December 14th, 2023

December 14, 2023

  • Press inquiries 
    • Emails came in from Review Journal & Reno.
    • Forwarded to Shaun. 
  • Onboarding for James
    • Bitwarden & ActionNetwork
    • Roy: Will give access. 
SC Portfolio Updates & Questions

  • Ash M. 
    • None.
  • Shaun
    • HolSol update. Still need help with drivers. Coming up this Saturday. Mosque is excited to have us back. 
  • Jesser
    • All partner posts up. Should we post about the mosque?
  • Roy
    • I had a 1:1 with Shannon to talk about housing canvasses and goals we might try to achieve.  There’s a demand that could be sought by tenants, but we need to get a few more canvassers and hopefully find a few tenants to get involved, too.
  • Sarah
    • Member social coming up tomorrow. 
    • Schedule NMO for January. 
  • James
    • None.
January GBM

  • Logistics
    • Zoom only
  • Agenda
    • January Special Election
      • Jesser: Contact information for David? Might be interested in running. 
      • Shaun: I will reach out. 
    • Ideas for speakers? Poli ed segment? 
      • Shaun: Interesting situation with Teamsters. Bill would raise wages for support staff. Refused to hear the bill. Teamsters doing pressure campaign. Being opposed by CCEA, however. NPL maybe?