August 13, 2023 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

August 13, 2023
11:00 AM

11:07 – Call to Order

Call to Order

  • Sign in link distributed
  • Review Steering Committee meeting rules
  • Adoption of agenda  
    • Passed
  • Adoption of 7/30/2023 Meeting Minutes
    • Passed
Previous Business

  • HGO Resolution
    • Did not meet quorum in email vote that went out – will continue to put it up for a vote at upcoming meetings.
  • Treasurer/Bank Account Updates
    • Aimee removed herself. 
    • Anthony is the sole person on the bank account currently. Shaun & Kara have debit cards. 
    • Shaun, Sean, and Kara will meet Anthony this upcoming weekend (Fri-Sun 18th-20th) to add themselves to the bank account and remove Anthony. 
  • Member Engagement Transition
    • Val resigned within 30 days so no election 
    • Sarah L will take her spot since she was runner up in the July convention election. 
    • Updates have been made to SC portfolio doc and the website.
    • Add to Sarah L to SC slack channels and update permissions
    • More discussion later in the agenda about issues that have arised
DSA National Convention Updates

  • New NPC (national leadership), resolutions passed
  • More connections with national DSA & national WG & committees 
    • Will help with capacity and training, etc especially when engagement and capacity is low
    • Connections with National can help in many ways, chapter grants, etc.
    • Want members to feel like they can engage with national more 
New Business

  • Val’s Resignation & Term Limit Resolution
    • Term Limit resolution not proposed officially yet
    • Shaun: Not opposed to term limits, but what problem do they solve? We don’t have many members who want to run for leadership.
    • Sean: Could create problems by barring experienced members from steering
    • Austin: Term limits will not solve engagement issues in any meaningful way
    • Kara: Members can always overrule steering, important to empower members to organize, members know we are having issues with engagement, capacity is more of an issue than it used to be
  • CCEA Update
    • Contact dispute, work actions and protests
    • Keep supporting union, promote teacher’s getting a fair contract
  • Canceled Meetings & Events
    • Every meeting/event since convention has been canceled 
    • If more support and help is needed, please let us know so we can help
    • Reschedule rather than just cancel 
  • Member Engagement & Capacity
    • Any event/meeting we have should be promoted to all membership
    • Some members do not look at Slack/email, but might check social media 
    • Getting events out in multiple different places can only help, won’t hurt
    • Tiffany: Social on a regular day every month. Talk about the work. Members need an easy way to engage with the chapter. 
    • Roy: Office hours where people can show up and ask questions. People can pop into a Zoom and be able to work together. 
    • Kara: Regular board game meetup? The number of events we are putting on does not match with our engagement and capacity. Let’s focus on 3 events for Sep: GBM, social, working group. 
    • Tiffany: Just because someone doesn’t have capacity to be in a leadership role doesn’t mean they can’t help with smaller things. 
    • Kara: Combining events. Maybe at a Sunday Solidarity, we start at the location, then we can have a canvas going at the same time. 
SC Portfolios 

  • Austin: Focus on Housing WG
    • Housing WG: Shannon is our new steward 
    • Austin will have one-on-one with Shannon within the next week or so
  • Roy: Focus on Labor and Mutual Aid 
  • Ash: Trying to get business license stuff done with. Need to pay for paperwork. 
September GBM: September 7th

  • Agenda
    • Invite new NPC member(s) to come speak
    • National DSA Convention update for membership
    • Member engagement discussion
      • Regular social
      • Office hours
      • What do they think we should do? What do members want? 
  • Austin: In person could be conducive to engagement discussion
    • Tiffany: One Clark County library is open later and could be used as a meeting space
    • Kara: If we have it in person, we should really encourage everyone to come in person. Incentivize them somehow. 
    • Austin: Member social after GBM? 
  • Tiffany: Basic email to give people information on how to write and submit resolutions
    • Kara: Include examples, something not serious so members can see how they should be formatted. 
  • Kara: Practice debate? Maybe about something small, like Bud, our new mascot. 
  • Tiffany: Pick a short article, send along with the agenda, give time to talk about it at the end of the meeting. 
1:03 PM Adjourn

  • Next SC Meeting: August 27th, 1pm-3pm (Sunday Solidarity!)