Steering Committee Meeting

February 28, 2022

Steering Committee Meeting


Times are approximate and subject to change at the Chair’s discretion.

7:05 Call to Order

Confirm notetaker

Sign in link distributed

Review Steering Committee meeting rules

Adoption of agenda

Adoption of 2/14/2022 Meeting Minutes

Adoption of 2/17/2022 Meeting Minutes

Link to make a motion

7:10 Guest – Christian Gerlach from Sierra Club, Regarding Avi Kaw Ame National Monument
7:25 Portfolio Transitions

Checking for any needs from SC members regarding the new portfolio assignments

7:35 Prep for General Meeting

Review script, including process for collecting signatures to retire internal mutual aid

7:50 Executive Session
8:45 Planning SC Retreat & Check-In
8:55 Open Comment
9:00 Adjourn

Meeting Minutes

Chair: Anthony L

Notetaker: Tiffany S.


  • Called to order at 7:06
    • Review of SC meeting rules
    • Angel motions to swap portfolio check in with Christian’s presentation, Aimee seconds
    • Angel motions to adopt the agenda with the change, Mike second
    • Agenda is adopted at 7:09
    • Angel motions to adopt the meeting minutes from 2/14, Aimee seconds
    • Meeting minutes from 2/14 are adopted at 7:10
    • Minnie motions to adopt the minutes from 2/17, Angel seconds
    • Meeting minutes from 2/17 are adopted at 7:11
  • Presentation from Christian Gerlach from Sierra Club, Regarding Avi Kaw Ame National Monument
    • Link to presentation
    • Anthony: Hopes that there will be something environmental proposed as a priority campaign at next convention
    • Angel: What key players is Sierra Club looking at in this campaign?
      • Christian works on the c3 side so no legislation, only administrative/executive offices. Targeting President Biden to use his powers under the Antiquities Act, department of interior
    • Minnie: What ways can LVDSA plug in?
      • Resolution of support, letters to the editor from individual Steering Committee members
    • Victoria: Can we have printed versions of the petition at our events?
      • Christian says that would be of huge help
    • Aimee: Hopes that we can make space for Christian to present at a general body meeting
  • Portfolio Transitions
    • Does anyone have needs in the transition to new portfolios?
    • Anthony has set up Natasha with the HGOs to be liaison
    • Minnie’s main portfolio did not change, has been working with PJC to hand over Worker Power Wednesday. Has started speaking to people about tracking inventory, if anyone has thoughts/insights please reach out
    • Aimee’s portfolio did not change much
    • Natasha will follow up with Minnie about member engagement
    • Mike is still doing comms, will speak more on security screenings in executive session
      1. Anthony: suggests talking to HGOs about process for screenings and flagging potential issues
    • Angel and Tiffany will be meeting on Friday to hand off all the digital management stuff
    • Jesser will reach out to SocFem leadership to introduce himself as new sections & caucuses liaison
    • Victoria will be talking with Aimee to talk about the MCA priority
    • PJC wants to talk with Angel about best method to track coalition partner information, if anyone else has thoughts please share with PJC
      1. Angel suggests keeping a folder in the Google drive that has running agendas/notes for all the meetings with coalition partners
    • Lorenzita is thinking about what organizer trainings to set up. Trying to get some materials translated into Tagalog
    • Tiffany is getting sweatshirts from aimee this week to deal with merch distribution, also in talks with Fii marketing to talk about setting up ecommerce shop
    • Anthony wants to write the script for the general meeting as part of his duties and just have the rest of SC review the script together to save time
  • General Body Meeting Prep
  • Executive Session
  • Steering Committee Retreat
    • Minnie: So far we cannot find a date that works for everyone. Seems silly to hold a retreat without everyone
    • Anthony: If we can’t find a time that works for everyone, we may need to talk about retreat topics during SC meetings
    • Angel: If we identify multiple things, we could try breaking things up into multiple 1-2 hour sessions instead of one whole day.
    • Anthony: At the beginning we met every week, we may need to go back to weekly meetings to cover some of these bigger topics
  • Open Comment
    • Anthony: Cody has stepped down as an electoral priority steward. Cody does have a lot of ideas about future electoral work in LVDSA. Anthony would like Cody to come present to the SC about some of these ideas.
      1. Tiffany: Any thoughts on people to replace Cody with?
        1. Cody has suggested Jeff M.
    • Angel: Getting a lot of requests about the sweatshirts
    • Aimee: Reminding everyone about The Red Deal reading group, someone from The Red Nation will be there!
    • Anthony: Would love for the LVDSA account to hold a twitter space. Wants to recreate the poolside or fireside chats. Open enough to get a variety of answers, but not a debate.
    • Victoria: There is a tree planting at the Solidarity Fridge on Sunday. Could LVDSA be a sponsor?
      • Aimee: What do you need from us?
        • Victoria: Needs hands on deck and put our logo on a flyer
      • No one is opposed
  • Meeting adjourned at 9:17