an organizer training on the calendar, open to suggestions as to what training to do.
      • Anthony can get an existing training from national. Does anyone have thoughts on which trainings we should do?
        • Tiffany: How about structured organizing conversations? We have a lot of new members
        • Minnie: Appropriate as we are going into the recommitment drive as well
        • Anthony: Would like to do a strategic campaign training next month to start the run up to local convention
    • Minnie: The biggest update is our field organizer resigning, which we discussed in Slack. Secondary portfolio is inventory and supplies. Minnie posted on the DSA discussion board about storage units and how other chapters handle them. Will be talking further with Aimee about it. Talked to Tamara about doing a regular supply for Sunday Solidarity from UMOK.
    • Natasha: New Member Orientation was last Wednesday, welcomed 4 new members. Still needs to go over sending Spoke requests with Minnie. As far as the HGOs, there have been several national HGO trainings lately, making sure the HGOs are aware and have attended the trainings.
      • If folks in NMO have been really interested in housing, give them Angel’s info
    • Paul John: Work schedule has really changed the last month or so. Will not be able to host the next Worker Power Wednesday. Will be traveling for work from the 12th-26th but will try to check in to coalition calls when possible.
    • Aimee: Believe we can’t file the EZ this year because of how much money we have raised. Deadline is the end of May to file. Has been talking with Victoria about how to divide advising the community aid priority. Would like to have a spreadsheet of the spending for Sunday Solidarity and Hendershare. Also still working on the AfroSoc Section
  • Springtime Solidarity
    • Anthony: Potluck on April 16th @ a park (address provided after registering). Natasha will be working with member engagement wg to send out texts about the event.
  • General Meeting Script
    • Reviewing script together
  • Nevada Plants Partner Listing
    • Anthony: Nevada Plants has requested to list us as a partner on their website. Want to set a precedent around these sorts of things. Would like for us to write up a MOU (Memorandum of Understand), an agreement that puts in writing a clear set of expectations. Also helpful when there is a changeover in the Steering Committee to create continuity. Anthony has a draft MOU shared in the google drive.
    • Anthony motions to use the proposed MOU with Nevada Plants, Minnie seconds.
      • Lorenzita: What happens if Nevada Plants takes money from someone we have issues with? Is there something in the MOU about that?
        • Anthony: It says that we can end it at any time, thought that was more flexible than writing specific conditions.
  • Steering Committee Meeting times
    • Anthony: Victoria has a course for the next few months that is at the same time as our meetings. Victoria is concerned about missing so many meetings. Should we discuss moving the meeting time?
    • Minnie: Finding a meeting time that works for all of us will always be difficult but open to trying a new time if that means Victoria can participate
    • Paul John: Has tried to schedule personal life and work around this specific time. To try and find another day would be difficult. But since this is temporary, would be willing to see what options there are.
    • Anthony: Could consider moving just one each month to cut in half how many she would miss but still keep one meeting a month on the same monday slot.
    • Mike: Seconding the suggestion to move one per month.
    • Anthony: We don’t know when Victoria is available. Suggests picking this up in the Slack where we can discuss dates for the moved meeting date.
  • Open Comment
    • Natasha: Discovered the member engagement calendar integration in Slack was broken so we missed the notification for a 1:1. Is anyone available to take a 1:1 tomorrow at 5:30?
      • Natasha will reach out to reschedule since no one is available
    • Minnie: After the Solidarity Fridge tree planting, Tick wants to meet with everyone who was there. There is a zoom link.
    • Aimee: There is a youth powwow for the planet at UNLV. Ez from Fifth Sun is involved. Aimee has asked Ez to let us know if they need any help. Would be nice for DSA folks to be there in support.
  • Meeting adjourned at 9:16