September 10, 2023 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

September 10, 2023

Meeting Minutes

Chair: Kara

Notetaker: Ash


  • Present: 
    • Kara Z.
    • Ash M.
    • Tiffany S.
    • Shaun N. 
    • Sean Y.
    • Sarah L.
    • Austin K.
    • Roy Z.
    • Brian T.S.
  • Absent:
    • None

Non-SC in attendance: None

11:05 AM Call to Order

Previous Business

    • UNLV Tabling or passing out flyers on 9/18
      • Kara: Do we know if we can table? Outside Student Union. 
      • Shaun: Pretty firm rules.
      • Austin: We should be there whether or not we’re allowed to be. Someone can tell us to leave. Do we know where the class is?
      • Kara: Greenspun. 
      • Brian: Free speech area? 
      • Kara: Maybe flyers instead? Could be a good experiment. Won’t be very crowded in the area at that time. Figure out if someone will tell us to leave. Help us figure out tabling. 
      • Tiffany: Buttons for tabling? Not bring all the merch. 
      • Kara: Figure out what type of merch might sell (issue-based vs. LVDSA stuff). Once we figure out how everything works, maybe we can regularly table there.
      • Shaun: Free things work as well. 
      • Kara: Clipboard with signups would be important. Ask: For UNLV students. We are passing out flyers on campus. Anyone who wants to come and help? (Roy) What time is the class?
  • Tiffany: 4-5.
    • Kara: Meet at 3:30.
  • Starbucks event on 9/14
    • Kara: 3:30 start. Tiko leading. On a Thursday. Anyone who can go, please go. Ask people to bring ice water. 
New Business

  • CCEA Support
    • Kara: Austin set up meeting with Noel. Met yesterday for 2 ½ hours. Help pull CCEA members to lead these efforts.
    •  Resources for members: How to contact the governor/Jara/trustees. Main talking points. Flyers of how to support CCEA. Ask: Email templates for trustees or Jara, go over notes and figure out asks.. 
  • Tabling
    • Kara: We don’t table as much as we used to. Could be a good way to get people involved. Doesn’t require a lot of people, like 2 at the least. Can table at places like farmer’s market and places like that. Places we should be tabling more often. What we need to purchase/design to make tabling more successful. 
    • Shaun: Events we don’t necessarily think of. Mexican day of independence event, for example. Red table cloth. Event at a unionized Starbucks. 
    • Kara: We have 4 tablecloths.
    • Tiffany: Stretchy table cloth with our logo. Banner can be behind us, not hanging on table. 
    • Kara: Tiffany, you can plan out how you want the banner/tablecloth to look. Will reach out to ArtCore. 
    • Austin: What is DSA? Front English, back Spanish. One page. Could distribute flyers in multiple places. Laundry mat. Distribute laundry soap and give literature out. 
    • Kara: DSA branding for things like water and laundry detergent. 
    • Shaun: Tabling at concerts with young people. 
    • Kara: Maybe different flyers for concerts.
    • Tiffany: Free fans? 
    • Kara: Keychains, trans colors, Palestinian colors, the Center tabling. Don’t like to hand out Pride things when we don’t have any current LGBTQ campaigns going on right now. 
    • Shaun: Can we tie in national trans lib initiative with October pride? 
    • Kara: Something we can put outside of room so everyone knows where we are. Also helps with tabling. (Retractable banner). Prize wheel could bring people to our table. 
    • Austin: Hydroflask stickers. 
    • Kara: Table with waters and fans, new lit, some merch, Democratic Left, zines. 
    • Austin: CrimeThinc’s posters and mag
    • Kara: AgitProp group to pass out these things? 
    • Roy: Could be an area at events for people to help get zines together.
    • Austin: Good material is worth paying for. Might be making more work than we need to. 
    • Kara: Might not have the budget to buy as many as we would need to give them away for free.
    • Kara: Don’t have two new people in tabling.  
  • Merch stuff
    • Kara: Cute and quirky modeling for our merch for social media and our website. Makes it easier for other chapters to purchase our merch as well. Who do we know that has photography skills? Calls for photographers (Roy). Offer preordering for people. 
  • Mass Lib
    • Shaun: Met with Leslie T. Eager to work with us. Wants to step back. Main focus is Ricky Slaughter. In prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Help working on this case. Letter writing, showing up at court, reaching out to families, reaching out to people who are currently incarcerated. Small team of consistent volunteers. 
    • Kara: Shaylyn, working with Mass Lib with NLG. Could bring into this project. 
  • October GBM (10/5) – In Person Only
    • Location?
      • Kara: Do we still want to do it in person? Most members do. Reached out to see about SEIU space. Checking schedule. Will follow up tomorrow. Can we think of any backup places? 
      • Shaun: East LV Community Center.
      • Kara: If we don’t have a ton to do, the library will still work as long as we are out by 8. Hangout spot after. 
      • Tiffany: We have to be out by 7:30 at the latest. 
      • Roy: Spreadsheet of all of these different places might be a good idea. 
      • Kara: The Nunnery an option?
      • Shaun: It is available that day. 
    • Promotion & Incentives?
      • Roy: Bring certain snacks and drinks. Bringing books to give out. 
      • Austin: Transportation considerations. Some people don’t drive/don’t have a car.
      • Kara: Call for people who want to go to things and are willing to help out with rides. Maybe make a form to match people up. 
    • Agenda / Discussions
      • Kara: October Pride event. How can we get involved?
      • Kara: Trans rights discussion for meeting, based around Pride. 
      • Kara: Poster making after discussion?
      • Roy: If we want to have NPC speakers, how will that work for in-person only?
      • Kara: Could be at another event.
      • Brian: We’ve done hybrid at the Nunnery before.
      • Kara: Some members are trans. Could integrate well with GBM theme. Pride cup cakes?
      • Part of general body meeting to ask for donations, pass around the hat? 
SC Portfolios (Updates & Questions)

  • Ongoing Treasurer’s Report needed
  • Shaun
    • Mexican Independence Day – details needed 
  • Ash
    • Signed for bank account
    • Sent in paperwork for business license, we will need to vote to reimburse when it goes through 
Leadership Intensive

Leadership Transition Meeting

  • Kara: Saturday at 12pm, location not decided 
  • Also, our field organizer will be at our Friday social

  • Next SC Meeting: CANCELED Sunday 9/24
  • RESCHEDULED: 10/1 (?), Also in-person meeting?