Steering Committee Meeting

August 30, 2021

Steering Committee Meeting


Times are approximate and subject to change at the Chair’s discretion.

7:00 Call to Order

Sign in link distributed

Review Steering Committee meeting rules

Confirm notetaker

Adoption of agenda

Adoption of last meeting’s minutes

7:05 Review of Previous SC Meeting Action Items OD
7:10 Electoral Priority Steward Report OD
7:20 Housing Justice Steward Report OD
7:30 Mutual & Community Aid Steward Report OD
7:40 Planning General Body Meeting

Review agenda, prepare script if necessary, assign roles

8:00 Proposal for a Budget Working Group

Aimee to present

8:10 Review Purchasing Resolution

Aimee to present

8:20 Discussion Regarding Housing Justice Action

Anthony to present

8:30 Executive Session ES
8:35 Open Floor for SC Proposals or Needs RR
8:55 Propose Agenda Items for Next Meeting OD

RR = Period will follow Robert’s Rules; OD = Open discussion, Robert’s Rules suspended; ES = Executive Session, rules established in session

Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Tiffany S., Shaun N., Anthony L., Paul John C., Minnie W., Jackie S., Aimee H., Alvin C., Lorenzita S., Jesser S.; Guests: Angel L., Brendan B.

Facilitator: Alvin C.
Notetaker: Anthony L.

  • Minnie motions to adopt agenda, seconded by Shaun, no objections
  • Tiffany motions to adopt last meeting’s minutes, seconded by Paul John, no objections
  • Review of previous taks
    • Minnie spoke with Jackie H about being an HGA, she is interested. She is also interested in working on some suicide prevention tasks and protocols. Minnie asks about next steps.
      • Anthony offers to notify HGOs, Anthony will reach out to general body about joining in these conversations.
    • Anthony spoke to HGOs about Code of Conduct suggestions, Travis provided input
    • Jackie provided a sample (in SC slack) of a Slack message that explains channels to members
      • Tiffany suggests posting it every 3 months
    • Anthony
    • Minnie has begin advertising for the Labor Chat, which will take place every month
  • Electoral Priority stewards not present for update.
    • Anthony has a scheduled meeting with stewards for Saturday. He has concerns about how the priority has started and will discuss with the stewards.
  • Housing Justice Priority update provided by Angel.
    • Had a positive experience with lit drop, was successful.
    • Resolution goals are being met, except developing a relationship with legal aid center of Southern Nevada, but this has not been fruitful. Angel has reached out to them regarding a training however it hasn’t come together yet.
      • Jackie said that hosting the Know Your Rights Training should be more about community building and less about legal advisement training, so we may be able to proceed without the assistance of Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada
    • Wants to do biweekly canvassing, but may hold back on this to identify predatory properties
      • Goal to identify 50 properties
    • Regarding Anthony’s proposed plan to phonebank and push for a statewide moratorium, Angel has not had a lot of feedback from NHJA, they don’t seem very agile or organized right now due to a restructure. Make the Work and PLAN may be more involved and prepared to help.
    • Minnie asked if any work has been done to identify which current members may be ready and willing to talk to neighbors.
      • Angel said that this work will begin soon.
    • Angel wanted to discuss more about direct action with Anthony; it’s on the agenda to discuss today.
    • Angel asked for feedback on strengths and weaknesses.
      • Anthony complimented the group’s advertising and clarity. Anthony feels as though he can see exactly how to engage with the work, based on communications in Slack.
      • Jackie said she thinks the group could benefit from more transparency. She would like to see more work delegated to prevent leader burnout.
  • Mutual & Community Aid Priority update provided by Justin Linden and Brendan Becker
    • Justin said they are learning about new tools to implement for their
    • Justin said he is waiting for guidance from SC regarding legal compliance with internal aid
      • Aimee said she has not heard back from Alex or other lawyers that she has reached out to; other people may need to be contacted instead
      • Shaun offered to assist
    • Brendan said things are going well and stewards have had good contact with each other
    • First community aid meeting went well
      • Discussed brake light clinics and interest in starting these
      • Brendan wants to see if someone from another chapter could speak to the MA/CA group
        • Anthony asked if Brendan had people in mind or if SC could help reaching out to people
        • Brendan is interested in asking MAWG individuals, and reaching out in the MAWG slack
    • Brendan, Sebas, and Aimee had a meeting a few weeks ago with Native Caucus and they sounded enthusiastic; Mercedes recently mentioned interest in holding an event for foster children; a meeting is scheduled for next week
      • Brendan is going to try to be clear with the partners about our goals and commitments
      • Minnie asked if this information was new and going to be covered in the next CA meeting, Brendan said yes
    • Planning General Body Meeting
      • Worked directly in the agenda
      • Aimee wants to establish the expectation that Treasurer’s Report is given every month
        • No objections
      • Anthony suggests that the SC not feel obligated to give monthly updates (outside of Treasurer)
        • No objections
      • Alvin suggested setting up a Spoke to drive turnout, with messages going out Tuesday and Thursday; he will take lead
  • Aimee motions to form a Budget Working Group, seconded by Aimee
    • Would like a lot of voices to help create this, but would still like it done and affirmed in October
    • Anthony motion to suspend Roberts Rules, Alvin seconds, no objections
    • Tiffany said that SC doesn’t need to be overly democratic and include members; suggests inviting priority stewards
    • Minnie said she didn’t feel this way initially, but could see Tiffany’s point
    • Aimee would like to move fast if possible, likes the idea of inviting stewards, but points out there have already been logistic issues because the budget hasn’t been established yet
    • Anthony cites bylaws article 3.4
      • The Steering Committee will propose an annual chapter budget at the local convention for the delegates’ approval. The Steering Committee or any LVDSA member may introduce a resolution to amend the annual budget at any general body meeting.
    • Alvin motions to reinstate Robert’s Rules, Anthony seconds, no objections
    • Alvin calls the question, passes unanimously
  • Purchasing
  • Anthony asked if the SC was comfortable if LVDSA participated in civil disobedience and disruption tactics as a form of housing defense, or if a member of the SC
    • Jackie is generally in favor, depending on the action, but wants consideration to the steward’s capacity
      • Also suggested hosting a training
    • Shaun wants to know more about logistics before endorsing, maybe put out feelers with other community orgs. Shaun suggested that research be done first to discuss the cost of an arrest or risk.
    • Alvin said he is generally in favor of direct actions, as long as we are very clear of the risks. Is in favor of a direct action training. Would want to be clear and specific that members can participate in ways that are not illicit
    • Minnie agrees with holding trainings, having clarity on ways to participate. Minnie thinks that providing things like bail support is expensive and wonders if we have that capacity.
    • Tiffany agrees with previous statements, wants options for those who want to participate in other ways, believes that there is a lot of appetite for direct action. Believes that there was some disappointment that we didn’t do enough during the protests following George Floyd’s murder.
    • Shaun believes we should start with smaller actions, such as a sit in.
    • Anthony appreciates all of the input and didn’t have specific actions in mind yet, but wanted to ask the group before he had these conversations with other members. Anthony asks if anyone had any training in mind.
      • Jackie said that East Bay DSA hosts training.
    • Alvin adds that it’s important to have infrastructure in place for after someone gets arrested.
  • Executive Session
    • Anthony motions to move to executive
  • Open Floor for SC proposals or needs
    • Alvin would like to set up a standing Spoke session each week for outreach
      • Tiffany agrees, would like a standing phonebank
      • Tiffany adds that about 80 members have lapsed on their dues and therefore can’t vote
  • Next week’s agenda items
    • Discussing weekly Spoke outreach
    • Social Media Policy (depending on time)
    • Aimee will provide a financial update
    • Vet partner orgs
  • Meeting adjourned 9:03