November 5th, 2023 Steering Committee Meeting

November 5, 2023

Old Business

  • Steering Committee Special Election 
    • Comms
      • Kara: Jesser needs to accept. 
    • Treasurer
      • Ash: James is interested in the position. 
    • Campaign Organizer
    • Poli-Ed?
      • Ash: Will add Brian to form. Will go out again on Monday or Tuesday. 
      • Kara: If the position ends up vacant, we can do PoliEd as steering. 
  • December GBM Special Election (12/7)
    • Form to go out for nominations ASAP (11/2)
    • Deadline for acceptance (11/16)
    • Members submit questions for candidates (11/23)
    • Candidate Questionnaire (due by 11/28 & sent out on 11/30)
      • Possible candidate town hall if contested elections (11/30)
  • Mutual Aid Steward Nominations

Holiday Solidarity 

  • Ash: J & R were wondering about who is in charge of finances now.
  • Kara: Make spreadsheet for donations that everyone has access to.
  • Ash: Will do that.


    • Office Hours
  • Kara: Change to once a month?
    • Ash: Agree. Not enough people to run it at the moment.
    • Kara: Mondays or Tuesdays?
    • 1st Monday @ 6pm. Start in December. 
  • Palestine Film Series
    • Kara: Are we good with this?
    • Shaun: Will follow up with Michael. 
    • Ash: Is Jesser good?
    • Shaun: Yes, just needs discussion questions. 
  • NMO
    • Kara: How many people signed up?
    • Ash: 4 people.
    • Kara: Do we want to cancel, reach out and maybe run every other month? 
    • Sarah: OK to do it. 
    • Ash: Do we want to do every other month now? Maybe skip December? 
    • Kara: Big push for Jan NMO after HolSol. Add DSA Q&A?

SC Portfolio Updates & Questions

  • Ash: If there are any emails you want me to send, don’t be afraid to ask

December GBM

  • Online only
  • Special election

Open Comment

  • Shaun: Student walk-out on the 9th. Wanted us to promote it. 
  • Shaun: Community event is still in the works. Early December.