Steering Committee Meeting

September 20, 2021

Steering Committee Meeting


Times are approximate and subject to change at the Chair’s discretion.

7:00 Call to Order

Confirm notetaker

Sign in link distributed

Review Steering Committee meeting rules

Adoption of agenda

Adoption of last meeting’s minutes

Review of last week’s

 agenda items

Update on Merch/ Merch Discussion

Paul John to present /open discussion

YDSA Meeting

Jackie to present

Update on CCEA School Board rally/Teacher & Support Staff Town Hall

Shaun to present

Book Club Facilitator Guide

Anthony to present

Land Acknowledgment Discussion

Aimee to present

Women’s/ Reproductive Justice March invite 

Shaun to present

Code of Conduct suggestion

Anthony to present

Proposal to change Steering committee meetings to Bi Weekly 

Jackie to present

Update on Southwest Organizer

Minnie to Present

Comms Project/ Open Forum 

Mike to present

Discussion on Hybrid Meetings/ SCC debrief 

Anthony to present

Actions & Proposals

Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Shaun, Anthony, Tiffany, Minnie, Aimee, Paul John, Jesser, Aimee, Alvin, Jackie, Lorenzita,

Chair: Shaun
Notetaker: Mike Y.

Treasurer’s Statements of Accounts

America First Credit Union (as of 6:10 PM)

General Fund             $9216.42

Mutual Aid Fund         $798.40

Housing Justice Fund        $194.24

Back To School Solidarity    $1533.02

Venmo                $0

  • Shaun motions to adopt the agenda
    • Anthony motions to amend the agenda to include a period for actions and proposals
      • Minnie seconds
  • Shaun motions to adopt last minutes
    • Anthony point of order to link to last week’s minutes
    • Shaun links to last week’s minutes
  • Shaun reviews last weeks action items
    • Shaun N. – no update on last week’s agenda item will add to next week’s agenda
    • Anthony: appeal can take 1-2 years from national, and can guide us through this process. Probably not worth our time
    • Alvin C to work on password for electoral email
    • Mike Y: action items from last week are complete
  • Paul John and Aimee presenting merch ideas
    • Paul John mentions PDQ printing – local and union, Anthony (at PDQ) is excited to work with us
      • Gave us t-shirt options
      • They offer literature printing services as well
      • Postcards, stickers, etc.
      • They can do last minute requests – e.g. volunteer t-shirts or lit
    • Aime asks about t-shirt printing services
      • Week turnaround according to Paul John but can follow up for clarification
    • Minnie asks to clarify if all the printing shops  we’re looking at are union
      • Paul John confirms this is the case
    • AB Printing
      • Helped us with housing justice lit and can comparison shop between A&B and PDQ
      • Sourcing lit here, not t-shirts or other merch
    • Fii Marketing
      •  Tiffany can operate shopify portion of fii marketing so we can save money
      • Can create a line of merchandise
      • Make the Road used Fii marketing and recommends – Shaun
      • Tiffany asks if Fii has price estimates
        • $16.05 a shirt for Fii
    • Royal printing
      • Lit exclusive, can print stickers but “not their speciality”
      • Not for merch
      • Pricing similar to PDQ
    • Minnie asks pricing points between local shops
      • Aimee believes A&B is the most affordable lit wise
    • Tiffany motions to table the Fii marketing bc of the monthly fee & upkeep costs
      • Anthony seconds
    • Shaun poses the question: possible to make a timeline for holiday solidarity
      • Early Nov timeline possible?
      • Aimee: Volunteer shirts will be available for both holidairties, for sure
      • Paul John – volunteer shirt turnaround should be quick
    • Paul John to share pricing in Slack
    • Shaun N asks about design contest
      • Tiffany asks if we should send form asking about designs – make sure people actually want to buy the designs they picked
      • Tiffany: can sell designs as way to fundraise for holiday solidarity
        • Shaun seconds – loves it
    • Voting on tabling fii marketing/shopify portion of this
      • Motion passes
  • YDSA Meeting – Jackie presents
    • Virtual meeting at 3 p.m. Thurs
    • YDSA mentorship opportunity available for those in Las Vegas DSA
    • Personally knows 3 students who signed up for this event
    • Shaun N asks about YDSA leadership
      • Jackie mentions 2 are very interested in being active, some previous members aren’t continuing
    • Minnie: asking if they’re all UNLV or coming from other places
      • Remind we have Nevada State College –
      • All 3 are from UNLV – Jackie
    • Mike Y: will mentorship opportunity be available to general body or are we keeping it in the SC?
      • Jackie S: best to keep it to most committed members of chapter
  • Shaun CCSD updates
    • Teacher health desk – comrade Kris helped him with organizing aspects within CCSD
    • Pivot to health care issues, at this meeting there will be an update on health care
    • Essentially this is currently unfunded, some teachers are getting collections calls from health care providers
    • CCSD wants people to rally around the date
      • We can post in Slack getting people to publicly comment
    • Shaun spoke to Kenny Bellmap (unsure of name?) – about forum and roundtable
      • Teachers are afraid of retribution
      • Shaun wants the opportunity for teachers to vent –but we’ll have some guiding questions about healthcare, and safety procedures
      • Logistically: next Wed? Work as date?
    • Motion on the floor:  hold a forum for education staff on Wednesday the 29th, with a flier distribution on Thursday the 23rd.
    • Aimee mentions we should outline a process for Lit printing,
    • Tiffany offers to pay for lit until being reimbursed down the line
      • Shaun objects, wants to donate the money himself
    • No opposition to printing in house
    • Mike Y asks about turnaround time
      • Tiffany can have the event details set up tomorrow and help with the QR code as well
    • Anthony L briefly chairs: Motion to hold this event the 29th, with Lit distributing taking place the 23rd at the CCSD
      • Motion passes
      • Mike Y amends to ask for time for event
      • Shaun proposes 7 pm, Tiffany S seconds
  • Anthony motions to create facilitator guide for Dean Spade’s mutual aid book by Oct 4th
    • Minnie seconds
    • Aimee in opposition: asks if we’re still sticking with same date as  “Red Deal” book club, wants input for book club from mutual aid stewards
    • Discussion
      • Anthony mentions to get facilitator guide going, then to pick date for book club afterwards; no facilitator guide exists currently from current research so wants to create one in house
      • Jesser volunteers help
      • Aimee wants to be involved but concerned about capacity
        • Mutual aid stewards need to be prepared for holiday solidarity as well
        • Doesn’t want to rush this process
      • Minnie offers amendment: when the group itself meets, removing Oct 4th from the discussion. No specific timeline in place.
      • Motion on the floor: at least two SC members to create facilitator guide for Dean Spade’s facilitator book  (removed deadline)
        • Motion passes
      • Anthony L will post in slack to determine when to meet
  • Aimee: follow up land acknowledgements with action items
    • How can we help Indigenous comrades? – resistance movements at pipelines, letter writing sign-on, additional Thacker Pass organizing info, etc.
    • Can even just be links in the chat or slack after the meeting – no need to even call it out verbally in meeting
    • Aimee motions to follow up the land acknowledgement at general body meetings with calls to action to be determined by LVDSA, partner orgs, etc.
      • Jackie seconds and amends to include NMO meetings
      • Motion passes
  • Shaun N. Women’s March / Reproductive March invite
    • Nevada Now, Gender Justice NV, Mi Familia Vota, Planned Parenthood teaming for Women’s Reproductive Justice March
      • Oct 2, 11 am
      • Asks us to co-sponsor and be marshals
    • Housing Justice event, if held that day, would be over by 11 am
    • Minnie mentions that the national SocFem committee will meet about the rallies, and certainly thinks attendance could be strong
    • Lorenzita asks about location
      • Shaun: Lloyd D George Courthouse
    • Alvin: what does marshaling entail
      • Shaun: calm given the nature of this protest, so really just handing out water and wearing vests — need only about 5 volunteers for this part really
      • Alvin thinks it would be good for LVDSA to co-sponsor and go to this
      • Jackie asks about timeframe
        • Shaun N: planning meeting tomorrow – so by EOD?
      • Tiffany asks if women can attend the planning meeting
        • Shaun wants to someone woman-identifying to volunteer, only doing so bc Lorenzita is out of town
        • 7 p.m.
    • Shaun N motions to co-sponsor and marshal, put out call on slack for woman-identifying members to attend Nevada Now meeting
  • Jackie motions to move steering committee meetings to every other week, alternating Mondays can be used to host phone banks or event recruitment
    • Tiffany seconds
    • Minnie adds: how do we meet to determine how to run general body?
    • Aimee supports!
    • Jackie S: try to do the work outside of the SC meeting during week
    • Anthony speaking in favor… assign people to do work outside of meetings, such as budget working group
    • Shaun N: when would we have next free Monday?
      • Applies to Oct 11th
      • We’d meet next week, and the first Monday.
    • Shaun motions to vote
      • Vote passes
  • Anthony: code of conduct policy as written by Travis S
    • Motions to present this as a bylaw at the general body meeting
    • Tiffany point of information on how motion is presented
    • Shaun motions to enter executive session
    • Exiting executive session
    • Anthony rescinds motion
  • Minnie to present SW Organizer Call
    • Tomorrow at 7 p.m.
    • Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico
    • SW leadership call pushed to 1st or 2nd weekend in Nov
    • Looking for volunteers on SW Organizer call
    • Minnie asks if there are trainings we’d like to see
      • Immigration, indigenous organizing two main points of feedback he’s received
  • Mike Y. presents idea to make SC open forum replacement
    • Q&A or some sort of topic discussion with LVDSA members, SC Members or community org partner
    • Tiffany: host viewing on zoom, need data in some from
    • Mike motions to start a working group for new comms project
    • Mike motions to rescind this motion after it passes
      • This passes with 2/3rd votes
    • Shaun motions to start vetting coalition working partners first  before we include coalition partners in this comms project
    • Mike will table discussion of this  working group
  • Anthony L – lessons learned from SCC meetings
    • Motion to not address this during meeting, move to make lessons learned later after this meeting
    • Jackie S 2nds
  • Anthony L discusses RR training and facilitation skills meeting
    • Tiffany suggest we have trainings on a Thursday; could advertise it at the general body meeting
    • Jackie: could do standing trainings on 2nd or 3rd Thursdays of the month – RR, facilitation, organizer training, etc.
    • Anthony: 2nd Thursdays  of every month: training on leadership, facilitation, etc. could be organizer trainings as well if including Alvin & others.
      • Oct 14th
    • Anthony motions to offer chapter wide training on the 2nd thursday of every month pertaining to training on leadership, facilitation, etc.
      • Tiffany mentions to amend so we should flip and do member engagement to 2nd Thursday
        • Phone banks could be Mon / Thurs
        • General bodys first Thurs, 2nd Thurs: phone bank, 3rd thurs: training,
    • Anthony amends motion: monthly training on a thursday that does not overlap with other trainings
      • Exact days to be determined
  • Tiffany endorsement application: address at next SC meeting
  • Aimee mentions internship request
    • Jackie to take up request, turn it into 1:1
  • Anthony motions to adjourn at 9:16
    • Seconded by Jackie at 9:17