January 2 2023 Steering Committee

January 2, 2023


7:00 Call to Order

Sign in link distributed

Review Steering Committee meeting rules

Adoption of agenda

Adoption of 12/26/2023 Meeting Minutes

Link to make a motion

Committee Reports & Old Business

  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Update: Storage Costs
  • Desert Power Priority
  • Steering Committee page on website w/ portfolios
January 5th GBM  – Agenda / Script

  • Member List & sign-in for Meeting 
  • Community Agreements [Skyler]
  • Land Acknowledgement [Sean Y.]
  • Legislative Priority Resolution [Kara]
    • Who is going to present this resolution? Val?
    • We need a voting link?
  • Steering Committee Special Election [Anthony]
    • Nominations open: Jan 5th-12th
    • Email announcing candidates & including questionnaire: Jan 19th
    • Possible Candidate Town Hall: Jan 25th
  • Desert Power Update [Lisa]
  • Abolition Update [Ephraim]
    • Abolition Reading Group – Jan 17th
  • Future Events
    • Comms WG Session – Jan 8th [Kara]
    • NMO – Jan 12th [Skyler/Roy]
    • Socialist Night School: Ecosocialism – Jan 26th [Sean Y.]
    • Sunday Solidarity – Jan 29th [Rahman]
New Business

  • Next SC Meeting: Monday, Jan 16th
  • SC google group: lvdsa-sc@googlegroups.com
9:00 Adjourn


Meeting Minutes

Chair: Kara H. 

Notetaker: Skyler.


  1. Treasurer Report/Storage – Aimee. Rate is going to $208/month was 165/mo. Unit is 10×15. Do we want to keep it? Kara – we shouldn’t go smaller we need more space. Going to make a vote to approve after meeting. Shaun – Unit is central/ 2 miles from SunSol. 
  2. Desert Power Priority – Kara – Lisa doesn’t know what to do, message was in steering chat. We haven’t done anything with the priority to get people to show up to it. No one is showing up is because we are not organizing. Want to try to organize for it before we decide to change or remove it. Anthony’s new portfolio deals with helping stewards. Anthony & Lisa need to develop concrete points. Did this w/ Ephraim. Anthony – I want to help Lisa. As far as picking a specific target action not sure. Need more eco-minded people to support her. Need to pick a single goal. Shaun – Lisa is already doing a lot of events. Integrate the chapter and her org more. Just over thinking. 
  3. Steering committee page on website. Kara – added steering members to website so members know who is who. Didn’t put every detail of everything just basics of what we passed last meeting. General body meeting will introduce this and announce new portfolios. 
  4. GBM: Kara –  Need membership list for sign in. Roy will take care of it. Someone else for community agreement, land acknowledgement. Skyler/Sean volunteer, in Script. Anthony sending finalized agenda tomorrow. 
  5. Legislative Priority Resolution. Kara – who is presenting? Anthony – I think it’s Val. Kara – need voting link for this. Anthony – needs straight ⅔ to pass. Doesn’t need to be more complicated than a google form. Same validation for sign in. Not sure how to validate. Kara- will talk to Tiffany. 
  6. Steering Comm. Special Election. Anthony or someone else to do this section. Nom form is linked in agenda. Opens Thursday. Open for a week until the 12th. Once someone accepts their nom we’ll give them questionnaire right away, due jan 18th. Email announcing candidates including questionnaire out the 19th. More than 1 candidate, possible candidate town hall Jan 25th. 
  7. Abolition – Ephraim will have an update on abolition wg at gbm. Need to make sure he is ready to. Reading group. 
  8. Desert power – no update, no upcoming meeting or actions planned.
  9. Anyone have suggestions for what we should be doing here since we don’t have anything going on for our priorities? 
  10. Future events will be talked about by people leading them.
  11. NMO – member engagement meeting tomorrow. NMO a week out. Different than the past. We’re going to do an open invite to everyone, over emphasize it’s a new year, we’re doing a reset. Roy or Skyler.
  12. Need to focus on promotion for the general. Set reminder to send another email out the day of. 
  13. Anthony – Add to agenda: people can absentee vote if they register by tomorrow. 
  14. Kara – Legislative session primer for GBM – Lorenzita talked about this being the first event. Probably needs to be in presentation for priority. 
  15. Roy – created google group to share docs on.
  16. Skyler – socials! Kara – board game cafe Roy – ++ on non-bar locations


Action Items

Item Assigned To
Update Script & Agenda for GBM tonight Kara
Send email out to list with agenda & registration on Jan 3rd Anthony
Legislative Priority Voting Link Kara/Tiffany
Talk to Lisa about Desert Power priority  Anthony
Vote for Storage Unit – $208 Kara
Community agreement/land acknowledgement. Skyer/Sean
Check who is presenting Legislative Priority  Anthony