2022 Local Convention Meeting Minutes

July 9, 2022


1:00 Call to Order, Welcome
Land Acknowledgement
Adoption of Agenda
Adoption of June Minutes
1:15 Past Year Recap & Highlights
*End of Year Treasurer’s Report & Budget
1:45 Priority Campaign Resolutions
2:30 Bylaw Amendments and Other Resolutions
3:00 Recess
3:45 Return from Recess, Guest Presenter
4:05 Steering Committee Candidate Statements
4:50 STV Explanation Video
5:00 Adjourn

Convention Meeting Minutes

Chair: Mike Y.
Notetaker:  Minnie W.
Parliamentarian: Chris R.

  • Call to order at 1:20pm
    • Report of credential committee – We have 43 credentialed delegates at the start of the convention. This was later increased to 52 credentialed delegates.
    • Review community agreements
    • Land acknowledgement by Sol Martinez
    • Anthony motions to amend the agenda to include the Treasurer’s Report and Budget. Ephraim seconds, none opposed. Agenda is adopted at 1:30pm.
    • Austin motions to adopt last meeting’s minutes,  Erika B seconds, no one opposed, the minutes are approved at 1:31pm
  • Past Year Recap and Highlights 
    • Bird dog of the year – Shaun N
    • Comrade of the year – Tiffany S
  • End of Year Treasurer’s Report and Budget
    • Debate on Budget – Tiffany S speakers in favor. None speak opposed.
  • Priority Campaign Resolutions
    • Cultivating Deset Power: Water Conservation – presented by Natasha
      • Question from Minnie – What do you envision as the on ramp for members? How can they be involved in this campaign?   Answer from Natasha: Working with community partners with NV Plants we can do mini-events every weekend and being involved in the pressure campaign.
      • Question from Erika – How do you envision mutual aid being built into this campaign? Answer from Natasha: Inspired by NV Plants and Solidarity Fridge to address urban heat islands and food deserts. By providing this to these communities this is a form of mutual aid. Addressing the heat crisis (providing tents from our shares is another possibility) is a way to serve our underserved communities.
      • Lisa O presents an amendment – “LVDSA will advocate for building distributive solar on already disturbed lands, brownfields and urban surfaces to protect habitat on public lands from large utility-scale solar and energy projects that threaten the Mojave Desert ecosystem.” – Natahsa accepts this friendly amendment
      • Debate – Lisa O speaks in favor, None speak opposed.
    • Motion by Tiffany to amend the agenda to move the Bylaws Amendment conversation after the guest speaker. Seconded by Minnie. None opposed.
    • Yes on Neighborhood Stability CampaignPresentation on the Campaign Proposal – presented by Minnie
      • Question from Austin – Will we be coordinating with Culinary? Answer from Anthony – Culinary has prepared a bunch of things and is encouraging orgs to independently canvas and use our own materials. Culinary is leading the way in a hands off way.
      • Question from Erica C – Can you explain the 1,000 doors? Demographics, how many passes? Anthony  – We can decide what we mean by 1,000 doors, how we target areas. We can be incredibly strategic with that. Need a steward who is appointed. All of July is fine-tuning the strategy. Want to specifically target where we can meet needs that overlap. We can target the Sunday Solidarity community because we’re already there. We can focus on an area where we think there’s a future competitive race.
      • Question from Nathaniel P – In lieu of an electoral priority, could we include other ballot measures or issues? Minnie – It’s an opportunity to include intersectional issues but nothing else right now. We could potentially include other issues in our canvassing. Anthony – No current ballot measures endorsed by the chapter. Any member could bring a resolution to the GBM and we can vote on including it in existing initiatives like this campaign.
      • Comment from Charles – These rights to housing and water should be enshrined in the Nevada Constitution.
      • Question from Erika – What about HOAs and Air BnB’s? Minnie – agree it is exciting that Clark County is addressing Air BnB’s. None of this is included in the current resolution and I think it’s good that we remain focused on this issue. We need to be tight and practice our messaging.
      • Question from Austin
      • Point of order from Gordon – Motion to end questions and debate on this topic. Seconded by Ephraim. Opposed by 4 people. Per Chris R, motion for simple majority to end debate and discussion period on this topic. 9 in favor. 17 opposed. Motion does not pass.
      • Point of order from Erika B – Instead of ending debate, can we table this discussion. Chris R – can’t table it. Entertain a motion to amend the agenda or pick up that business at the end of the agenda. Chris R – must resolve this business before moving on. Point of order from Nathaniel – Recognize Mr. Brown to respond to why he made the point. Chris R – this is out of order. Mike/Chair – we will continue with questions and debate with this topic.
      • Question from Austin – What are we going to do after November? Anthony – The priority ends in November, that is the timeline. Then we can entertain new priorities. We will do an assessment of the campaign at the end.
      • Debate – No debate in favor or opposed.
    • Resolution for an Abolitionist and Community Safety Campaign – presented by Shaun
      • Question from Aimee – How much would the naloxone training cost. Minnie – it is highly likely that we could do that for free.
      • Question from Aaron – Friendly amendment to include one de-escalation training as well. Shaun accepts the friendly amendment.
      • Question from Yesenia – Friendly amendment to include one bystander training. Shaun accepts the friendly amendment.
      • Question from Aimee – Should we build in some costs for these trainings? Shaun – I don’t think there’s much costs. Maybe some literature.
      • In favor – Shaun, Erika B and Aimee speak in favor. None speak opposed
  • Special Guest – Jenny Brown – Kara H introduced the work of the Socialist-Feminist Section including a Post-Roe Abortion Brainstorming Session on Tuesday, July 12th at 7pm.
    • Welcome to Jenny Brown!
  • Anthony motions to amend the agenda by pushing all items 15 minutes ahead on the agenda. Seconded by Casey L. None opposed, motion passes.
  • Bylaw Amendments and Other Resolutions
    • Amendment clarifying Article 4 section 1 – Anthony presents the resolution.
      • Questions – there are no questions about the resolution
      • Debate – Anthony and Minnie speak in favor. None speak opposed.
    • Bylaw Amendment allowing for the Election of Harassment and Grievance Officers – Anthony presents the resolution
      • Questions – there are no questions about the resolution
      • Debate – Anthony and Tamara speak in favor. None speak opposed.
    • Bylaws Amendment for a Steering Committee of Nine Members – Anthony presents the resolution
      • Questions – Erika B – Why 9, not 5 or 7 or 13? Anthony – conversation has been happening for a long time. We looked at our workload. We believe this is the right number. Jose S – I wanted to ask about a set number of white individuals. Anthony – Our bylaws say no more than 6 cis men. We could have an SC of all BIPOC comrades or all queer comrades. If adopted, this would increase BIPOC representation proportionally. There is no requirement to have a certain number of white/cis men. Natasha asks for clarification about when this would take effect. Anthony answers that it would take effect immediately and would be effective for this 2022-2023 election. Tiffany says if the bylaw amendment passes. We will re-run the election for a 9 person SC.
      • Debate – Anthony, Aimee, and Kara speak in favor. None speak opposed.
  • Steering Committee Candidate Statements
  • Voting Overview
    • Video about STV voting was shown. Point of Order from the zoom: Request that the STV voting video be emailed with the ballots. Tiffany agrees to include the video link with the ballots.
    • Members may rank priorities including the option “No other priority campaigns.”
  • Convention adjourned at 5:14pm