Steering Committee

August 8, 2022

Steering Committee


Times are approximate and subject to change at the Chair’s discretion.

7:00 Call to Order

Sign in link distributed

Review Steering Committee meeting rules

Adoption of agenda

Adoption of 8/1/2022 Meeting Minutes

Review of previous action items

Link to make a motion

Upcoming Resolution for Addressing Interpersonal Conflict and Code of Conduct Violations

Existing resolution must be reviewed and edits complete by August 10th

Must align with national harassment, grievance, and code of conduct resolutions and policies

Portfolio Reports

SC members report on the progress of their portfolio, provide insight into their future plans, and describe any needs

Clarifying the Definition of Voting Member
Upcoming GBM Venues
Schedule Regular SC Meetings
9:00 Adjourn

Meeting Minutes

Chair: Anthony L.

Secretary: Minnie

Call to order at 7:08pm. 

Agenda is brief. There are no proposed changes. Agenda is adopted by unanimous consent.

Minutes from the last SC meeting are adopted by unanimous consent.

Action items from last meeting:

  • Slack channel for stewards-SC created
  • Minnie-Anthony-Roy still need to meet to clarify overlapping roles
  • Sean Y is working on finding a time for an in person, informal SC gathering

Upcoming Resolution for Addressing Interpersonal Conflict and Code of Conduct Violations

  • We’ll be working on this over the next 24 hours taking into account the HGOs recommendations from last week and recent lessons learned. Has to be emailed out to 8/10 and we can continue to solicit feedback from the HGOs and membership.
  • Must be aligned with national HGO harassment and grievance policies
  • Anyone who wants to stay after the meeting, we can work on it now.
  • Minnie will share some resources that were shared with her about obstructionism that might be included Obstructionist Tactics and Overcoming the Obstructionist

Portfolio Reports

  • Sean Y – Political Education – We will be doing a presentation on Fascism on 8/31. Trying to get an in person paper-reading group set up after the next Night School and GBM.
  • Sarah – Merch/Inventory – Haven’t done anything new on Merch. Time I’ve been spending is on abortion stuff. I’ve been looking into getting some kind of shelving for the storage space  since the space isn’t well used. I will contact Aimee to see if we can purchase something since I know we don’t have a budget line item. Natasha comments in chat that cardboard boxes are falling apart and should be replaced by plastic totes.
  • Anthony – Chair/Security – Val has offered to do a Deep Organizing Conversations training for 1 hour, free. Looking at potentially offering it Sat 8/20 or 8/27, whichever is not Brake Light Clinic day. If there’s a dry-run for BLC, it might be good to do the training on that same day. We can invite partners as well. Yes on Neighborhood Stability – will meet this weekend and see if anyone wants to suggest changes to the priority given the new information. It’s likely not going to stay the way it is. Proposals to remove and change it. These proposals could be great talking points at the GBM. Would be great if any resolutions/planned proposals could be given lots of time like 30 min for debate and discussion. 
  • Minnie – -Secretary – adding 3-5 members every week. Applause to Anthony/Sean Y for election process during GBM. Another issue which is on the agenda as a separate topic. 
  • Natasha – Communications – LVDSA Spoke is set up. If you have a Spoke rewired for national already, you don’t need to create a new account, but you will need to be made an Admin. Anthony – you have to join ours specifically. Then we can toggle between DSA and LVDSA. Natasha – we can assign super-volunteers. We get 5,000 segments a month. 
  • Aimee – Treasurer – no updates. Bank account – library rental is the only new expense. I will continue to make those button links on PayPal for specific purposes. 
  • Shaun – Member Engagement – Plans to reach out and touch base with every LVDSA member. Connecting members with stewards, asking about needs/accessibility, donations for SunSol. We have a lot of members who are lapsed who need outreach. Austin shadowed me for a 1:1 with a new member. Using the most current member list. Minnie will share with Shaun a list of lapsed members who are in Slack and Shaun agrees to outreach to those members to renew. 

Clarifying the Definition of Voting Member

  • Minnie – In review of the spreadsheets and documents from the previous Secretary, Minnie noticed a discrepancy in who was considered a member. National DSA calls individuals who have up-to-date dues or who have paid dues within the last 12 months as “members”. “Members in good standing” are individuals who have no outstanding dues. Individuals who have past due dues for more than one year are considered “Lapsed”. Minnie’s reading is that “Members” should be able to vote and our quorum should be 10% of “Members” and “Members in good standing” (so quorum would be ~60).
  • Natasha – Agrees, “Members” and “Members in good standing” are considered constitutional members. 
  • Sarah – Asks for clarification, received from Natasha, says she understands
  • Anthony – Agrees
  • Sean – Receives clarification
  • Aimee – We should notify members ahead of time so that we can be prepared. Would like to talk to members more about what it means to be part of a democratic org and to be a member.
  • Anthony – Agrees, would like to emphasize this with members and help to separate us from other community orgs, our democratic and member-driven processes
  • Sean – We could do a nuts and bolts on it
  • Aimee – It may help to show people how their money is spent and how the annual and monthly go into
  • No one is in disagreement with this definition of voting member. Voting members = Members in Good Standing plus Members. This increases our quorum but is true to the definition of a constitutional member. 

Upcoming GBM Venues

  • Shaun is going to talk to SEIU about an in person venue. Clark Dems pay them for the day. 
  • Nunnery could still be available – Aimee offers to connect with Nunnery about future rentals for GBM. They have new air conditioning now and the temperature is cooler. 
  • Minnie – someone from Avantpop said they have a venue called the Cloud House, which is a creative art space (but is really a house) so that may not work for a GBM but might work for socials or other small events.

Schedule Regular SC Meetings

  • Every other Monday 7pm. We could do it biweekly.
  • Same week as GBM gives us a chance to prepare for the meeting. The week before gives us a chance to work on the agenda. Minnie/Anthony/Natasha think it should be the week of the GBM to work on details. There is no opposition to this idea. Agenda for GBM could be done on slack. Next two meetings will be 8/22, 8/29. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:12pm.