General Body Meeting

December 2, 2021

General Body Meeting


All times are approximate

7:05 Call to Order

Sign in

Community Agreements review

Adoption of agenda

Approval of the November General Body Meeting Minutes

Land acknowledgement

Action Alert: Stop Line 3

Treasurer’s Report
Coalition Corner
Letter to the NPC calling to expel Jamaal Bowman
Accessibility Working Group
Mutual Aid Reading Group
Upcoming Events
Open Comment Period
8:30 Adjourn


Meeting Minutes

Chair: Jesser S.

Notetaker:  Mike Y.

  • Chair asks to adopt agenda
    • Seconded by Jakub D
  • Agenda adopted at 7:09 p.m.
  • Comrade Victoria F. gives land acknowledgement
    • Promotes park cleanup on Dec 11
  • Treasurer’s Report given orally  by Anthony L in Aimee H’s absence
  • Comrade Shaun N. with the “Coalition Corner”
    • Holiday Solidarity stats given:
      • 30 sponsors
      • Mi Familia Vota, Make The Road, NPHR, etc. referenced
      • 150 volunteers
  • Jesser S. breifly cedes chair to Anthony L to speak on behalf of Steering Committee statement to expel Jamaal Bowman
  • Anthony L motions to amend the Steering Committee’s letter to NPC about expelling Rep Jamaal Bowman to remove “Steering Committee” so the letter is signed and authored by the Las Vegas DSA general body
    • 3 in favor, 3 opposed – 90 seconds each
    • In favor:
      • Comrade Michael A.
        • Also from NPHR
        • Shocked this behavior from Bowman would be acceptable in a leftist org
        • Referenced
        • Would a picture with an american based white supremacist be accepted in these circles
        • Watershed moment for DSA
        • Palestinians need solidarity from Americans who understand their movement
        • Holding this vote makes me question the solidarity LVDSA has shown previously
      • Comrade Gordon B:
        • Condemning Bowman without any action
        • Repeated material support for apartheid, racist, colonist Israeli government
        • Wouldn’t trade the people for a congressman
      • Comrade Jesser S:
        • Discussion about principles: back with action
        • Strong and principled every step of the way
        • Support oppressed people around the world; socialism built on the backs of oppressed people is not what we’re building
        • We will be betrayed by political convenience if we don’t have the strength to hold politicians accountable
  • Comrade Malcom G proposes to pass by unanimous consent
    • Seconded by Gordon B
    • Opposed by Kris D
  • Anthony L calls to question
    • Tiffany S. tabulates votes
      • 52 in favor
      • 3 opposed
  • Motion to  amend the Steering Committee’s letter to NPC to remove “Steering Committee” so the letter is signed and authored by the Las Vegas DSA general body
  • Anthony L hands chair back to Jesser S.
  • Jesser S. introduces comrade Sarah L. to discuss Accessibility Working Group
    • Brendan B. in the chat: “We can’t leave out disabled and neurodivergent comrades”
    • Long-term: We’re developing list of best practices for accessibility for meetings and events
    • Short-term: focusing on accessibility concerns for Holiday Solidarity 2021 pt 2
    • Minnie W. drops link for When To Meet
  • Jesser S. introduces Minnie W. who is speaking on ”Mutual Aid” by Dean Spade Reading Group
    • Guest hosts rotate in every week to lead discussions
  • Jesser S. introduces Anthony L. who introduces an upcoming training
  • Jesser S. introduces Brendan B. and Sebas A. who give an update on Community Aid Priority
    • Seabas:
      • Over 1,500 instances of aid,
      • 119 LVDSA members participating in Community Aid events – 20%
      • Friends in the Desert event
      • Brake Light Clinic in early 22
    • Brendan mentions success of last Holiday Solidarity and the next Holiday Solidarity planning meeting 
  • Justin L. with a Mutual Aid portion of the Priority
  • Angel L with a Housing Priority update
    • 6 eviction protection canvasses
    • Identified 10 tenants at one property who want to organize
    • Recaps roundtable event with coalition partners and legislators/members of governor’s office
    • Mentions recent successful canvass, and extra canvass within that same complex to provide them with resources
    • Working on CHAP outreach
    • Next Housing Justice Research Session
    • Sends link  and mentions necessity of Tenant Incident Report Form
    • Next Housing Justice Campaign Meeting –  Dec 7th
  • Comrade Thomas W. mentions “Find My Landlord” app
  • Comrade Tony F mentions privacy concerns on form, name does *not* have to be submitted along with form for anonymity’s sake
  • Brendan B. on stack mentions Sunday Solidarity and the next Community Aid Meeting
  • Anthony L gives an Electoral Priority update
  • Chair Jesser S. mentions next Socialist Night School and joining the Political Education team
  • Comrade Gordon B. on stack mentions SCC meeting and implores SCC members to be there and vote on constituency caucus motion
  • Thomas W. on stack, who is on International Committee, asks about International Working Group in LV to connect to what national IC group is doing
  • Comrade Jackie S. mentions next New Member Orientation
    • And working group to plan for next new member orientation
    • Brendan B asks if we’re still having 1:1s
  • Open comment period
    • Comrade Ash M
    • Comrade Rahman F.
      • Asks about a merch update
        • Chair summons comrade Paul John, who mentions we’ll release an image of the first contest winner. Rollout one at a time, TBD on timing
    • Comrade Natasha
      • Women’s Caucus Meeting – Dec 8
      • Register for the NV Dems Womens Caucus meeting! Next Wednesday, December 8 @ 7 PM! Any registered Democrat is welcome, as are non-binary people and male allies 🙂
    • Comrade Austin K
      • Defund Summit 2021 –  Dec 11
        • Workshop for Defunding the Police and abolition campaigns
        • Join DSA’s National Abolition WG and members from across the country to learn with and from each other how to organize strategic Defund campaigns.
    • Comrade Lisa Ortega
      • Sierra Club – NV Energy protest pushing for rooftop solar panels and alternative energy sources
      • Also identifying food deserts; using grant $ to plant trees and wanting to plant trees in the community in Jan.
    • Brendan B.
      • Advocating for people joining the Mutual and Community Aid Priority
    • Angel L.
    • Comrade Lorenzita S.
    • Comrade Brendan B.
    • Comrade Angel L
    • Jesser S calls if anyone has a motion to adjourn the meeting
      • Anthony L motions at 8:17
      • Many others second that motion at 8:18