Regular Meeting

June 18, 2020

Location of Meeting: Zoom

Call to Order (6:35 PM): Shaun N. called the meeting to order at 6:35 PM on June 18th, 2020.

Community Guidelines, Membership & Voting: Kara H. went over community agreements.

Adoption of the Agenda & Approval of Previous (May 21st,  2020) Minutes: Motions passed.

  • New Business
    • Ashley M. — Mutual Aid Committee proposal (read it here): Ashley M. proposed a Mutual Aid Committee. The motion to create the committee (passed).
    • Michael A. — Palestine Solidarity Subcommittee proposal(read it here): Michael A. and Ziad O. proposed a Palestine Solidarity Subcommittee. The motion to create the committee (passed).
  • Officer Reports (Officer & Committee Reports here)
    • Shaun N. & Kara H. (Co-Chairs) — Co-chair report: Shaun N. & Kara. H. gave an update on chapter membership, the past month’s events, and future events.
    • Lourdes E. (Treasurer) — Treasurer report: Lourdes wasn’t able to give a report, but her report will be listed on the main reports document.
    • Ashley M. (Secretary) — Secretary/Mutual aid report: Ashley M. gave an overview of current work the mutual aid network is doing.
    • Tiffany S. (Comms Chair) — Communications report: Tiffany S. gave an overview of the current happenings in the Communications committee.
    • Jesse F. (Education Chair) — Education report: Jesse F. gave a report about future happenings in the Education committee.
    • Tamara T. (Grievance Officer) — Grievances: We have four new grievance officers for the next period: Tamara, Ryley, Lillian, and Zechariah. 
  • Committee Reports 
    • Brittany F. & Jake F. (Co-chairs) — Ecosocialism Committee report: Ecosocialims report was given.
    • James P. (chair) — Medicare for All Committee report: M4A report was given.
    • Kristofer D. (chair) — Labor Committee report: Labor report was given.
    • Keenan K. & Judith W. (co-chairs) — Electoral Committee report: Electoral report was given.
    • Mariah H. (co-chair) — Socalist Feminist Committee report (Given by Kara H.): Socialist Feminist report was given.
    • Jesser S. (chair) — UNLV YDSA report: YDSA report was given.
  • Educational Segment (Jesse F.)
  • Misc./Open Comment Period 
  • Adjourn