General Body Meeting

February 3, 2022

General Body Meeting


All times are approximate

7:05 Call to Order

Sign in

Community Agreements review

Adoption of agenda

Approval of the January  minutes

Land Acknowledgement

Action: Help attain federal recognition for the Duwamish Tribe!

7:10 Treasurer’s Report
7:15 Harassment and Grievance Officer Appointment 
7:20 Resolution to Amend the Endorsement Criteria Resolution: Judicial Endorsement Criteria
7:30 Special Announcement from Shaun N.
7:35 Steering Committee Special Election
7:45 Mutual & Community Aid Priority Update 
7:55 Housing Justice Priority Update
8:05 Electoral Priority Update
8:15 Steering Committee Special Election Results
8:20 Upcoming Events
8:25 Open Comment Period
8:30 Adjourn

Meeting Minutes

Chair: Jackie S.

Notetaker:  Anthony L.

  • Meeting called to order at 7:10
  • Gordon motions to adopt tonight’s agenda, Travis seconds, none opposed, agenda adopted
  • Shaun motions to adopt the last meeting minutes, Minnie seconds, none opposed, last meeting’s minutes adopted
  • Call for members to call for the release of Leonard Peltier
    • Read the DSA statement
    • Call the White House: 202-456-1111. Say you support COVID release & the commutation of #LeonardPeltier’s sentence. He’s held at USP-Coleman I in FL. Register number 89637-132.
    • Sign the online petition:
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Harassment and Grievance Officer Appointment
    • Jackie H. was appointed by the Steering Committee to be a Harassment and Grievance Officer
    • As a reminder, members can contact HGOs by emailing This email line is only accessible to our HGOs, and not accessible by members of the Steering Committee or any others in order to maintain confidentiality and integrity of the grievance process.
  • Resolution to Amend the Endorsement Criteria Resolution: Judicial Endorsement Criteria
    • Anthony L. speaks in favor
    • Charles P. speaks in favor
    • None speak opposed
    • 43 in favor, 0 opposed, 16 abstain, resolution adopted
  • Special Announcement from Shaun N.
    • Shaun will be taking a leave of absence from the Steering Committee effective immediately, and Shaun announces that he will be running for Assembly District 34 and applying for LVDSA’s endorsement
  • Steering Committee Special Election
    • Four candidates are running to fill the position left vacant by Alvin C.
    • Due to Shaun’s announcement, the Steering Committee agreed that they will appoint the individual who places 2nd in the vote to fill Shaun’s vacancy during his leave of absence
    • Voting window closes at 8:15pm tonight
    • Each candidate has an individual speak for 30 seconds to introduce them, and then the candidate receives 60 seconds to speak
      • Jackie introduces candidate Angel L
      • Gordon introduces candidate Natasha S
      • Shaun introduces candidate Tamara T
      • Aimee introduces candidate Victoria F
    • Ballots are emailed to signed in members in good standing
  • Mutual and Community Aid Priority Update
    • Brendan B presents
      • The recent Brake Light Clinic was a huge success, 13 vehicles were repaired and many members participated
      • The goal of the priority campaign was to reach 3,000 instances of aid, and we are currently at 2,990
      • Tents and winter items are requested for Sunday Solidarity
    • Aimee H presents on behalf of Justin L
  • Housing Justice Priority Priority Update
    • Phil M presents
      • Canvassing continues, with a canvas scheduled for this Saturday and then alternating weeks
      • Research sessions occur biweekly on weekdays
    • Angel L presents
      • Working on tenant organizing and training so they can talk to their landlords about their rights, and are working out an upcoming Know Your Rights training
    • Klaire V presents
      • Research session will occur this Thursday
      • Research sessions will be more private in the future, documents won’t be shared to non-members
  • Electoral Priority Update
  • Upcoming Events
  • Open Comment
  • Steering Committee Special Election Results
    • Angel L was elected to fill the vacancy on the SC
    • Victoria F will be appointed to fill Shaun’s position
  • Meeting adjourned 8:20pm