Steering Committee Meeting

September 13, 2021

Steering Committee Meeting


Times are approximate and subject to change at the Chair’s discretion.

7:00 Call to Order

Confirm notetaker

Sign in link distributed

Review Steering Committee meeting rules

Adoption of agenda

Adoption of last meeting’s minutes

7:05 Review of Previous SC Meeting Action Items OD
7:10 Opposing the Farm Workforce Modernization Act

Minnie to present

7:20 Update from School Board Meeting

Shaun to present

7:30 Future Book Clubs

Aimee to present

7:40 Updates from SC Members OD
8:00 Steering Committee Roses/Thorns Review

Group discussion

8:45 Open Floor for SC Proposals or Needs

Floor opens for motions

8:55 Propose Agenda Items for Next Meeting OD

RR = Period will follow Robert’s Rules; OD = Open discussion, Robert’s Rules suspended;
ES = Executive Session, rules established in session

Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Mike Y., Anthony L., Shaun N., Tiffany S., Minnie W., Paul John C., Jackie S., Alvin C., Jesser S., Aimee H., Lorenzita S.

Facilitator: Anthony L.
Notetaker: Mike Y.

  • Treasurer’s Statement of Accounts, America First Credit Union (as of 6:50 PM)
    • General Fund – $9,243.91
    • Mutual Aid Fund – $798.40
    • Housing Justice Fund – $609.73
    • Back To School Solidarity – $1533.02
  • Shaun motions to adopt agenda, Minnie seconds
  • Tiffany motions to adopt meeting minutes, Lorenzita seconds
  • Action items review
  • Minnie: National Immigrants Rights Working group reaches out to local chapters to sign Oppose the Farm Workforce Modernization Act letter:
    • Ask is to sign onto a statement against an “immigration reform” bill
    • Minnie says agricultural workers were not consulted and big agri-business
    • “Anti-union bill,” “does nothing to address the root causes of labor exploitation”
    • Minnie recommends we sign it
      • Shaun seconds, reiterates immigrant workers were not consulted and this may lead to further exploitation
    • Minnie motions to sign, Aimee seconds
      • Motion passes
    • Tiffany recommends we bring this up to labor leaders within the chapter so they can bring it up to the union
      • Lorenzita emphasize if they’re part of an organization, individuals should sign on as well
      • Mike to add to call to action slack
  • Shaun recaps school board meeting he attended
    • No Racism in Schools possible community partner
      • Lorenzita: Organizing around AB371. The CCSD meeting is about the implementation of the bill.
    • Right wing is incredibly persistent and causing chaos at these meetings
      • Counter-protest possibility? Shaun brings up; just to eliminate their presence
      • Right wing stack agenda make it hard for
    • Shaun said Mia Familia Vota attended as well
    • Shaun to consult with Kris and other labor leaders among educators to figure out plan of action
    • Can recruit even more teachers to DSA
    • Lorenzita: consistently tough to get on the agenda with right-wing causing such chaos (yelling indiscriminately, getting arrested, etc.)
      • Shaun among many non-right wing folks who made comments at 11 p.m.
    • Anthony suggests sending a small group of people to CCSD meetings
      • Signed statement, enter it into open comment, read off names of people who signed on
      • More sustainable, easier to organize around given energy/resources constraints
      • Shaun agrees, thinks people should sign up as soon as agenda is released so they can get on it ASAP — also mentions teachers are exceptional allies
      • Tiffany agrees; offers we extend an offer for a teacher’s roundtable of sorts – a vent session and an opportunity for them to explain call to action to us. Compares to when we did press release for CCSD
        • Shaun, Anthony, Minnie agree
        • Mike mentions it’s a good opportunity for recruitment, as last time we had a roundtable with them
        • Shaun wants to take lead
      • Shaun Motion to reach out to Clark County educators to figure out how we can best help them via a roundtable discussion
        • Tiffany seconds
        • Motion passes
      • Alvin C asks about timing since next CCSD trustees meeting Sept 23
        • Shaun suggests we promote the roundtable at this meeting and hold this meeting after Sept 23
        • Tiffany suggests we create flyer for this Sept 23 promoting the roundtable
        • Aimee: I was going to say make sure you check with the educators on what day/time is best for them.
  • Aimee brings up topic of book club
    • Wants to make sure we’re thoughtful of members times when it comes to time, book club may stretch us too thin
    • Re: The Red Deal
      • Wants full buy-in from indigenous community if we do a book club on Indigenous issues, someone from that community to participate in this book club if we do move forward on this
      • Aimee thinks we could read Mutual Aid Building Solidarity During This Crisis (and the Next) by Dean Spade
    • Minnie agrees with Aimee; suggests we read a mutual aid book or something to enhance understanding of mutual aid work
    • Shaun says it’s typically more talk than action in Nevada when it comes to doing things for indigenous community – so we need to center their voices and bring them in if we do this
      • We’ve started this process
    • Jackie: I would love to reread mutual aid with our chapter first and agree it’s a good idea to match poliEd with our priorities
    • Anthony: perhaps MA can help inform our future work and help us apply lessons we may learn from Red Deal
    • Minnie thinks we should reach out to general body and/or conducting vote in steering committee to figure out capacity for
    • Jesser: preparing night school on Latin America but should we prioritize mutual aid education over it
      • Tiffany: wondering if there’s a way to tie in night school to this book while keeping theme on Latin America
      • Jesser: could proceed as any other book club doesn’t need direct tie in
      • Anthony: don’t have to force it, don’t feel obligated
        • Cuba priority passed by DSA International Committee so night school would tie in well with national work
        • Shaun N: I would love us to read open veins of Latin America for a future book club
    • Anthony: Mutual Aid book would be a great follow up to Mariame Kaba’s book and willing to help facilitate book reading groups since it aligns with ideas on training sessions
    • Aimee: has copies and distributed copies of MA book, and interested in facilitating as well — thinks the mutual aid stewards should facilitate or co-facilitate and be a major part of that book club discussion group
      • Same with housing! All seem receptive to it
    • Anthony: MA leads into holiday solidarity so well!
    • Aimee motions for next book club to be Mutual Aid by Dean Spade
      • Anthony seconds
      • Motion passes
    • Anthony: we should get community partners to participate in this as well
  • Updates from SC
    • Minnie: troubleshooting why people are having issues getting onto national committees, and if people are successful getting on committees we want to know why as well
      • Shaun: in eco-socialism and housing — a lot of working groups and committees are inactive, is a major issue all around
    • Mike gives comms update
    • Aimee says community aid is going well
    • Alvin will plan for first organizer training at the beginning of October
      • This Thursday – Spoke how-to training
    • Lorenzita: wants to keep doing outreach with community organizations
      • Led formal positions working group, next meeting will be a skeletal outline of chapter platform
      • In DC for coalition work next week
    • Anthony: impressed with formal positions working group and turnout
      • Facilitated mental health
      • With Tiffany’s help: created slack channel
      • Runs down suggestions for upcoming organizer training
        • 1) Running Meetings & Facilitation
        • 2) Chapter Structure & How-To’s for Members
        • 3) Intent-based Leadership (helping members increase self-ownership and engagement)
      • Formally appointed to growth & development sub committee – including running meeting & faciliations
      • Jackie: update on “Roberts Rules trainings”
        • Alvin C: applied for multiple Roberts Rules trainings, no word back
    • Shaun: update, working with Victoria Flores at Solidarity Fridge.
      • Wants to support street vendor event
      • Wants to go to event similar to sunday solidarity that multiple community organizations participate in
        • For example,
      • Gender Justice NV: Training on trans issues, gender identity possible for LVDSA; Sy a contact here
      • Paul John and Shaun talking with Animal Save about Halloween event
    • Jackie: member engagement 1 on 1s more automated, housing has issues bc of cancellation of research session — determining locations for canvass possibly for this weekend
      • Might have to cancel canvass for this weekend if we don’t determine location at Tuesday 9/14 meeting
    • Tiffany: created subgroups for action network for all priority stewards, sent them guide and offered them additional training opportunities
      • Housing justice group: opportunity for training with action builder
      • Wants to create member portal and post to website, creating ideas
    • Aimee: Budget Working Group
      • Merch is a necessity
      • Have to be mindful of what priority stewards need to have budgeted
      • Will set up When to Meet for next Budget Working Group
        • Wants to finalize budget in this one, ideally
      • Would like to bring forth purchasing resolution and set budget for next 9 months at the next steering committee — for vote at the next general meeting
  • Shaun motions to move to executive session
    • Anthony seconds
  • Executive Session begins at 8:10 pm
    • End of Executive Session at 9:02 pm
  • Alvin wants to make sure language in electoral priority work – candidate questionnaire on google form vs changing resolution itself – does not violate FEC laws
    • Scrub mention of coordinated or IE campaign in electoral priority resolution?
      • Or just Google form question
    • Candidates should not answer that question as stated
    • Language should be directed at general body not candidate to make sure it isn’t in violation
    • Motion to set up text bank or phone bank to notify members of chapter who are also SCC members
      • Minnie seconds
      • Tiffany mentions We have a tagged list in Action Network
      • Motion passes
    • Tiffany: endorsement criteria was approved by general body, and we might need to call emergency vote to ratify it
      • Minnie: if it’s only about the google form itself not the resolution then we don’t need to go to emergency meeting; nothing to vote on
    • Anthony thinks we can scrub mention without consulting general body
      • Alvin: steering committee will determine process
      • Anthony: should we remove question from google form entirely?
      • Tiffany: helped write the question, thinks we can just get rid of question
        • Anthony motions on the floor to scrub specific question from google form candidate questions due to legal compliance
          • Article IX – no illegal campaign contributions
            • Within scope of steering committee to scrub this question
          • Seconded by Minnie
  • Anthony motions Alvin has to inform general body that he will not directly engage in electoral priority work due to conflict of interest – member of steering committee and paid member of Amy Vilela campaign. Also: inform general body they can enact stricter transparency through a resolution
    • Minnie seconds
    • Anthony wants to protect Alvin and campaign by making members aware of situation
    • Motion passes
    • Slack and email draft via Alvin / Anthony / Mike to send out
  • Meeting is adjourned at 9:20 p.m.