November 30th, 2023 Steering Committee Meeting

November 30, 2023
Old Business

  • December GBM Special Election (12/7): Ash M.
    • Announce candidates: Only Jesser and James were nominated. 
    • Members submit questions for candidates (11/23): None yet.
    • Candidate Questionnaires: Sent to candidates. Will be done by Monday and sent out to members. 
    • Possible candidate town hall if contested elections (11/30): Not needed
  • Mutual Aid Steward Nominations: None so far. 
SC Portfolio Updates & Questions

  • Ash M. 
    • Having issues with cards. They were canceled. 
    • Ash: Making sure people get added into Slack – who is in charge of this? post-NMO
  • Shaun
    • Request to send out email about event re: NEJC.
    • Person from Yes on 3 wants to come and talk about RCV. 
    • Roy: Could be good. 
    • Jesser: Not opposed. 
    • Huge turnout at the Palestine Liberation event at Madhouse. Lorenzita gathered sign ups. Teach-in coming up rather than protest.
  • Jesser
    • Jesser: PoliEd events – Status?
    • Ash: We should cancel. Unless someone wants to do it.
  • Roy
    • Holiday Solidarity Phone banks coming up. Every Monday until the December event. 
    • Housing canvas pushed to mid January. 
    • Ash: Are you OK with updating LVDSA Google Calendar?
    • Roy: I can check it and try to keep it updated.
    • Ash: I will try as well. 
  • Jesser
    • Comms going OK. Checking events and posting on socials.
    • Ash: Who is working on graphics?
    • Jesser: Willing to try and practice. 
    • Shannon: Could start working with Canva more. 
    • Should we post only 1 image on IG every day? Partner posts everyday means the whole feed becomes just about partners. 
    • Shaun: Up to you. OK to post more. 
    • Roy: Use stories for some posts instead. 
    • Ash: Maybe talk to Rahman and Justin? 
December GBM

  • Logistics
    • Zoom only
  • Agenda
    • December special election
      • Ash: Should we have someone outside SC be in charge of ballots? Maybe Tiffany?
      • Roy: Would be for the best. Someone might complain otherwise. 
    • Holiday Solidarity 
    • Person from Yes on 3 re: RCV