Steering Committee Meeting

September 6, 2021

Steering Committee Meeting


Times are approximate and subject to change at the Chair’s discretion.

7:00 Call to Order

Confirm notetaker

Sign in link distributed

Review Steering Committee meeting rules

Adoption of agenda

Adoption of last meeting’s minutes

7:05 Review of Previous SC Meeting Action Items OD
7:10 Member Presentation: CCSO Call-to-Action

Kris DiPaulo to present

7:20 Coalition Partner Updates

Shaun and Paul John to present

7:30 Financial Update

Aimee to present

7:40 Debrief of General Meeting

Identify areas that went well and can be improved upon

8:00 Planning Emergency Meeting

Assign roles & discuss how to drive turnout

8:10 Proposal for a Weekly Spoke Outreach

Alvin to present

8:20 Proposal for a Working Group on Social Media Policy

Anthony to present

8:25 Proposal for a Working Group on Vetting Partner Orgs

Anthony to present

8:30 Executive Session

Requested by Aimee, Minnie, Tiffany

8:50 Open Floor for SC Proposals or Needs

Floor opens for motions

8:55 Propose Agenda Items for Next Meeting OD

Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Tiffany S., Shaun N., Anthony L., Paul John C., Minnie W., Jackie S., Aimee H., Alvin C., Lorenzita S., Jesser S. + Guests: Kris D., Brendan B.

Facilitator: Anthony L.
Notetaker: Mike Y.

  • Meeting called to order 7:05
  • Agenda adopted, no objections
  • Minnie motions to adopt last meeting minutes
    • Aimee points out an issue where she is incorrectly listed as seconding her own motion in the minutes, this was corrected to Minnie
    • Minutes adopted with this amendment
  • Rundown of action items from previous meeting minutes
  • Comrade Kris D. on conditions current within CCSD:
    • CCSD likely to stay open no matter what
    • Federal aid to be distributed to states: upwards of $800 million to deal with COVID prevention
      • Contact tracing inadequate at CCSD
    • Employees forced to use their own sick time
      • 10-day mandatory quarantine
      • Forcing use of personal time for testing on unvaccinated staff
        • Last year: mobile rotational testing at schools, testing
    • Union demands to negotiate school safety protocols are not being met by CCSD
    • Minnie asks what CCEA has communicated
      • Hesitancy beyond initial statement
    • Anthony L. points out separate sick leave bank for COVID related issues would be ideal, as many other public employers offer this
    • Aimee H. supports what Kris brings to floor and emphasizes how this affects BIPOC
  • Anthony L. motions that LVDSA issue a press release condemning CCSD’s poor policies and practices related to covid safety, and calling on CCSD to offer covid-specific leave to staff, offer greater transparent contract tracing methods,
    • Minnie motions for input for members of CCEA, CCSO:
      • Anthony L. seconds this motion
    • Motion passes – 11 in favor
  • Tiffany mentions Lillian D., Ash M., Jess J. as members to consult in addition to Kris D.
  • Next CCSD school board meeting: Thursday, Sept 9.
    • Jackie S. asks if we’re mobilizing for this
    • Kris D. suggests dual members of LVDSA especially contribute – school district employees, parents, also: community activists
  • Jackie S. motions to encourage LVDSA members to participate in the open comment section of the Board of Trustee meeting to advocate for the LVDSA stance.
    • Aimee H. seconds motion, none opposed
    • Kris D shares CCSD agenda
    • Mike Y. to include in press release, communicate over social media
  • Shaun N. & Paul John C. share coalition partner outreach update
    • NEJC, National Environmental Justice Coalition
    • Las Vegas Animal Save
      • WOC led
      • Looking for a tour of animal sanctuary
      • Future event with group on horizon
  • Financial Update from Aimee H.
    • Numerous donations for housing, mutual aid, general
    • Shaun N. asks about Extra funds from Back 2 School Solidarity
      • Aimee H. mentions this will go towards school supplies
    • Budget working group on Sat. 9/4
      • Next meeting likely on a weekend
  • Debrief of General Meeting
    • Roses (pros)
      • Shaun N: great turnout for meeting
      • Anthony L: mentions good turnout for working groups post- general meeting
      • Mike Y: turnout and text banking was positive, and many members identified that they had heard about the meeting from emails & texts, and want those notifications going forward
      • Minnie W: a lot of new faces!
      • Lorenzita S: good flow, meetings are going smoothly
      • Jackie S: PJ did a great job as chair!
    • Thorns (items to improve or change)
      • Anthony L: find ways to appropriately interrupt members, particularly when bringing up items that are out of order
      • Shaun N: agreed, find productive way to keep meeting moving
      • Minnie W: priority reports get precedence, more clarity for open comment period
      • Aimee H: concerns during meeting need to be more relevant and on topic until open comment. Shorten priority updates.
      • Shaun N: WAIT – could it explicitly include mention of not commenting until open period? Plus expectation we might
      • Tiffany S: post-meeting needs to be STACK-oriented
      • Minnie W: create space for new members to feel included
      • Anthony L: breakout rooms: social and Q&A with SC members? To separate genuine questions from more social experience
        • Anthony L suggests language: “at the end of the meeting, raise your hand if you want to head to the social space… stay if you have questions”
  • Emergency Meeting Planning
    • Roles
      • Aimee H. as chair
      • Anthony L. as co-chair
      • Paul John C. reads resolution and speaks in favor
        • Shaun N. volunteers to speak in favor
        • Minnie W. as well
    • Aimee H. mentions financial aspects
      • Minnie W. thinks Aimee should make brief financial statement beforehand
        • None opposed
    • Driving Turnout
      • Shaun N. mentions relation organizing
      • Anthony L. steering committee
      • Alvin C. mentions turnaround time for setting up text bank
        • Spoke request for Tues-Wed.
      • Mike Y. to send email reminder day of
      • Shaun N. requests member from DSA SWLA/NOLA to speak during emergency meeting (comrade Megan R.)
      • Anthony L. mentions potential issue by having too many people speaking in favor of resolution
        • Jackie S. mentions it could be issue
        • Minnie W. mentions
      • Anthony L. motions for relation organizing:
        • Slack thread for SC members
  • Alvin C. on Spoke
    • Weekly phone/text banks to promote events
      • Spoke is somewhat tedious so weekly spoke isn’t necessary, however is useful for bigger events
    • Anthony L. asks if this would be pertinent for member engagement working group as opposed to new one?
      • Jackie S. promotes discussion on specific day
    • Not urgent, but movement on it expected before next general meeting
    • Aimee H. thinks it’s a good idea to consider extra outreach attempts
    • Alvin C. to identify events we should
      • Alvin C. motions to table
      • Anthony L. second
  • Proposal for Social Media working group
    • Anthony L motions to table until another working group ends
      •  Minnie W. seconds
    • Discussion to formally start one will take place at a later time
      • 10 in favor
  • Proposal for Working Group on Partner Orgs
    • Anthony L. motions to table discussion of starting a Working Group for Procedure for Vetting Partner Orgs until after one of the existing work groups ends
      • Shaun N opposed
    • 10 in favor of tabling discussion
  • Executive Session
    • Anthony L motions to enter executive session
  • Anthony L motion to end executive session and re-enter open meeting
  • Anthony L motions to assign Mike Y. communications portfolio
    • Motion passes unanimously
  • Anthony L motions to open floor
    • Aimee H. proposes specific topics for Steering Committee Open Forum; Appreciates transparency but improve process
      • Anthony L proposes we transition those to traininings with specific topics and time for open comments
        • Bi-weekly or weekly
      • Jackie S. wants to ensure there’s an opportunity to keep space relevant, timely and open for discussion
      • Tiffany S. mentions having Steering Committee in name may cause confusion
      • Mike Y. asks to clarify what these trainings would consist of
        • Less politically-focused; Organizer trainings
      • Anthony L motions to move to next agenda items
  • Agenda items for next SC meeting
    • Steering Committee Open Forum restructuring
      • New name, topics, forum leaders
    • Shaun N. meeting about school board, anti-racism within schools
    • Aimee H. generally discuss book clubs
  • Jackie S. wants to make SC aware of PR
  • Minnie W. motions to adjourn meeting
    • Paul John C. seconds
    • adjourned at 9:06 p.m.