January 5 2023 GBM

January 5, 2023

January 5 2023 GBM

Agenda (All times are approximate)

7:05 Welcome

7:10 Know Your Rights Training – Erika B. 
7:25 Call to Order

7:30 Treasurer’s Report

  • Click here to view
7:35 Legislative Priority Resolution

7:50 Steering Committee Special Election

  • Candidate Nominations: Jan 5-12th
8:00 Priority Campaign Updates

  • Cultivating Desert Power
  • Abolition & Community Safety: Campaign Update
8:10 Other upcoming Events (links to registrations on next page)

  • Member Social: ReBAR – Jan 7th
  • Comms WG Session – Jan 8th
  • NMO – Jan 12th
  • Lapsed Member phone bank – Jan 25th
  • Socialist Night School: Ecosocialism – Jan 26th
  • Member Social: Board Game Night – Jan 28th
  • Sunday Solidarity – Jan 29th
8:20 Open Comment Period
8:30 Adjourn


Upcoming Meetings: See LVDSA’s full events page here


Member Social: ReBAR

Saturday, Jan 7th @ 7:00 PM → More info here


Communications Working Group Session

Sunday, Jan 8th @ 4:00 PM → Register here


New Member Orientation

Thursday, Jan 12th @ 7:00 PM → Register here


Abolitionist & Community Safety Reading Group

Begins Tuesday, Jan 17th @ 7:00 PM → Readings and Registration Link here


Lapsed Member phone bank

Wednesday, Jan 25th @ 6:00 PM → Register here


Socialist Night School: Ecosocialism

Thursday, Jan 26th @ 7:00pm → Register here


Member Social: Board Game Night

Saturday, Jan 28th @ 6:00 PM → More info & pre-registration here


Sunday Solidarity

Sunday, Jan 29th @ 10:00 AM -12:00 PM → Registration and address provided here


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Meeting Minutes

Chair: Kara H.

Secretary: Roy Z.


    • Intro + welcome
    • KYR training done by member Erika B
    • Meeting business called to order at 7:31
    • Agenda adopted by unanimous consent
    • Sean Y motions to adopt minutes from December GBM, many vocally second. Adopted by unanimous consent.
    • Aimee gives treasurer report; highlights holiday solidarity donations and expenditures, plus unexpected storage cost increase
    • Kara introduces the new Priority Campaign resolution authored by Valerie T. Lorenzita briefs the chapter with a quick overview and summary of the legislative session, the schedule, and how it works
      • Valerie T motivates for the resolution. Gives us a recruitment tool, plus a lobbying arm for Childcare legislation, immigrants issues, and grad student unions. Our own lobbying efforts  allows us to lobby with any messaging we choose free from donor’s demands and limits.
      • Carlos T (graduate student worker at UNLV) brings to attention a piece of legislation that will affect budgets for graduate students workers, and how it might affect their unions efforts and actions.  
      • Kara adds that the SocFem section has efforts ongoing that could coincide with the legislative priority – a slate a potential pro-abortion bills that could work with this new resolution, if it passes. Opens stack for questions/comments/issues/concerns
      • Anthony asks if the authors are willing to be stewards. 
  • Valerie and Carlos willing to be stewards
    • Rachel E – Q: is this an open ended campaign, or specifically targeting the increase in budget bill?
    • Kara opens to for/against resolution
    • Samantha F: in favor, the time is right and the budget fight for the GAs and abortion campaigns
    • Shaun N: in favor, 
    • Jovan J: in favor,  this is a great way to put your passion and activist voice – for whatever your passion is, there is a bill up north that will have an effect on that issue
  • Anthony announces a special election for February GBM, shares nomination form + candidate town hall if more than one candidate. Nomination form: http://bit.ly/3Qdwtl5
  • Priority Resolution updates:
    • Ephraim Z: Abolition priority will be hosting a 32-week reading group as a foundation for abolitionist texts. These texts are meant to be accessible and there’s no expectation that one will need to make every reading, and members are encouraged to join even if they don’t read the texts! lvds.org/events/abolitionreadinggroup
  • Upcoming Events 
    • January’s calendar is full! Stewards and SC members pitched and promoted, see lvdsa.org/events
  • WG Updates
    • Mutual Aid: Rahman believes everything came together perfectly despite the ambitious programming and planning for food, music, etc, Justin N updates needs for Sunday Solidarity needs and wishlist,
  • Business adjourning, moving to open comment period.