October 8th, 2023 Steering Committee Meeting

October 8, 2023

Call to Order

  • Adoption of agenda  
  • Adoption of 10/1/2023 Meeting Minutes

SC Portfolio Updates & Questions

  • MAWG – Sunday Solidarity
    • Kara: Since Feb, passed a resolution for MAWG to give $150 to Mutual Aid monthly. Right now, spending $300 a month. Only a couple hundred dollars donated since Feb. Used to be fully paid for by donations. Need to solicit more donations.
    • Ash: We need to figure out how to break down the account. They should be relying more on donations. Maybe have calls for donations at GBM?
    • Kara: $1200 quarterly. Mutual aid is spending $300-350 a month. Not many donations coming in. Almost all our money would be going to MAWG.
    • Shaun: We should be trying to get these things donated. Maybe an opportunity for list work.
    • Tiffany: Many people show up and don’t bring anything.
    • Ash: Do we have a list of high priority items? 
    • Kara: Good ideas, but who will do this work? It can’t all be Rahman. Need more structure.
    • Sarah: Call for recurring donations?
    • Kara: Changes to SunSol. Partner with orgs. Have orgs participate and donate money as part of it. Be a co-sponsor. Canvasses attached. Asks to bring supplies and materials. 
    • Austin: Maybe the scope needs to be narrowed. Shift to a food share? 
    • Ash: We used to have reports coming from priorities and working groups in order to evaluate their effectiveness. I think we should ask for those things again so we can truly see the impact of these events. How much money spent, how many people helped, how many volunteers brought in, etc. 
    • Kara: HolSol coming up. Worried about raising money. We don’t just do this once a year: we actually use it once a month. Use this as an opportunity to raise more for SunSol as well. 
    • Tiffany: Incentivizing fundraising, like with Fund-a-thon. 
    • Kara: Make direct asks of people who are big donors.
    • Shaun: Will talk to Rahman.
    • Sean: Would like to have a meeting with more people.
    • Shaun: 1 trip to Dollar Tree every month. 
    • Kara: More clothes donations. Recurring monthly donors $25 you get a limited edition T-Shirt. $100, a baseball jacket, as an example. 
    • Tiffany: Outreach to lapsed members. 
  • Comms
    • Tiffany: Videos/photos are getting a good amount of engagement.
  • Housing
    • Austin: Tick working on converting old motels into houseless shelters. Talked to Shannon about it. Meet with Tick and see if we can schedule a tour. 
    • Tiffany: Can we get more details? Maybe have regulars from SunSol come along. 
    • Kara: Canvas people at SunSol. Make sure this project is fitting the needs of real people. Advocate for those needs if needed. 
  • PoliEd
    • Tiffany: Want to change out Politics in the Park for something else this month? Maybe a night school instead?
    • Brian: Will follow up. 
  • Member Engagement
    • Sarah: BBQ on Sat, Oct 28. Too short notice? 
    • Tiffany: We might need to rent an area. 
    • Kara: The only things we do that get other people involved are socials. Could be a good idea.
    • Sarah: Will get moving with that. 
  • HolSol 
    • SEIU confirmed for location.
    • NAACP, Native Voter Alliance, SEIU all will donate. 

November GBM

  • Logistics
    • Thursday, Nov 2nd
    • Location? 
    • Hybrid?
      • Tiffany: Hybrid. More engagement. 
      • Shaun: In-person. 
      • Ash: Online.
      • Austin: In-person. Builds more community.
      • Brian: Against my own interests, but people need to see each other in a room.
      • Shaun: Everytime we do in-person, we get new people. 
      • Kara: Ok with hybrid if not involved in planning it. Maybe an option that isn’t openly-promoted.
      • Tiffany: Maybe try in-person again.
  • Agenda

New Business

Executive Session


  • Next SC Meeting: Sunday, October 22nd
    • Kara: Same time as Starbucks Sip-in. Can we change the time? 1 PM instead.
  • Sunday, Nov 5th: SC outing at Springs Preserve
    • All agreed with place change.