Steering Committee

August 30, 2022

Steering Committee


7:00 Call to Order

Sign in link distributed

Review Steering Committee meeting rules

Adoption of agenda

Review of previous action items

Link to make a motion

Treasurer’s Report
Portfolio Updates

Updates from each member

Finalize Roles for General Body Meeting
Addressing Steering Committee Vacancy

Anthony to discuss Special Election details, then group discussion on filling duties in the interim

Request for Funding for Advertisement in Life is Shit Festival Zine

Guest Ephraim Z. will present

About Life is Shit Festival

Interview Request from Channel 3

Regarding CCSD decision to not pursue legislation that would change sex education to opt-out

Executive Session
9:00 Adjourn


Meeting Minutes

Chair: Anthony L.

Secretary: N/A, Sarah L note taking

  • Call to order at 7:05
      1. Ephraim has requested time on agenda
  • Agenda adopted by unanimous consent
  • Approval of minutes from last meeting: passed with unanimous consent
  • Stewards have all been added to stewards-sc channel.
  • Speaker for ICW for GBM october
  • Shaun: reaching out to Tami Tiger, confirm by tomorrow
  • Sean will do Nuts and Bolts at Sept GBM regarding WGs, Caucuses and Sections
  • Guest speaker for Sept GBM: Branden from Nevada Coalition against death penalty
  • Sunday September 11 at 
  • Aimee – please ask if you want to see the budget reconcile. Will make a folder in financial. Has not reconciled for last month yet. Trouble getting PDFs into the chat. Light this month due to fraud issues. Running trez report includes June to today. If you want access to account please contact Aimee or Anthony.
  • Portfolio updates
  • Anthony: first chair duties. Prepare for special elections – we will be having a special election, will distribute form for special elections to be distributed at GBM. one-week nomination period, then election next meeting. Confirmed for Nunnery for GBM. Security & Events: reviewed new members from previous weeks, no security issues. Spoke with Rahman & Justin for event security, starting a document for event planner reference Re security.
  • Shaun: first NMO went well. Thanks Sarah, Jakub & Natasha. About 6 or 7 folks. Natasha and Roy helped with first Spoke campaign. Looking to plan some events this coming month with Rahima. Continuing with relational organizing, continuing Reach Out and Touch Base
  • Natasha: Comms: I have a bunch of emails scheduled for events coming up this week. People are doing better at requesting social posts in the channel for their events, thank you, I appreciate it. If people are interested in doing random topical twitter posts, I’m very interested in your assistance because I’m trying to tweet less personally, so reach out to me or post in the comms channel. Aimee: do you have people helping you out with Comms? Would be nice ot have a process to show it has been seen, then that it has been handled. Do you have some helpers so you are not having to take all this work on? Last year people took their own days. Facebook and IG are good in addition to Twitter alone. How can we help you with Comms work?
  • Shaun: want more donations for SunSol, will focus on doing more posts for soliciting donations
  • Sean: We are presenting a Night School on Fascism: What It Is and How To Fight It on 8/31 at I’ll be presenting from a hotel in NYC so hopefully that’ll go ok. Will also be doing the GBM from NYC. I have booked space to do a reading group on Racial Capitalism on 9/16 at The Cloud House. Will be getting that to comms later today. I’ve been working with Tamara to do a Nuts & Bolts on grievances but I still need some work to bring it together, so I expect to do that at the October GBM.
  • Roy: digital mgmt. Calendar is all up. Getting better at turnaround times (good job Roy!) if anything is broken with events or website please reach out.
  • Sarah: With inventory and merch, met with Tiffany to discuss merch website, seems straightforward. There have not been any orders [there was one this afternoon, Aimee notifies Sarah]. In terms of getting shelves for the storage unit, need to get with Aimee to discuss further.
  • Aimee: Mutual Aid Stewards are down to help with storage space, and should be looped in with you as far as inventory.
  • Update from Aimee from Minnie: who updates the membership list? Is it secretary’s job or not? What about Slack removal for non-members? Aimee: we should not have non-members on our Slack. If it is part of Secretary portfolio we need to make sure Secretary knows that. Roy: please add it to my portfolio for now.
  • Roles for GBM
  • Aimee: Time keeper should be separate from Chair. Would be easier if there was a big digital clock everyone could view that would go off when time was up.
  • Anthony: time for discussion can be adjusted, as long as it is equitable for all speakers
  • Anthony: Details of Minnie’s resignation will need to be added to the agenda, Anthony will write the script for that
  • Sign-in person needs to count for quorum – Aimee will not be there in person but can monitor sign-in
  • Anthony will check steward-sc channel to see if we can find people for the rest of tasks
  • Steering Committee vacancy
  • Anthony will set up special election, 1 week nominating period per bylaws
  • Previously, candidates need 5 nomination signatures to appear on the ballot. Should we continue that?
  • Kara, Anthony: should not require candidates to have 5 nominations
  • Roy, Sean: two nominations – self-nom, and 1 other person. Anthony agrees, no objections.
  • Per bylaws we have to have a 2-week notice of the candidates
  • Candidate questionnaire as done previously
  • Town hall IF there are more candidates than spots available
  • Minnie’s Secretary duties in the interim
  • Options: let someone pick up the whole job, or let different people take on individual tasks
  • Member list: get a new list every week, making sure our member list is up to date, verifying member status for voting
  • Record-keeper – note taker, post to website after SC meetings and GBMs
  • Coordinator between National & Regional
  • Maintain business licenses and legal docs, co signer for bank accounts
  • Treasurer maintains business license, secretary makes sure we keep the document
  • Managing emails
  • Aimee; we need a secretary and treasurer as officers for business license, 3rd officer can be any
  • Aimee will monitor email
  • Sarah can take notes and get them to Roy
  • Roy will manage member lists in Action Network
  • Anthony will manage National Coordination
  • National meeting being pushed back beyond 9/6
  • Request for funding for advertising – Ephraim
  • Advertisement in annual Life is Shit festival
  • Founded 2013, this year 10th anniversary show
  • Contrast to Life is Beautiful festival
  • Publishes zine with ads, arts, etc. – propose we take out an ad in the zine
  • Causes sympathetic to the chapter. Reaching a grassroots DIY institution.
  • Not necessarily a recruitment tactic.
  • Need the ad copy. Deadline Friday 9/2 to submit to advertisers if we decide to pursue.
  • Aimee: terrific idea, this ad is cheap and we have the money, helps us reach our audience. They might even let us table.
  • Shaun: support. We should try to get involved in the music scene.
  • Anthony, Sarah: in favor
  • Roy: propose to defer vote until we actually have a graphic
  • Chris Payne might be a good member to ask for graphics
  • Aimee: put this in a post to our members tomorrow, see if this draws them in to do graphics
  • Ad should: describe DSA, have an agit-prop theme
  • Email today from Tiffany Lane of Channel 3
  • Story on Sex Education and the upcoming leg session
  • Noticed that we submitted public comment to support opt-out instead of opt-in sex ed
  • Will LVDSA be doing any further pushes on this issue?
  • Requesting interview
  • Who from LVDSA posted? → auto-fill form had previously collected their name and Org and then auto-filled LVDSA to the org field
  • Tiffany, Claire, as well as others who didn’t include chapter name
  • Aimee: I’m a local news junkie. She is terrible and uninformed. Very hard no.
  • No: Sean, Sarah, Shaun
  • Aimee: want to make sure stewards are very involved. We should be supporting them and empower them to be leaders.
  • Anthony: Our SC portfolio for Organizing has been unfilled for a month now
  • Aimee: how we communicate with HGOs is not laid out enough. It should be very clear how SC works with them on grievances.
  • Anthony: we should do all communications to their HGO email account to make sure it’s all in one spot
  • Executive session. Recused: Anthony, Nathaniel
  • Meeting adjourned 10:12 PM