General Body Meeting

October 7, 2021

General Body Meeting


All times are approximate

7:05 Call to Order

Sign in

Community Agreements review

Adoption of agenda

Approval of the September General Body Meeting Minutes

Land acknowledgement

Action Alert: Protect Peehee Mu’huh

Get Involved: One-on-One Virtual Meetings with a LVDSA Organizer!

Schedule a one-on-one meeting here

National Events, Worker Power Wednesday
Facilitation Training Introduction
Housing Justice Priority Campaign Update
Mutual & Community Aid Priority Campaign Updates Update
Electoral Research & Recruitment Priority Campaign Update
Treasurer’s Report
Budget Presentation
Purchasing Resolution
Steering Committee Updates & Discussions
Upcoming Events

10/11 – LVDSA Phone Bank

10/12 – Housing Justice Campaign Meeting

10/13 – Community Aid Meeting

10/14 – YDSA Leadership Interest Meeting

10/14 – Facilitation Skills Training

10/19 – Mutual Aid Meeting

10/21 – Member Engagement Working Group

10/28 – New Member Orientation

10/31 – Sunday Solidarity

11/3 – Worker Power Wednesday

11/4 – General Body Meeting

Open Comment Period
8:30 Adjourn

Meeting Minutes

Chair:  Alvin C.

Notetaker: Jackie S

  • Called to order at 5:07
  • Community agreements reviewed
  • Agenda adopted
  • September minutes adopted
  • Get Involved! Call for 1:1 meetings with a LVDSA organizer
  • National updates with Minnie
    • Worker Power Wednesdays!!!  First Wednesday of every month
    • NEC electoral organizer training series
    • Events can be found on the national events channel in LVDSA slack
  • Anthony – Organizer Trainings
    • First one is next Thursday 10/14 7pm on meeting facilitation
    • Second Thursday of every month
  • Housing Justice Campaign update
    • Angel: meetings changed to biweekly, next meeting 10/12 at 6pm. Canvasses same weeks as meetings
    • Klaire: Monthly research sessions the 3rd week of the month. Join the housing campaign!! Help us create a list of predatory landlords
    • Angel: Next canvass is next week 10/16 at 8am-10am! Identified Pretium Homes properties in LV to canvass in LV to meet our neighbors
    • Klaire: if you have negative experiences with your landlord, report at this form
    • Angel: Roundtable coming up with Nevada Housing Justice Alliance with elected officials. Call for 2-3 LVDSA tenant speakers at the roundtable. Contact Angel and Klaire to sign up
    • Venmo @lasvegas-dsa-2 to donate to the housing justice campaign
  • Mutual & Community Aid Campaign Update
    • Brendan: Sunday Solidarity on the last Sunday of every month. Holiday Solidarity Food Drive is coming up next month. Volunteers needed!!! Join the community aid campaign to help us support workers going on strike
    • Lillian: Mutual Aid had a slow start, but next meeting is 10/19. Creating a submission tool for mutual aid requests. Calling for a mutual aid review board! People needed to pair requests with offers.
  • Electoral Research & Recruitment Campaign
    • Anthony: On behalf of the electoral stewards (Cody & Valerie), next meeting is this Saturday 10/9 at 11am. Doing research on how we can support candidates as LVDSA. Next, we’re talking about comms and graphic design. We received an application for an endorsement from Amy Vilela. Need volunteers to review the applications. Lastly, looking for socialist candidates we want to recruit to run for office!
    • Maurice: has experience with graphic design and fundraising. Has a list of thousands of phone numbers of bernie 2016 supporters to contact. Needs support for slack.
    • Kris: Amy has viability. What else are we looking for?
    • Anthony: Per the bylaws, the general body will vote on an endorsement after a candidate townhall occurs. We will vote by November or December general body meeting.
  • Treasurers Report
    • Aimee: Primary on financial and operations. Basics on our current finances: we have $9,000. Mutual aid fund $6,000. Housing $100. Back to School Solidarity $1500. Comrade is raising funds for citizenship. Generators and tarps were sent to Louisiana DSA chapters after Hurricane Ida. Aimee is happy to share the state of our finances with anyone who is interested in learning more about the treasurers report
  • Budget Resolution
    • Motion by Aimee, Second by Gordon Brown
    • Tiffany motions to amend the budget, Anthony seconds the amendment
    • Tiffany shares screen to display the current and amended budget to include the website translation tool
    • Brendan: is the printing line correct for the community aid campaign?
    • Tiffany: If more is needed, we can do a bulk order from the General – Printing line
    • Anthony: can campaigns raise more money?
    • Aimee: yes, we need a budget because our chapter has never had one. We have a budget so we can track our expenses. And we can amend this as things come up.
    • Alvin: Erika B. motions to call the question for amended budget resolution. Rahima seconds. First speaking in favor is Aimee
    • Aimee: We need this budget to start working! It’s a great start for our chapter.
    • Alvin: call for more speakers in favor/opposed.
    • Gordon: motion to call the question
    • Alvin: voting via zoom hand
    • Tiffany: 41 in favor passes
  • Purchasing Resolution
    • Minnie: motion for LVDSA to adopt the purchasing resolution that was emailed to membership
    • Aimee: seconds
    • Alvin: any other questions or motions? None. minnie to motivate the resolution.
    • Minnie: any members want me to cover the resolution?
    • Erika: not able to open the resolution. Please explain.
    • Minne: (reads the resolution to membership as written) asking the body to vote in favor of this resolution as this mechanism was not included in our bylaws to make democratic decisions when making purchases for our chapter.
  • Coalition Corner Update:
    • Shaun: LVDSA participated in LV Women’s Reproductive Rights March and partnered with 15+ groups at the march. Nevada Housing Justice Alliance roundtable coming up. Educators Forum last week. We are also part of the Immigration Coalition and Nevada Environmental Justice Coalition. If folks are interested in working with coalitions, message Shaun on Slack.
  • Aimee: excited our chapter now has a financial structure to do bigger and better things for the community!
  • Tiffany SC Update: currently have 589 members. 89 members have lapsed dues. Please renew!! Get access to Slack, vote on chapter business, monthly dues go back to LVDSA to raise funds. There is a dues waiver for folks who need it.
  • Upcoming events: we have a packed calendar! Check out the items at
  • Open comment period:
    • Rahima: Comrade Cookout on Sunday, November 7th 12-2pm at Bruce Trent Park!!! Carpool and potluck signup coming soon!
    • Ailis: October 15 General Strike plug
    • Erika: National Lawyers Guild is hosting a teach-in in January of the adultification of the children of color. Looking for speakers and panelists
    • Kristofer: Tomorrow is pride march and CCEA is looking for folks to march in the parade with social justice caucus
    • Kara: National Immigrant Rights WG and National M4A Committee now accepting applications for leadership positions!
    • Lorenzita: Saturday 9am park cleanup with OneAAPINevada, Mi Familia Vota, and more! Pokemon Go to the park!
    • Brendan: Request for folks to attend the next community aid meeting on 10/13. We need all the help we can get!
    • Lisa: Nevada Plants is a new nonprofit that is planting trees in the food deserts of Las Vegas!
    • Aimee: support our comrades at left caucus! They have open officer positions and volunteers for the next SCC meetings and CCDC meetings. Sign up to support!
  • Alvin asks for motion to adjourn
    • Shaun motions, Lorenzita seconds