Regular Meeting

April 15, 2021

(6:35 PM) Call to Order

Adoption of the agenda & approval of previous (March 18th, 2021) minutes

Ash M. motioned to adopt the agenda. Motion passed. None opposed.

Ash M. motioned to approve the previous minutes. Motion passed. None opposed.



Community guidelines, Robert’s Rules, Zoom etiquette, membership & voting

Ash M. went over community guidelines, Robert’s Rules, Zoom etiquette, membership, and voting.


Welcome to DSA & Member survey

Kara H. went over the DSA welcome and member survey.


LVDSA Bylaws resolution

Alex S. – Motioned to adopt the Bylaws Resolution.

Minnie W. – Seconded.

Tiffany S. – Gave a brief overview of the Bylaws Resolutions, giving the big highlights.

Anthony L. – Went over the proposed amendment to Section 3.5. Would require Steering Committee to give justification for the reasons behind calling an emergency meeting.

Michael M. – Had a question about Article 4.2. Who is selecting the Treasurer, Secretary, and Chair? Who votes?

Kara H. – Steering committee decides those roles. Difference between role on legal documents and portfolio roles.

Steven A. – If something obvious happens and DSA should make a statement, how do the new Bylaws address this?

Kara H. – Steering committee can immediately make a statement.

Paul C. – Will a ⅔ vote be required to divide up responsibilities?

Kara H. – Yes. No one will be forced into a role. Should be decided by consensus of the steering committee.

Erika B. – How broad are the chapter portfolios? What is the difference between a portfolio and a priority?

Kara H. – Expanded on the difference.

Alex S. – Expanded on the difference.

Anthony L. – Proposed amendment to Section 4.1. Amendment passed. 1 opposed.

Anthony L. – Proposed amendment to Section 3.5. Amendment passed. 0 opposed.

Kara H. – Chance to speak in opposition to the Bylaws Amendment.

Michael M. – Vague. Not many definitions. In the current form, I would not vote for them.

Kara H. – Chance to speak for the Bylaws Amendment. 3 people, 2 minutes each.

B – As an anarchist, I like things that lessen hierarchy. So I think these bylaws are good.

Alex S. – Spoke in favor of the Bylaws Resolution.

Malcolm G. – These bylaws will help the chapter move more smoothly and get things done.


Kara H. NPC nomination resolution

Shaun N. – Motioned to pass resolution nominate Kara H. for NPC. Read the resolution here. Explained the endorsement process. Alex S. motioned to adopt by unanimous consent. None were opposed. Motion passed.


DSA National Convention

Kara H. – Explained the delegate and convention process. National Convention Delegate nomination form.


Chapter Reports: Written Officer & Committee Reports here.

Tiffany S. – Design contest is still going on. Please submit your designs here:

Minnie W. – Talked about the importance of passing the PRO Act. Has passed in the House of Representatives. Still needs Senate co-sponsors. #1 national campaign. Phone Banking in key states. We made over half a million calls in just one week.


Open comment 

Shaun N. – Sunday Solidarity event every last Sunday of the month.

Alex S. – Assembly passed Death Penalty Abolition Bill. No more executions ever again. Phone banking for pushing abolition in the senate.

Alvin C. – New facilitators for the new May member orientation. Join the New Member Orientation to find out more.

Brendan B. – Great to see everyone involved with the Tax the Mines campaign. Keep it coming and thank you! Tomorrow, PLAN is hosting a phone banking event to call and let the legislators know to look at AJR1 and make sure it gets to the floor.

Malcolm G. – Next Clark County Central Committee Meeting is on May 15th.

Aimee H. – Wanted to shout out our new Legislative Working Group. Join them on Slack!


Adjourn (08:07 PM)