Steering Committee Meeting

July 27, 2021

Steering Committee Meeting


7:00 Call to Order

Sign in link distributed

Review Steering Committee meeting rules

Call for notetaker

Adoption of agenda

Adoption of last meeting’s minutes

7:05 Thacker Pass Recap

Floor opens for SC members who attended the Thacker Pass trip to discuss lessons learned and possible future actions

7:10 Resolutions of Grievances

Check if any SC members have questions about the resolutions of recent grievances

7:15 Back-to-School Solidarity

Identify any missing points or areas of concern

Check in regarding partner contacts

7:20 Priority Stewards

Review applicants and vote to appoint

7:50 Organization Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary

Discuss, nominate, and potentially vote for SC members to hold these positions on our 501(c)4 filing

8:00 Determine Process for Reassessing and Reassigning Portfolios

Discuss and prepare for a vote

8:10 Resolution to Address Code of Conduct Violations and Political/Interpersonal Conflict

Begin discussions and determine steps forward for a draft

8:30 Proposal for SC Forums

Discuss proposal for regularly scheduled forums between SC and general body

8:50 Propose Agenda Items for Next Meeting

Determine Process for Reassessing and Reassigning Portfolios

Review Harassment & Grievance Officer applicants

Margot’s resignation and special election process

General body meeting agenda & facilitation

Partner vetting process


  • 7:05 – Call to order
  • 7:06 – Adoption of agenda
    • Anthony motions to amend the agenda if there is time to add a vote to release the STV vote totals from the convention, Tiffany seconds
      • No one is opposed
  • 7:07 – Adoption of last meetings minutes
    • Minnie moves to adopt the minutes, Alvin seconds, no opposition
  • 7:08 – Thacker Pass recap
    • Shaun, Alvin, Jackie, Niall and Justin went to Thacker Pass for a direct action training run by the groups Protect Thacker Pass and the People of Red Mountain
    • The next court date is August 23rd, if the verdict is favorable Lithium Nevada will be forced to consult with more indigenous groups and it will slow walk the process and go back to court in Jan/Feb
    • There is no legal process that says they can’t dig, the mining company will need to redo their permits. All of this is simply delaying so eventually there will be a bigger conflict
    • Shaun believes our participation has really helped our coalition building
    • Jackie: the camp was out on BLM public lands without facilities, thinks that LVDSA should not send a group as our organization instead form affinity groups on their own. In the future, people should be more prepared with their own gear and prepared for intense camping, especially as it will be more intense once real actions begin.
    • Alvin: the groups went over many roles that you can do to support the direct actions, including roles you can do from Las Vegas
    • Shaun: one of the asks made was pressure campaigns to put pressure on local officials and organizations. This might be a better use of our time and resources than sending people up to Thacker Pass.
  • 7:16 – Resolution of Grievances
    • Anthony: Do any members have questions about the resolution of recent grievances?
    • Moving to executive session (link restricted to SC members)
  • 7:17 – Back to School Solidarity
    • Shaun:  waiting to hear back from Mass Lib and Native Caucus, Mi Familia Vota’s director is in Costa Rica so hasn’t heard back, Shaun will reach out to someone else there. Shaun will also reach to Nevada NOW
    • Tiffany: How about Sunrise?
      • We can discuss in the Slack
    • Aimee: Victoria and Aimee will be doing a walkthrough of UMOK tomorrow at 10:30am. Aimee started a list for the supplies to get the quantities and budget for each kit. Wants to have them Thursday at the latest.
    • Alvin: Wanted to check in on the vibe of the last meeting and if people felt heard and included
    • Anthony: vibe felt good, it seemed like we’re in a good place and had more people participating in the planning. We have done a good job of delegating different tasks around. On track to be a successful event.
  • 7:24 – Priority Stewards
  • 8:34 – Priority Steward Votes
    • Anthony motions to vote for Angel L. for Housing Priority Steward, Jackie seconds
      • Passes Unanimously
    • Anthony motions to vote for Klaire V. for Housing Priority Steward, Jackie seconds
      • Passes Unanimously
    • Anthony motions to vote for Brendan B. for Mutual Aid Priority Steward, Alvin seconds
      • Passes Unanimously
  • 8:37 – Organization Chair, Treasurer, Secretary
    • Anthony: This is for who should hold these positions on our 501(c)(4) filings.
    • Jackie: What do the roles entail
    • Tiffany: Largely on paper, except Secretary which per national is the person who deals with member lists.
    • Anthony: nominates Aimee Holdredge for Treasurer on our 501(c)(4) filings, Minnie seconds
      • Passes unanimously
    • Minnie nominates Tiffany Stoik to be Secretary on our 501(c)(4) filings, Anthony seconds
      • Passes unanimously
    • Shaun nominates Anthony to be Chair, Tiffany seconds
    • Jackie nominates Paul John Cook to be Chair, Alvin seconds
      • Anthony declines nomination
      • Vote for Paul John passes unanimously
    • Anthony motions we spend the $50 to do the filing, Alvin seconds
      • Passes unanimously
    • Aimee motions to have her address on file, Anthony motions for unanimous consent,  Alvin seconds
      • No opposition
  • 8:45 – Determine Process for Reassessing and Reassigning Portfolios
    • Tiffany: Motion to table, Aimee seconds, no opposition
  • 8:46 – Resolution to Address Code of Conduct Violations and Political/Interpersonal Conflict
    • Anthony proposes that we start collaborating on a document together in Slack and be ready to review at the next meeting
    • Shaun: there was some discussion of including a social media policy
    • Tiffany: we have a draft already started by Tamara that we can start with
    • Minnie: We should be fairly simple as national has a resolution to overhaul the national grievance process, if we stay simple we can always add on later.
    • Jackie: anything about creating rules regarding member behavior should also be shared in the slack for members to give feedback
    • Anthony: social media policy does not need to be part of that
    • Anthony: motion to table the discussion and start on a document in Slack, Aimee seconds, no opposition
  • 8:49 – Steering Committee Forums
    • Jackie: In an effort to improve transparency and more avenues for people to get involved, having office hours/open forum weekly no agenda zoom calls where 1-2 Steering Committee members stay on the call so people can ask questions, express concerns, etc. Good for longer conversations, helping people find where to plug in etc. Could be unofficial
    • Shaun: Like the idea, perhaps we can put it on the steering committee meeting agenda for next week?
    • Anthony: Let’s start a slack thread to discuss so we can be closer to ready to vote on it by next meeting.
  • 8:52 – Running out of time to discuss releasing the election results, moving on to next meeting’s agenda
  • 8:52 – Next meeting agenda items
    • Determine Process for Reassessing and Reassigning Portfolios
    • Review Harassment & Grievance Officer applicants
    • Margot’s resignation and special election process
    • Steering Committee forums
    • General body meeting agenda & facilitation
      • Minnie would like to explore the idea that we can circulate the agenda for GBM one week before the meeting.
      • Anthony: If we have a SC meeting before the 3rd we will have enough time to do that.
    • Jackie: heard that some chapters do a general body meeting without voting and one just for voting so it’s more accessible to new members so they’re not overwhelmed by voting at meetings
      • Not for next meetings agenda
    • Financial Process
      • Each new steering committee has to pass this within 30 days, we can just use the exact resolution that has already passed and repass it
    • Continue discussing priority stewards
    • Robert Rules training
  • 8:57 – Next meeting time
    • Jackie motions Monday, August 2nd @ 7pm, Shaun seconds
      • No one is opposed
  • 9:05 – Adjourned