Regular Meeting

August 16, 2018


  1. Doors Open (6:30)
  2. Call To Order (6:40)
  3. A Brief Explanation of Parliamentary Procedure (4 min)
  4. Approval of the Minutes (1 min)
  5. Reports (20 min)
    1. Steering Committee Officer Reports
      1. Chair – Looking for Grievance Officer
      2. Treasurer – Chapter Finance Update, Fundraising Bucket
      3. Education –
      4. Communication –
    2. Subcommittee Report
      1. Political (TBD)
      2. Fundraising  (James)
    3. Member Reports
      1. Mass Decarceration (Brandon)
      2. M4A (James)
  6. Political Education (10 min)
  7. Old Business (15 min)
    1. Accessibility
    2. Subcommittees
  8. New Business (20 min)
  9. Adjourn (7:50 or earlier)

Meeting Minutes

  1. Doors Open
  2. Call To Order
  3. Read Community Guidelines/Explanation of Progressive Stack
  4. Icebreaker
  5. A Brief Explanation of Parliamentary Procedure and Agenda
    1. It was explained that as we grow, we need more structure
      1. We will be implementing a less-formal version of Robert’s Rules.
    2. Why Structure?
      1. To be more democratic
      2. Shed light on views of the rest of the group
      3. Helps aid initiative
    3. What is the new process?
      1. Proposals/motions
        1. Minimal amount of info to explain to rest of the group
          1. What’s wrong? What are we doing about it?
        2. Ask board to add to agenda for next meeting
        3. Propose a motion
        4. Take a vote
      2. Approval of the minutes
        1. Report back on your motion after it passes
      3. Old Business/New Business
      4. Having a good meeting is a skill!
  6. Approval of the Minutes: Approved.
  7. Reports
    1. Steering Committee Officer Reports
      1. Chair
        1. Brandon announced need for Grievance Officer and garnered
          interest from three members.
      2. Treasurer
        1. Allie reported that we now have access to Venmo and that a link
          for electronic donations is coming soon.
      3. Education
        1. Mike was out.
      4. Communicaton
        1. Jessica was out.
    2. Subcommitee Report
      1. Fundraising
        1. James promoted the subcommittee and passed a sign-up sheet
      2. Political
        1. By a show of hands, three people expressed interest.
        2. Brandon & Dylan expressed need for political strategy
    3. Member Reports
      1. M4A
        1. James discussed DSA’s Medicare For All Weekend of Action and
          passed around a sign-up sheet to join the action group.
      2. Mass Decarceration
        1. We have been partnering w/ PLAN on various action plans, as
          well as working with organizers for an upcoming prison strike.
  8. Old Business
    1. Live streaming
      1. Dylan discussed how many members are uncomfortable with live
        streaming, so we are tabling the issue for now. Perhaps, with an
        A/V team, this will be a future possibility.
      2. Brandon stressed our continued vigilance towards accessibility
        1. Members provided the following suggestions:
          1. Phone conferencing
          2. Vetting members to run video team
  9. New Business
    1. Disabilities
      1. Dylan proposed that the chapter is in need of making accessibility
        a priority.

        1. Discussed the legal ramifications of maintaining ADA
        2. Stressed the importance of making sure that the members
          that are impacted the most by particular issues should
          provide the most imput.
        3. Member asked to amend the motion for the creation of a
          disability inquiry group

          1. Motion was approved
    2. Eco Socialism
      1. A member proposed the creation of an Eco Socialism

          1. Passed around a sign-up sheet to join the action group
      2. Item will be added to next meeting’s Old Business section for a
  10. Misc. (if time)
    1. A member mentioned the PLAN events on the 21st and 24th
    2. A member discussed their work with IWOC
      1. Prison Strike Demands
        1. End slavery
        2. Provide education
        3. Abolish ICE
        4. Phone Zaps
      2. Demonstration on the 25th
        1. Bring Abolish ICE signs
  11. Adjourn